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Monday, 03/12/2012, 01:18 pm

Mike Pierce Looking For Brazilian Welterweight, Eric Silva Looking For Brazilian Hater | 1+1 = Fight In Brazil

A welterweight matchup between two top talents is reportedly in the works for the UFC’s return trip Brazil this summer.

While just in the preliminary stages, the two fighters and their camps are reportedly up to the task and willing to take each other on.

Mike Pierce recently came out on twitter and stated, “Are there any Brazilians at 170 or did they all bump up to 185? Looking for an easy fight. Wanted: no work ethic, no cardio, terrible striking and limited ground game. Brazilians, please send fight applications to Joe Silva.”

The fast rising Erick Silva is absolutely prepared, ready and able to accept the challenge of Pierce, as told by his manager to, “They’ve asked Erick where he would like to fight at and he said Sao Paulo. We’re just waiting for them to match him up. He is indeed confirmed to fight in Brazil. UFC told us that and any opponent is welcome, but those who say bad things about Brazil should pay and that’s Mike Pierce. It’s a match-up that pleases us. We’re waiting for UFC to say it’s OK.”

The UFC is expected to return to Brazil in June at a yet to be announced venue in Sao Paulo.

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