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Tuesday, 10/02/2012, 11:29 am

Mitrione Explains Reason For Turning Down Cormier Fight | UFC NEWS

First, I want to thank Dana White and Joe Silva for even offering that fight. It was an honor to get that call, and I would love to fight Daniel Cormier, but I’m just not ready right now. He has Olympic level wrestling, and although I have spent a great deal of time working on my wresting, I don’t feel it would be my best fight back after such a long layoff. UFC worked hard to get me a fight this year, but my old opponent had visa issues and it caused additional time out of the cage. Wrestling is, by far, my weakest skill. I’m working hard on my wrestling, but it would be a huge weakness against me in a short notice fight against Cormier… if I thought I was ready for Cormier, I would fight him in Strikeforce or the UFC, or wherever.”

Talking to’s Step Daniels, UFC heavyweight fighter Matt Mitrione, discussed why he turned down the UFC’s offer to fight Daniel Cormier.

Over the weekend we learned that the heavyweight fighter was offered up the fight and much to the dislike of UFC president Dana White, turned down the bout. The decision to decline set White on a wild anti-Mitrione campaign in the UK.


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  1. So What? says:

    Mitrione would get paid, which helps him out immensely because he stated himself that his funds are running low. A loss to DC would not lower his already low ranking. He has nothing to lose and everything to gain. If his wrestling is weak, DON’T GET TAKEN DOWN! Mitrione’s tdd is decent. Possible HW title? Everything is on Mitrione’s side except for the wrestling, and he turns it down.

    Too funny. He should’ve kept his big mouth shut when he criticized Jones. Now he’s kissing the UFC’s ass.

    • DMAC says:

      Exactly! This cats a joke and has no grounds for not excepting a fight. Bum!

    • TheCrippler says:

      Idiot. Idiot. Idiot. So dumb. You are so dumb. Fo real. Jones had a FULL TRAINING CAMP and was facing a much SMALLER fighter with absolutely NO TRAINING CAMP. get it through your delapitated brain. None of these recent situations are anything like what Jones did. And “if his wresting is weak, don’t get taken down” god I feel like punching my phone screen in hopes it translates to your inbread skull, you dumbass. Pick up a book.

      • Cmon Tough Girl says:

        I will avoid “talking tough” much like this girl here, who has to be one of the bravest girls in her elementary school to visit a website for adults.

        Jones submitted Belfort, period. Hate all you want, that’s a fact.

        Jones turned down the Sonnen fight. Fact. Jones is an elite fighter. Fact.
        Jones one of the top MMA fighters ever. Fact.

        Mitrione? Played NFL football. Fact. Running out of money due to not fighting. Fact. Turned down opportunity to make money. Fact.

        I know the real Crippler wouldn’t appreciate a girl using his nickname, so I suggest you change that. Use “Pink..Is..Pretty” or MyPrettyPerfume or anything else except Crippler.

        Wrestling is half defense? So what is the other half? Offense? Well, doesn’t that statement cover pretty much all sports? So insightful.

    • Wow says:

      “if his wrestling is weak, don’t get taken down…” half of wrestling is defense, effectively staying on your feet when an opponent attempts a takedown. TDD is just defensive wrestling. Cormier would take him down at will.

  2. magoo says:

    Bad matchup for meathead,good call on his part!

  3. T.DADDY says:

    Matt has a point.. Daniel wud smash him

  4. What a F-in clown, and he calls out rampage a natural 205er, grow some balls meat heat and call out guys in your weight division or take bigger fights like Cormier….FAG status!!!!

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      Agreed – I’m fu&king sick of all these guys ducking fights they don’t like….fu$king man up and fight whoever your told to fight. Meat has gone well done in my estimation….esp after trying to call out Rampage.

    • Beegee says:

      lol, he called out Rampage because Rampage doesnt wrestle.. he stands and throws which is where Meathead would have the advantage… he’s basically saying he turned down the fight against an olympic-level wrestler because his wrestling sucks and he’d know he would lose, but you guys still want him to take the fight and lose? they will likely eventually fight.. mitrione just wants more time to polish up his wrestling first. since when do fighters have to accept every fight offered to them? this isn’t a new trend going on, fighters have been turning down fights for decades. bitching fans is the only thing that’s getting more prevalent lately.

  5. adam kelly says:

    i’ve never heard so much smack talking from regular people. this is a business. you’re not a part of it, though im sure you arm-chair managers could teach fighters how to get it done, amirite?

    • Some of us are in the business, such as myself, I’ve been in the ring as well as the cage…

    • I live in the fight capitol of the world, Las vegas..I’ve been up here punching people in the head & getting punched in the head for 10 years, 4 of my friends have made it to the UFC, two of em are still going strong and one of them is a two time champion in two weight classes and a first ballot hall of famer..I’ve paid my dues so it’s fair to say i can talk as much smack as i want to…AMIRITE!

  6. itsallnonsense says:

    This isn’t a good match up anyway. If DC were to win it wouldn’t mean much cause hes considered a top contender. Which was the reason he was originally set to fight Mir. If Mitrione were to win everyone would say DC was over-rated. Meathead would get catapulted up the ranks and right into the shark tank. Where he wouldnt survive.

  7. Nunya says:

    Well put “itsllnonsense”. These match ups aren’t making sense, I also do not agree with broadcasting every time a fighter turns down the offer to fight. Too many negatives there. The fighter looks bad for turning it down,
    . The UFC looks bad for attempting to arrange a fight that possibly does or does not make sense. Keep the shit under wraps!

  8. g rod is retarded says:

    BJPENN.COM you need to fix this site man!… I’m not “g rod is retarded” and my email address is not “”… I left out part of his email address for privacy purposes. This has happened to me multiple times with all kinds of different names and addresses… not cool.

    • some guy says:

      wtf hahaha thats my shit!

    • some guy says:

      and thank you for leaving my shit censord out

    • DDdddddd says:

      Im not a fighter but I’ve owned a small business for 18 years(knock on wood)
      and I’ve been pushing my band for a couple
      of years. I’ve never turned down a difficult
      job and I would never turn down a monster
      gig opening for a band that was bigger and
      better than me. The people I have worked
      and jammed with that did are still unsuccessful
      You haven’t heard of me yet but you will because I’m inching up and I will never turn away from an opportunity.
      Sh!t or get off the pot

  9. some guy says:

    i cant stand mitrione and dont really care what his bullshit excuses are! He is about as relevant as bigfoot silva a couple of nobodies that i cant wait to see get cut from the UFC

  10. g rod is retarded says:

    hey thanks for kinda censoring out my email lmao i tried to reply to your comment and it didnt show up on the page so im not sure if it went through or not? but anyway why didnt you just delete all that stuff and re enter your own info? instead of you know just using my info and what not?

  11. Jdiddy3844 says:

    How in the hell do u get to the ufc n turn down fights?? Its tbe biggest show! He had everything to gain by this fight! If i was dana white id make him wait another 2 years or even cut him altogether! He doesnt really sell anyways! Like vitor says all these fighters are turning into diva’s!! So dudes just got alot of nerve turning down fights! Fighters lose all the time and as kong as u fight and show u put it all in u will come back. That was the dumbest shit he could a ever done to himself!!

  12. CombatRusse says:

    Me too! If I was ready, I would fight Anderson Silva and Jon Jones on the same night (but not BJ) lol

  13. steven seagull says:

    “well he would beat me, so im not going to fight me” – Matt “meatballs” Mitrione

  14. KIDD433 says:

    This is bitch move.Wouldn’t expect that from Meathead.

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