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Thursday, 10/13/2011, 09:51 am

Mirko Crop Cop: I would beat the idiot Chael Sonnen's A*$ so bad, he has a PhD in idiocy

“The man holds a PhD in idiocy. Pardon me but I have to express myself this way. PhD in idiocy. Not the regular kind, one with a degree in stupidity. Ahh… Let him say whatever he wants. In the end this is a democracy. Anyone can say what they want. I am only sorry that he is missing 30 pounds because I would beat his ass so bad, he would multiply 3 times. In anger I would be him up so bad that I would split him apart. I would clone him in three specimens… I’m hoping one day that I might see him summering in Croatia so I can iron his ass. So that steam will shoot out of his pompous ass. That’s what he needs to know.”


50 Responses to “Mirko Crop Cop: I would beat the idiot Chael Sonnen's A*$ so bad, he has a PhD in idiocy”

  1. Jmad says:

    Wow, Cro-Cop… Where’d that come from?

    • Mirko is... says:

      …on his way to retirement, along with: Wanderlei, Hughes, and Rampage. Throw in there Serra, Gonzaga, and Bonnar. Why Rampage? The motivation factor took a big hit now that he will not regain any belt,…ever. The longer Mirko stays in the fight game, the more tarnished his legacy becomes (i.e. Fedor). MMA is so different now than just four years ago…The sport is evolving, and some fighters from the past are not.

  2. zack says:

    This is the best article I’ve ever read. Split chaels little creampie in half micro!!!!

  3. zc says:

    chael would beat his ass at any weight

  4. DustinP says:

    Mirko angry! Mirko Smash! I love Cro-Cop and always will be a fan, I am not sure the Croatian Sensation could handle a take down from Sonnen in the cage. Hey, but in the streets of Croatia anything goes.

  5. Mike Diaz says:

    How sad. Cro Cop has resorted to try to sell his fights. He would be fortunate to fight a top 5 guy one more time before he is labeled a can! PENN NATION!!!!!!

  6. JIm says:

    old cro cop maybebut not this guy…

  7. ThaGreenBandit says:

    That’s some funny shit, tho!

  8. steve says:

    sorry cro cop sonnen would take you down and beat you into the mat

  9. mr stone says:

    lol i think sonnen would gnp him the full fight even though he is a middleweight.

  10. shoe says:

    hahaha crocop called sonnen a stupid-face

  11. Rob says:

    so many chael nut suckers

  12. 3ric says:

    Sonnen would hit Mirko 1 time and have him seeing stars. Mirko is done and is swimming in Chuck Liddell territory, fighting still when he shouldnt be.

  13. Joe says:

    crop cops like bisping, he thinks he deserves a shot too, lmao beat some notable ppl first mirco then you can face chael

    • Xaninho says:

      Sonnen isn’t even notable..So why beat notables first?

      • SaberTooth says:

        Let’s see genius, Sonnen pounded the P4P best in the world for 4.5 rounds like a punching bag! What so called, ‘notable” do you know that has done that to the P4P? That’s right genius only one, SONNEN!! He punched him like a rag-doll. So pipe down peep squeek and get on the Sonnen bandwagon if you actually know what you are talking about? Which I doubt you do!!

        • Will says:

          Yeah, he beat on Anderson for 4.5 rounds, and still lost. What’s even worse is he looked worst off then Anderson did. The guy hits like a lil bitch. He needs to start abusing his TRT, so he can have a chance against Anderson.

  14. chris says:

    i like chael sonnen….. i like mirko crocop even more….do i think mirko would beat chael now at any weight no……but in his prime (2006 for all the uneducated mma fans) he would smash sonnen into the mat and be home in time for cornflakes. (mirkos tdd or ‘take down defence’ has always been around 75%)

  15. josh says:

    LOL at mirco. Punchdrunk??

  16. Zach says:

    some people are so ignorant.. do you even know who mirco is? he is 10x the fighter chael could ever think of being. Really? Cro Cop is selling his fights? Chael talks more garbage than anyone ive ever seen, there has been a time ive seen him speak where he doesnt say something retarded. the fact is chael sonnen is an egotistical douche bag, hes spewed so much disrespectful/hateful things i cant understand why he is on the ufc roster. The hateful comments about lance armstrong were just in bad taste. He isnt an accomplished fighter, he is nowhere near anderson or any top tier fighters level. Chael has gotten waxed by much less competition than an old cro cop.. Stop being fan boys and do your research before you make yourself into an idiot.

    • Mike says:

      Um, nothing you said seemed like anything someone would have to research. It’s all common knowledge you’re trying to pass off as otherwise.

      And you’re obviously a hater on Sonnen. I would put you into the same category of any “fanboy” of Sonnen.

      Sonnen says some dumbass, disrespectful things. Nobody denies that. But do you honestly think he believes what he says? No. He says it to be noticed. “Love me or hate me, either way you’re thinking of me.”

      And Sonnen is nowhere near a top tier fighter? Name one other fighter who man-handled the p4p best fighter in the world for 4.5 rounds. Yes, he lost the fight, but that doesn’t change what happened before that.

      And as much as I hate to say it, Mirco is done. I don’t think he’d be able to beat Chael at any weight at this point in his career. Mirco is the one who’s nowhere near the top tier fighters. And I’m a huge Cro Crop fan. I’m just not blinded by my fandom or hate for Sonnen.

    • SaberTooth says:

      Let’s see, mean ole’ Chael saying disrespectful things!! How old are you? 10? Grow up little boy. Sonnen speaks his mind and then goes out beats the crap out of EVERY single person he fights. Shut-Up you little sensitive bitch.

  17. Chael says:

    Sonnen would take the fight if the UFC set it up. And Sonnen would win. Big difference between the Pride of old and the UFC of today. Mirko just trying to hang on. For someone who said he wasn’t angry at Sonnen, he seems pretty angry. Or just bitter…

  18. James Wolfe says:

    A PhD in stupidity, idiocy, trash talking and all sorts of other brain dead things. He is funny, but good for Cro cop…I do get sick listening to Sonnen sometimes…he is way over the top.

  19. Andri says:

    I love cro cop and i feel horrible every time i watch him loose..

    That said, i think Chael could beat him at 185 with cro cop at his regular weight. Cro cop has good takedown defense but Chael is absolutely inhuman when it comes to his ability to put men on their back and hold them there.. And now he has added submissions to his arsenal, holy fuck.

  20. drew says:

    dear cro cop, go fuck yourself. chael would run thru u like a train

  21. Jeff says:

    I would love to see Mirco kick Chael in the head and knock it clean off.

  22. “He has a phd in idiocy”lmao classic.

  23. Jpeech says:

    Chael is not notable and has not beat anyone notable? oh ok Nate Marquardt and Yushin Okami were not top contenders….he may have lost so Silva but he dominated him more than anyone else. He is definitely notable…

  24. Blake1865 says:

    Sonnen sucks and all his fans are WWE 12 year old tools. Oooh i wonder what he will say next MeanGene!

  25. Cheecho says:

    Everyone whines and complains about lay n pray fighters, which is what Sonnen brings to the table. Dive on the guy, hold him there, and get the win. Fitch does the same thing and nobody can stand him. So why all of the love for a sub-par fighter that does the same thing? Seriously, look at Sonnens record, it’s nothing special. On top of that he uses roids and on top of that (fan or no fan, we can all admit) the guy is a frigin’ douche.

  26. Mindaugas Nikolskis says:

    Man, Mirco acted like a fool. He would be smashed by Sonnen even if Mirco is 40 pounds or more heavier. Mirco’s fights are also not interesting and I think he should retire or face Sonnen at 205, after Sonnen will finish Anderson.

  27. Beau says:

    Im surprised that people are considering a middleweight taking a heavyweight on. ever tryed to grapple with someone who outweighs yea by50ish pounds?ESPECIALLY wrestling which is a strength based art. im sure cro cop could keep it standing and dummy the fucking shit out of chael, Even in his failing age.

  28. Jitsuin says:

    Ive never read so many people spell mirko with a “c”

    U guys r weird

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