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Tuesday, 01/22/2013, 11:17 am

Mike Goldberg Explains Reason For UFC Absence, Kills Drug Related Rumors | UFC NEWS

“I ended up coming home from Brazil with a virus, an upper respiratory infection, I ended up being hospitalized a couple times for it, just because they were making sure they could get my lungs open,” Goldberg said. “And just the complications of, I’m an asthmatic, I have been since high school, the complications with trying to get proper medications to get this virus out of my body, I’m not the first guy to come back from Brazil not feeling 100 percent, it just kind of spiraled.

“I’ve had throat infections, chest infections I’ve had a head cold, during the 800 NHL games I called, in the 200 or so UFCs or so I’ve done since 1997. So yeah, I’m a prideful guy, I consider myself a fighter as far as my broadcast spot, I want to be in my seat at cageside during UFC 155, but it broke my heart that I wasn’t able to do so. I was kicking and screaming because I wanted to call the fights, I wanted to call the [Junior dos Santos vs. Cain Velasquez] rematch, I wanted to be there for a big show just like every big show I want to be there.

“To put it simply, it was the perfect storm, my immune system was never really able to get back in balance, and then complications came, my voice started to go, and I wasn’t able to get the pre-production done, and I wasn’t able to voice it 100 percent, and I wasn’t able to get it together for UFC 155,” said Goldberg.

While a recent guest on “The MMA Hour” Mike Goldberg explained his reason for missing UFC 155. Many fans and media members speculated that his absence was caused by a substance abuse issue, but the UFC ringside commentator killed those rumors and offered up this explanation.


9 Responses to “Mike Goldberg Explains Reason For UFC Absence, Kills Drug Related Rumors | UFC NEWS”

  1. WelcomeBackMike says:

    See it’s not always about substance abuse problems. Everybody always just assumes it’s drugs or alcohol every time somebody misses some advance. Not everyone is an addict, you know?!! Sometimes people have personal health issues, or family issues that are more important than work. Glad to have you back, Mike!!

  2. LOL says:

    Also what people say and what actually happened are often 2 different things…..

  3. Nunya says:

    I call B.S. but get back in there Goldy, Anik sucks!

  4. Sal says:

    Then why does Joe Rogain have this you full of !@#$ look on his mug? Just sayin

  5. josh says:

    Glad your back Goldy, Anik reminds me too much of a schoolboy!

  6. nick soule says:

    I find it funny Nd Insulting to mike that people thought he had substance abuse problems and had to go on mms hour to put this rumor down lol

  7. devilock says:

    Goldberg sucks anyways. Didn’t miss him at all. He added almost nothing toothed commentary.

  8. God says:

    glad to see Goldie back.I really cant stand Anik,reminds me way too much of all those espn/major sports network dudes.

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