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Tuesday, 12/03/2013, 07:25 am

Mike Kogan: Diaz’s Salary Dropped Because “I Suck As A Manager, Lol”

Many were confused when the The Ultimate Fighter Season 18 Finale salary list came out, and saw that Nate Diaz’s payout had dropped to $15,000 to show, and $15,000 to win.

The strangest part, was the man Diaz beat, Gray Maynard, made $45,000 just to show up.

Cage Potato reached out to Diaz’s manager Mike Kogan, and asked why there was such a drastic drop in Diaz’s salary since his fight against Benson Henderson, where he was contracted to make $50,000 to show and $50,000 extra if he won.

Kogan’s response? “Cause I suck as a manager lol. Thank you, Mike.”

It should be noted that the numbers that are listed on the salary reports are not always what the fighters end up walking away with. There is sponsorship revenue, bonus winnings, and backroom bonuses that frequently occur.


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  1. allmightysandman says:

    sarcasm aside…I guess he’s right. No way he should have been paid that much less than maynard. ( I know we don’t know the ‘extra’ money they get, but gray gets extra money too I’m sure so i’m calling that a wash)

    without knowing all the details, this does look like a poorly negotiated salary. …at least at the surface…

  2. Colin says:

    Trainers get a % of your pay from an organization, if he gets paid less they don’t “steal his money” as I’m sure Nate would put it. If you think Nate actually signed a deal for that for main event fighting you’re sum silly muthafuckas

    • Calzoni Chris says:

      I think that the UFC should have the integrity to pay him what he deserves regardless of his incompetent management. That is straight taking advantage of him. They are fighters not financial managers. This is a fucking disgrace.

  3. 757 says:

    Any way you slice it the fighters don’t get paid enough. That kind of money is shit what they do.

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