Mirko Crop Cop: I would beat the idiot Chael Sonnen's A*$ so bad, he has a PhD in idiocy

October 13, 2011 9:51 am 50 Comments
Mirko video

“The man holds a PhD in idiocy. Pardon me but I have to express myself this way. PhD in idiocy. Not the regular kind, one with a degree in stupidity. Ahh… Let him say whatever he wants. In the end this is a democracy. Anyone can say what they want. I am only sorry that he is missing 30 pounds because I would beat his ass so bad, he would multiply 3 times. In anger I would be him up so bad that I would split him apart. I would clone him in three specimens… I’m hoping one day that I might see him summering in Croatia so I can iron his ass. So that steam will shoot out of his pompous ass. That’s what he needs to know.”

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