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Tuesday, 10/02/2012, 11:29 am

Mitrione Explains Reason For Turning Down Cormier Fight | UFC NEWS

First, I want to thank Dana White and Joe Silva for even offering that fight. It was an honor to get that call, and I would love to fight Daniel Cormier, but I’m just not ready right now. He has Olympic level wrestling, and although I have spent a great deal of time working on my wresting, I don’t feel it would be my best fight back after such a long layoff. UFC worked hard to get me a fight this year, but my old opponent had visa issues and it caused additional time out of the cage. Wrestling is, by far, my weakest skill. I’m working hard on my wrestling, but it would be a huge weakness against me in a short notice fight against Cormier… if I thought I was ready for Cormier, I would fight him in Strikeforce or the UFC, or wherever.”

Talking to’s Step Daniels, UFC heavyweight fighter Matt Mitrione, discussed why he turned down the UFC’s offer to fight Daniel Cormier.

Over the weekend we learned that the heavyweight fighter was offered up the fight and much to the dislike of UFC president Dana White, turned down the bout. The decision to decline set White on a wild anti-Mitrione campaign in the UK.


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