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Tuesday, 01/14/2014, 06:15 am

MMA Fighter Joe Torrez — 911 Call In Fatal Fight … ‘They’re Trying to Stab Him!’ (Audio)

Remember when we learned about that home invasion gone wrong last week?

Now TMZ has the audio recording of the 911 call that took place and they broke it down for us:

…The call was made by a woman in Joe’s home — and she tells the dispatcher a “car full of people” arrived to their New Mexico house on January 1 with violent intentions.

The caller says the intruders were breaking windows and attacking Joe while children were hiding in a back room.

The caller says one of the invaders was trying to attack Joe with a knife.

After Joe fought off the intruders, the caller tells the dispatcher, “There’s a guy in here laying on the floor … he’s an enemy obviously … he’s laying on the floor.”


0 Responses to “MMA Fighter Joe Torrez — 911 Call In Fatal Fight … ‘They’re Trying to Stab Him!’ (Audio)”

  1. MadeMan says:

    911 is a joke!!

  2. Tristan says:

    I don’t think anyone should ever fear repercussions if they injure or kill a home invader!
    How can someone, anyone be expected to act rationally if they are awoken in the middle of the night by someone (or in this case a number of people) will ill intentions.
    That is the thing nightmares are made of.

    If someone chooses to break in to ones home or dwelling, the law should be in place to do absolutely everything to protect the true victim of the crime in question.

    How can someone reacting in self defense for themselves or their family be held responsible for a highly aggressive action completely perpetrated by said burglars?!?

    I don’t care how far Joe Torrez went, good for him for protecting his family from the evil of the world.. IN HIS OWN HOME!!!

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