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Thursday, 09/06/2012, 06:50 pm

Mitrione Calls Jon Jones 'Douchey' I MMA News


In Yesterday’s MMA Hour, Matt Mitrione added himself to a long list of critics for UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones as the UFC heavyweight stated that Jones shows a lot of “douchey” qualities in his life outside of the Octagon with his recent refusal to fight Chael Sonnen at UFC 151.

“What larger effect do these religions have on others due to the fact that they are from some of the longest habitated regions on Earth, thus giving them a potentially longer life-span?”

“I think he shows a lot of douchey quality when he talks about, “Well, I’m a business man,” I’m just being honest. “I’m a business man here, I got less pay-per-views for this guy so why would I want to fight him?” Dude, you want to fight him because he is probably the next best person in line. Maybe you talk about this stuff with your camp people or your manager, but you don’t bitch about that or make it your main argument of why you turned down a fight or why you don’t want to fight someone.”

Jones will now fight Vitor Belfort at UFC 152 in the main event.

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37 Responses to “Mitrione Calls Jon Jones 'Douchey' I MMA News”

  1. Bob says:

    Yup, apparently Jones is more of a business man than a fighter although he is a good fighter I think gay jacksons camp at the end was the one that influenced his decision the most.

    • 757 says:

      he isn’t 5 years old. jackson shouldn’t be able to tell him that. nobody should make excuses for him. he does say some stupid stuff. i hope vitor knocks his cocky ass out.

  2. I don’t know about you guys but if I were champion I would get in the ring to prove it every time I was asked. If I was in a rematch I would make an example of that fighter. To be a champion you must always stay humble and never turn down a fight unless your injured of course.. I love to fight and even getting your ass kicked heals. Jones needs to step it up and just Do It.

  3. Pancho says:

    Lol stfu Bitchrione. Always hated this fag

  4. Bjj BB says:

    Its funny! I dont see any ufc ex champs or champion talking shit about jones, its cause they all only take fights that make sense, every1 would know that but, oh wait thats right, they never touched the ufc belt b4, behind closed doors the only person i know who should never talk shit is people who have never been there and dana white! Dana is the most crooked man in the ufc and does not care who he runs over! Jones simply said no, i understand why ppl are mad but shiiiiiit! Its not that bad at all so move on meatlessbone-(mitrione) and every1 else cause we know reguardless if you dont like jones you never will!

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      Anderson Silva offered to save the day. He is a present champion. He also said that Jones could’ve taken the fight. Thus, your argument is flawed.

      • Oscar says:

        Yet silva didn’t wanna fight chale sonnen second time he clearly said it but Dana forced him too so I don’t think it’s flawed at all

        • MMAGUY says:

          Another fighter telling it like it is…thanks Matt…a real fighter. You’re a champ b/c u take on all comers! The organization wouldn’t have made it available if he wasn’t qualified. And all the crying about Dana White, pls he has made these guys more money than any other org, all he’s asked is they put on the best fight poss for fans, so without Dana Jones would be stocking shelves somewhere!

        • j says:

          first of all, DANA WHITE is the ZUFFA BROTHERS B*TCH. dana white is only the face of the UFC and wht he says dsnt really matter and JONES proved that by saying NO. Zuffa Bros own the UFC. look at it this way, ur at qork and u deserve a promotion but instead they give it to the new guy who barely joined in (SONNEN=new guy, what about the #1 light heavy weight contender who has fought in light heavy weight b4? enough said…

  5. Johan says:

    The UFC is turning into WWE slowly. Too many losers, haters and non title holders have an opinion on Jbj. They need to match his accomplishments and only then will their words be relevant. Nobody sane cares what Matt has to say. The jbj situation is getting annoying now. Great, he didn’t take the fight, woopty fucking doo. It’s over now. Get off his sack.

    • Majestyk says:

      @Johan…So let me get this straight. What you’re suggesting is that unless someone has matched Jones accomplishments, or holds a title, they shouldn’t express their opinion on the matter. If that’s how you feel, why are you even on this site? This is a forum whose main purpose is to report news and have people (primarily “non- title holders”, dumbass) share their opinions.

      • Johan says:

        Its common sense. If you’re not on a persons level, your negative words directed toward them only make you look rediculous. This is a forum for MMA news from “all fighters” and theres positive issues that can be addressed, without the need for negative remarks from people like Matt. This is not the jerry springer show, its MMA. As for you, It’s pretty ignorant to get online and call someone that you have never met a “dumbass”. Watch your words and be respectful.

        • Oscar says:

          +1 yea this site is so negative.

        • Majestyk says:

          No, what’s negative is having an idiot suggest that unless someone has credentials equal to JBJs, they should keep their mouths shut. Mitrione or anyone else’s opinion regarding JBJs behavior isn’t invalidated because they don’t have a belt. Mitrione isn’t giving Jones fighting tips, he’s giving his opinion on JBJs character. Once again, for Johan, who doesn’t seem to understand the obvious: This is a FORUM for people’s opinions. If you don’t agree with certain viewpoints, that’s fine. However, to suggest that someone’s opinion of a champion’s behavior is invalid unless they have similar credentials is just f**king stupid.

    • roflmaolol says:

      ufc turning into wwe? i just want you to think about how absolutely ridiculous that is. im actually baffled someone would say something like that. like really it makes NO sense whatsoever.

  6. Sean McCorkle says:

    Tell me something I don’t know

  7. Dddddd says:

    No shit,or something worth knowing. It’s more
    engaging looking at my dogs head turned
    sideways wondering when I’m gonna feed him

  8. CMUSMC says:

    I really didn’t like Matt Mitrione. Then I read this article. Plus one fan for Mat.

  9. Mark Munoz is a joke says:


  10. Mark Munoz is a joke says:

    Mitrione aint really shit !
    And he smokes Jon jones
    10 times outta 10
    Let’s be honest Jon has
    No chance at heavyweight …
    No chance

  11. Luke says:

    He is very good at calling out light heavyweights. First Tito now Jon Jones. I wonder why he doesn`t call out someone his own size?

  12. Jamie Hill says:

    jbj vs mitrione, and we all know how that ends. jbj would be ruined.

    • I will complete your thought for you says:

      jbj would be ruined, well, his gloves and shorts anyway, due to Mitrione’s middle of the heavyweight division losing ass to Kongo blood being all over JBJ.

      There. Don’t you feel better now? Someone really understands you!

  13. Brend0magic says:

    I think Mitrione would KO Jones if he got a clean hit on em, but that’s the hard part. It’d be an interesting fight to see how Jones would do at heavyweight.

  14. Bob'O says:

    Bone’s would smash Mitrione. ~Bob’O

  15. . First off Mitrione isn’t a champion and no one really believes he ever could be so I think it’s cute that he’s talking crap about Jon Jones. Jon Jones has been in the game like 3 years and with the exception of Forrest Griffin, Jon Jones has beaten every single active former light heavyweight champion in the UFC. Who is Chael Sonnen again? Why does he deserve a title shot? He’s a guy who’s best known for losing to Anderson Silva twice. His record is 6-5. Please explain to me why he deserves a title shot or a high profile payday? If Sonnen wants a title shot let him earn it in the octagon instead of running his mouth on a show or on twitter. If you want to hate somebody hate Dan Henderson. He knew he was hurt 3 weeks before he told the UFC and maybe the card could have been saved if he had been a man and told the promotion rather than hiding it to give his buddy chael a better chance at winning.

  16. jon smith says:

    lol leave it to Meat Head to put it so bluntly. It is a pretty accurate description though

  17. mmafanboy says:

    Jones comments on how he’s “just a business man,'” makes me hate him that much more. Goes to show he doesnt have that fighter spirit and motivation to be the best and prove so. Machida’s next in line because he proved himself and deserves it. If I was in his position, I would never turn down a fight. Just disgraceful. Way to go there businessman…cant wait til somone knocks your ass out!

  18. KIDD433 says:

    MeatHead is calling it how hé sees it.

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