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Wednesday, 02/08/2012, 02:38 pm

MMA Fight Photo Of The Week | A Battered And Bloody Roy Nelson Still Stands

Last weekend’s UFC 143 event was full of ups and downs, awesome fights and disappointing calls from the officials where the main stories coming out of the event.

In our weekly MMA Fight Photo I would like to highlight the evening’s co-main event between Roy Nelson and Fabricio Werdum.

Werdum put on a striking clinic over the very durable Nelson and battered him to a bloody pulp in the process. Yet after three-round of abuse, Nelson still stood with his Brazilian opponent going toe-to-toe until the sound of the final bell.

Not just a huge stomach, but a huge heart to back it all up!

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17 Responses to “MMA Fight Photo Of The Week | A Battered And Bloody Roy Nelson Still Stands”

  1. CrAzyBK64 says:


  2. Darin Smith says:

    the most ballinest, true grit, warrior shit ever

  3. BobbyLemons says:

    I really hope he can lose enough weight to drop a division..

  4. Twatty Mc.Twatface says:

    Nelson is a beast, he can hold his head high
    nuff said

  5. e says:

    werdum surprised me in this fight.

  6. zoeldog27 says:

    Werdum didnt suprise me he’s a beast of a fighter cant wait to see him fight Mir or Velasquez

  7. Shaun Douglas Breeze says:

    Big Roy what a champion , funny guy, lethal fighter and a head of steel . Be good to see Werdum vs Mir .

  8. Anthony1994 says:

    Anyone else think Roy Nelson looks like Cartman here?

  9. big furr fan says:

    It is really great to see Roy nelson I really like him. He lost oh well hill be back werdum was great but I don’t think he stands a chance against mir maybe he does but looking forward to watching both of them fight again Roy and werdum

  10. McCombski says:

    Best Chin in MMA!!!!!! I love Big Country… for as many fans as he has and as good a show he puts on he should ge getting paid more. If he could drop to 205 he would be a bad ass. Im prtetty sure he could even drop to 185 if he wanted to

  11. Me says:

    i love 2 c Reem exposed by Nelsons chin & right hand

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