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Friday, 10/05/2012, 10:52 am

Mitrione Asks For Second Chance, Willing To Step Up And Face Gonzaga On Short Notice | UFC NEWS

UFC heavyweight fighter Matt Mitrione didn’t come through for the UFC when asked to step up and face Daniel Cormier under the Strikeforce banner.

Dana White’s disappointment with Matt has been well documented at this point. However, with all that in the past, it would appear as if Mitrione is trying to make amends and offer his services as a late replacement against Gabriel Gonzaga at next week’s UFC 153 event.

Here is what Matt had to say:


18 Responses to “Mitrione Asks For Second Chance, Willing To Step Up And Face Gonzaga On Short Notice | UFC NEWS”

  1. dann says:

    mitrione and jon jones are both horrible…. they are not fighters but bitch ass punks

    • Nitemare says:

      You are a idiot. Jones I completely agree with you but Mitrione is stepping up to fight someone with a better resume then cormier.

    • MikeD says:

      Dann…that is just stupid…while I don’t like that jones turned down the fight against chael and I dont think that mittrione turned down the fight against cormier strictly for wrestling (I think he knows he could beat Cormier in a stand up battle and doesn’t want to put on a boring wrestling match, probably a loss, in strikeforce) I think these guys made business decisions not fight decisions…they don’t criticize you for turning down tricks on your corner (cuz the guy looks a little suspect) sooo cut em some slack…they are fighters…professional, business minded fighters

      • Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

        If you really think Meathead can beat Cormier on the feet your an idiot. Cormier picked apart Barnett, KOed Bigfoot, and has dominated everyone else hes fought. Meathead was smart to turn it down.

        • allmightysandman says:


          he won’t take a fight with a beast of an up and comer, but he’ll take a short notice fight with a OG that only has a few fights left.


        • 757 says:

          ^^I agree with Keep Fitch forever. Cormier looked awesome against Barnett. Mitrione would get dominated.

      • trent says:

        You really think he could beat Cormier in a standup battle? Have you watched Cormier’s stand up lately dude? He completely outclassed Bigfoot and Barnett on the feet. Somehow I doubt that Mittrione knew he could beat him in a stand up battle. Cormier is a top 5 heavyweight in the world.

        • 757 says:

          He said he cannot beat cormier on the feet. That’s what I agree with. I think DC would pound him. If your talking about. If your talking about the response to Keep Fitch Forever comment then you need to read it again..yes I agree with it

    • cmon says:

      dude jones had a full camp and got to fight a much smaller much less skilled opponent. mitrione was asked to step up short notice to fight arguably the #3 heavyweight in the world with incomparably more fighting experience. how can you even compare the 2. use your head

  2. jim says:

    I can hear the “fuck yous” from here…

  3. WOW says:

    Me thinky that Meat Head will get bent over and fucked in his ass by Gonzaga :O

  4. Only Gay Guys Read This! says:

    All I gotta say is that you’re gay. Gotcha! Not so tought, eh, panty boy!

  5. wwwwwm says:

    to his credit, you do get paid more when you win fights(gonzaga) rather than when you lose them. He doesn’t make a whole lot either

  6. Smitty says:

    Whether Mitrione b!tched out or made a good choice by turning down the Cormier fight, this is a match-up I would definitely like to see. I hope DW supports it. 153 will be a better card with this on it than short a HW match-up.

  7. Not You says:

    Mitrione will probably lose a limb here. He didn’t want to wrestle with Cormier but he’ll risk hittin the mat with a BJJ black belt.

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