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Monday, 11/12/2012, 08:13 am

Mike Pierce Compares Nick Diaz To Trash TV Like Jersey Shore And Honey Boo Boo | UFC NEWS

“If that happens, it happens, great, I’ll be rooting for Josh Koscheck I guess. I’m not in love with either of the guys, but Koscheck is a guy I’ve already fought once, and he’s definitely a good fighter and everything. I wouldn’t take that away from him. Maybe it’s just the way I see Nick interact with the media. I look at him and shake my head like, ‘What the hell?’ I guess that’s part of the fun with him is the way he responds to certain things, and the antics that he pulls in the Octagon. It’s entertaining like the Jersey Shore is entertaining or Honey Boo Boo is entertaining. It’s a freaking train wreck, yeah, of course it’s going to get ratings and everything and people are going to talk about it, but it’s not my preference, to be honest. I’m still rooting for Josh Koscheck, if that fight happens.”

(via the Joe Show)


18 Responses to “Mike Pierce Compares Nick Diaz To Trash TV Like Jersey Shore And Honey Boo Boo | UFC NEWS”

  1. Xaninho says:

    I dunno why he likes Cockshag more, but Cockshag is always intentionally poking his opponents in the eye. And that’s not even the worst, he pretends to get hit illegally and poked in the eye himself. That is a shitty way for a fighter to behave himself in a fight.

    Diaz is onconventional, both in his behaviour and the way he fights, but at least he fights fair. That can’t be said about Mike Pierce his favorite.

  2. McCombski says:

    Nick would destroy mike pierce! it wouldn’t even be a fight. He is just talking S cause he wants a big name fight. Which is hypocritical because he is saying nick is using he antics to get ratings when he is starting beef to get a fight. Nick would Stockton Slap the hell out of him and he if got a TD he would be going to sleep.. CESAR GRACIE JJ STOCKTON 209 WHAT WHAT!! LOL

  3. Not nick diaz says:

    Pierce trying to talk his way into a big fight.haha

  4. omar says:

    Mike will always try to talk his way into fights, dude sucks at all aspects of this sport

  5. Dana is Greedy says:

    Someone must really want to get beat up and embaressed Nick would smash Mike P…Thanks Chael look what you you have started…

  6. TheTude says:

    I do agree with Mike Pierce about Diaz but i also think mike should watch his mouth before nick kicks his ass

  7. TheTude says:

    I agree with mike Pierce about diaz but i also think that he should watch his mouth, Diaz would kill him

  8. jonjones suck a dee says:

    I agree with pierce. I can’t say Nick takes the sport too seriously. Although a great fighter, I will also root for koscheck

  9. Fuck You says:

    @jon jones suck a dee
    I think Nick and Nate take this sport more serious than anyone else! They train all the time, never out of shape, always watch what they eat and have warrior mentalities that’s pretty serious if you ask me just saying though

  10. Jayzrockafella says:

    Mike nick will smack the life out of you..

  11. Weave McQuilt says:

    Haters gonna hate.

  12. Ryan says:

    Does it really matter what he thinks of Diaz? Piece is a fucking joke, imo he shouldn’t even be in the UFC roster…

  13. Mayor of Deviance says:

    So much sheep it’s like a greek restaraunt in here.

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  15. Trues says:

    This article is hella gay. Who gives a fuck. he’s a fighter

  16. Bob'O says:

    Mike who? ~Bob’O

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