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Wednesday, 05/23/2012, 07:04 am

Mir Confident In His Track Record With Beating Pure Strikers | UFC NEWS

“I think that sometimes it’s overlooked. I think most [people] get stuck in, ‘Well, you fought this guy’ and individual thought on how did you do. And they’ve got to realise that A, B, C fighters, we’ve gone through the whole thing before on who does well.

“Sometimes it comes down to style. And with my style I’ve predominantly done better with people that use more striking or know the submission games.

“I’ve had to work harder on the wrestling-based [fighters] as far as control and position and so that’s why, if you look at my training, it’s geared towards wrestling more because I am so comfortable with the boxing and the kick-boxing aspects and also dealing with submission guys.”

Former two-time UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir tells ESPN.Co.UK that he is confident in his abilities heading into this weekend’s main event against Junior Dos Santos.

Mir has made a name for himself on breaking limbs, knocking out strikers and being very dominant against all his opponents who do not possess a wrestling base.

It would seem that based on his track record the upcoming title fight against JDS may be a walk in the park for the former champ, but no one is calling it that way.



11 Responses to “Mir Confident In His Track Record With Beating Pure Strikers | UFC NEWS”

  1. mike r says:

    It means your getting choked out

  2. grandma killer says:

    Ill choke both these homos out just like I did my grandma for eye ballin me

  3. dante040 says:

    Mir’s struggles lately have been in the clinch against the Cage. Thats where Carwin Koed him and thats where Big Nog rocked him. Mir doesnt seem to bother to defend himself when his back is against the cage.

    • Scotty says:

      Agree… And it seems like he tries to relax to much when he is there and try not use up energy but then gets himself in trouble.. Like in the carwin fight, he was put against the cage and looked like he was about to meditate or something, he was so relaxed.. The Carwin just blasted him over and over.. So i think JDS is going to try and do this on Saturday, just hope Mir doesnt get caught in that situation!

  4. Gould says:

    ole flappy jaw Mir can say what he wants about track records and styles but he isnt winning this fight

  5. Jujitsu Player says:

    Shane Carwin. Nuff said.

  6. Clay says:

    Mirs throwing his hood up. Aw hail naw

  7. Numba1Ghani says:

    Mirs problem is his bitch-chin he can’t take a shot if JDS connects its over

  8. DMAC says:

    Hope Mir fucks jds scary ass up!

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