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Tuesday, 07/17/2012, 08:41 am

EXCLUSIVE | Mike Swick on Silva vs. Sonnen 2 controversy, fighting angry, and more.

Mike Swick is one of the best fighters to come out of the American Kickboxing Academy. Since his appearance on the first The Ultimate Fighter he has proven he belongs in the UFC. Swick has been in big fights and situations where emotions controlled his actions. Perhaps the best example in recent years of this is Anderson Silva and his actions in his rematch with the trash talking Chael Sonnen at UFC 148.

In the fight with Chael, Anderson spread vaseline on his body, blatantly grabbed Sonnen’s shorts, and landed a knee that hit Sonnen high in the chest. The knee is still hotly debated because his thigh hit Chael in the face leaving some doubt on the referee’s call. Mike weighed in on the questionable actions.

“I didn’t catch the greasing part. Someone told me about it, but I didn’t see it myself. So I am really not sure what happened there. The shorts I think was instinctual. I don’t think he would really mean to cheat, but who knows. The Knee was perfectly placed. I think a small part of it very well could have hit him in the head. It’s ultimately the referee’s job to make the call and he made what he thought was right. You have to go with that in the end”.

Silva’s actions didn’t surpise Swick because of the hype coming in to the fight.

“If you fire up somebody for so long that’s what you get. It’s kind of fitting in that situation and expected. I like Chael alot. He’s a good person and really nice guy, but the way it happened was bad. You can’t spend so much time firing someone up and talking so much to get him that angry. You can’t expect him not to get upset, mad, and angry with what Chael was saying. Anger can make you tend to do things that are uncharacteristic of yourself like maybe Anderson did. You might try to hurt someone more, bend the rules, or in some cases break the rules. I don’t think what Silva did was intentional. An angry person will do something quicker than someone not as upset. I think it was all emotion”.

Mike has been in bouts where he felt like anger was a necessity.

“I’ve used anger in a way to aggressively win fights and attack opponents. It has helped me win some of my fights and have dominant offensive striking and stuff in others. It has caught me as well. A few times when I lost was when I was in that same aggressive mode. I got sloppy and maybe my anger caused me to forget my defense. My hands were down or my chin was up. Things like that get affected. There’s a big debate on fighting with emotion and when it works. When finishing an opponent when they’re hurt it’s a good thing if you channel it right”.

One of the fights that Swick would reference as a bad example of letting emotions win out against strategy is his loss to Chris Leben.

“I fought that whole fight angry. That’s a very good example of when not to do it. I thought we were going to just strike and then he pushed me up against the cage. He started foot stomping me and fractured both of my feet. He just kept holding me and stomping the feet so when I got free and had a chance to punch I threw hard and wild. I was landing some, but he has a hard head. He counters really well when he’s getting hit and that’s not good for me being wide open with my chin up”.

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8 Responses to “EXCLUSIVE | Mike Swick on Silva vs. Sonnen 2 controversy, fighting angry, and more.”

  1. Anderson Silva says:

    I f*cked Chael up what a little P*ssy talking so much smack just to get smacked up in the end Period.

  2. ElChingon says:

    Who gives a fuck what Mike Swick thinks!!!

  3. scouser says:

    sonnen is a BEATEN man let him crawl back under his rock so the rest of us can continue mocking him.

    p.s the knee was so well placed it just shows andersons skills. yes the thigh may have hit his face but welcome the the law of physics :)

    so go put your tights on chael i hear the undertaker wants you a fight :)

  4. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Swick has no credibility whatsoever and should not be talking about the champsomething he will never be EVER

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