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Friday, 09/07/2012, 10:32 am

Mike Tyson Would Have Loved To Fight In MMA If Paydyay Was There | MMA NEWS


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18 Responses to “Mike Tyson Would Have Loved To Fight In MMA If Paydyay Was There | MMA NEWS”

  1. KILL GREG JACKSON!!! says:

    This was the true badass..boxing was never the same without iron mike.

  2. mean170 says:

    God Tyson would have been a scary dude in mma. Especially in his prime, UFC guys then weren’t nearly as talented and well rounded as they are today.

  3. Be Like Mike says:

    That guy would’ve been a fuckin beast in mma if he had trained for it or even swtiched to it later on and got some bjj and wrestling.Watching his videos the man is the picture of intensity.You think intensity watch any video of him training or fighting and you’ll understand.And he can say what he wants but he had damn good cardio as well although it was funny as hell what he said at the end ROFL.The man was a killer in the ring and something alot of these “fighting not to lose guys” need to learn something from.

  4. T.DADDY says:

    Baddest man on the planet….. in 1989…lol

  5. Brend0magic says:

    Awesome seeing him and his passion towards Ali.

  6. Los rod says:

    Hahaha that foo can’t even beat the letter “s” lol

  7. jp says:

    Lol… he’s hilarious. Love this dude.

  8. TysonVsJDS says:

    Could he still KO JDS maybe?

    • BJ is KING says:

      I’m actually sad that you even brought that up.. JDS would be a bloody mess if they ever fought, Tyson is just below being a god tier boxer (likes of vitali, lewis, holmes, ali, foreman etc etc). JDS, well he would be beaten senseless unfortunately, not saying he has no chance, but he has very little chance to win.

  9. FruitofLooms says:

    So you see, there’s more in the middle of an egg muffin, then an egg in the middle of a mcmuffin .. duhhh.

  10. Mike Beltran is The Sh@$iest ref ever says:

    Biting was never allowed in the UFC… Tyson’s biggest fall when Gus died and Don took over…

  11. Jujitsu Player says:

    That was truly awesome. Mike so respectful of Ali’s talents. Ali was one of the greatest but IMO no boxer could ever beat a 20 year old Mike Tyson.

  12. Dick Diaz says:

    from the sound of the things he’s been saying about his financial situation, any payday would be good for IRON Mike…

  13. BJ is KING says:

    tyson would be perfect for MMA, his peekaboo style requires him to be more square than boxers usually are, which already means hes set for striking in MMA (his knockout power would never be questioned, his hand speed and accuracy also ridiculous, combinations etc.), but it also means an easy transition into takedowns and wrestling. He would be such a monster in the MMA, probably could fight at LHW as he usually fought at around 98-100kg.

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