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Saturday, 07/14/2012, 10:35 am

Mike Dolce Thinks Every Fighter Can Learn Something From Chael Sonnen | UFC NEWS

By Jonathan Kirschner

Mike Dolce went from having a lackluster career as a mixed martial arts fighter to having a very successful career as a nutritionist for some of the top athletes in the world today.

One of the high-profiled names that he helps reach his desired weight on fight day is Chael Sonnen, who just recently fought Anderson Silva in a losing effort at UFC 148.

Dolce was a guest on MMASucka Radio and expressed his thoughts on all things Chael Sonnen.

“Chael is an amazing guy, an amazing athlete, a class act – I think every fighter on the planet could learn from Chael Sonnen, he built the fight and he chose the fight against the baddest man on the planet, we all know that you don’t pick a fight with Anderson Silva unless you’re crazy or really talented and Chael is really talented.”

“He went out there, he had prepared like a champion, he fought like a champion, he fought with pure heart and he lost to the better man in the cage on that night and afterwards the class he showed respecting Anderson and the Brazilians, it was really great to be a part of that and witness Chael doing that,”

“After the fight he said ‘I know I lost, but I’m still better than that guy’ and I agree, just on these two nights he wasn’t and we respect that and appreciate that but he’ll certainly be back.”

“It’s a fight, punches, knees and kicks are thrown and sometimes it’s not thrown to the letter or the law, we know it and we get it but we’re moving forward with it and we want the next fight, we’re not looking back to that fight because they are gonna have to fight again, quite possibly or he’s gonna have to fight someone else, that’s certainly Chael’s feeling, that’s my feeling.”

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114 Responses to “Mike Dolce Thinks Every Fighter Can Learn Something From Chael Sonnen | UFC NEWS”

  1. Sonnenisaloser says:

    So apparently after losing TWICE he still says that he is the best?? Haha sonnen is the most overrated fighter in UFC. He is a one dimensional fighter only using wrestling.. I mean we saw him on that spinning backfist he looked like a drunk idiot tripping falling and getting in featus position before getting anihilated by a true champion. Can sonnen just retire? The guy’s record is crap, he cant fight, he’s a steroid addict, all he does is trash talk. Some ppl say oh but he’s funny. Funny? What saying medium rare 50 times and saying he is the best is that really funny? Some ppl need to get a life. He used the same jokes a hundred times, he is just an annoying wwe wrestler that should retire and go live in his ranch. He’a talking about fighting jones? That’s really stupid like you sonnen you dumb fuck. Do us a favour and retire already

    • T.DADDY says:

      They fought a total of 7rds and sonnen won 5 of them… Silva greased between rds and hels the cage and the trunks to avoid the TD in rd 2

      • John Smith says:

        While I think Silva still would have won in the end its not up for debate that he cheated multiple times in the fight that directly led to his victory (mainly the holding shorts to stop the takedowns). He did grease and was stopped by the ref and was warned multiple times by the ref. Chael talks too much but it makes him marketable. He’s one of the smartest fighters in mma in that regard

        • Dave says:

          Holding the shorts was not to stop a takedown.. It was stop chael creating distance between them…

        • JiuJitsuIsSupreme says:

          Which is needed for the takedown.

        • Bob says:

          Lets say Silva was all greased up. Name one time in that fight when Silva slipped off of Chael because of the Vasaline?? Name just 1 time that grease was effective.. You cant so check that one off..

          Grabbing of the shorts was accidental and that shit does happen more often then you blind folks notice. You guys just notice more because you guys are always on Chaels cock you notice his shorts more but it was accidental and had no effect on the outcome.

          Its funny all you Chael fans are still crying “cheat” yet chael himself said it was all fair and Silva won.. I dont know whats wrong with you guys heads..

          Did you guys forget how Chael was roided up and cheated vs Anderson silva their first fight and Silva still won?? Oh wait holding accidently holding shorts is worse than using steroids huh?

          Fuck Chael and all his dumb faggot ass fans. Have a nice day

        • DBKlein69 says:

          so silva accidentally grabbed chael’s shorts 3 times?? did u see the fight bob? did u see images of the fight? if u saw any of those u would know it was blatant grabbing of the shorts. but ur prob not allowed to stay up that late. go smack ur mother for raising such an idiot.

        • That Guy. says:

          If you watch the part of the fight where AS grabs his shorts, you can clearly see AS tucking his fingers into Sonnens waistline. He even goes as far as to do it opposite the ref. Next time try arguing like an adult instead of cussing and using homophobic slurs.

        • Schweez says:

          //// yea yea my friend silva threw a knee that hit him in the face while he was downed very classy well done. Grabbing the fence, grabbing the shorts multiple times, greasing. He won the fight fair and square we all know

        • Alex Yakan says:

          dude u gota quit eating BK fish sandwiches with Silva Jizz for sauce . It totaly fine if you just love the taste of them and I feel bad for you that you cand just drink the jizz sauce from the source BUT! there are outhers just close your eyes and pretend its true Silva sauce and not fat guy rest stop sauce. Last thing 1 fact Sonnen 5 rds Silva 2 “pretending he played fair”
          Thanks for reading . A dumb faggot ass Sonnen fan. Try waiting outside Silva’s dressing room with your pants down and cheeks spread with a sign that explanes just how much you love his seed and if he could make a generous deposit in your ass bank you might not get so grumpy between his fights .Just squat over your BK burger add Silva sauce and you should calm down, Just trying to help no need 4 a thanks :)

        • WrestlingRules says:

          See I disagree, I knew Sonnen needed to weather rounds 1-3 and do what he did in round 1. Then he would have taken Silva down an beat him up in round 4 & 5. But after that illegal knee to the face, he was stunned and couldn;t recover to get out of that round. That;s really how close this was. Until that knee, Sonnen had been winning EVERY SINGLE MINUTE of that Fight. That knee started the finish.

        • Gabi says:

          It was legal.

        • Clay says:

          I feel like the fight was fair. And I like cheal, but I think he’s getting way too much attention for being a “class act”. Look at jon jones for example. Everyone hates on him and says he’s fake. Chael is the fakest and he doesn’t get ridiculed like bones. People just like to be ‘nonconformists’

        • 9lives304 says:

          You are so fuckin delusional man……Your just a hater…face it, Anderson “The Spider” Silva is the Undisputed P4P MiddleWeight Champion of the World…just deal with it!!!!

        • Xaninho says:

          Look he thinks:”uh oh here comes the pain!”

          And then there it is!

          Right to the sternum! isn’t that a nice LEGAL knee to the BODY? That was good stuff right there!

        • Troll Killer ^^^ says:

          @ Xaninho… thanks for shutting that uneducated fool up!!

        • WrestlingRules says:

          You all are blind that KNEE strike is clearly into the chin. That is a knee to the face and chest. Just admit it bitches…Bunch of whinny little bitches. It was an illegal knee and he got it and so move on. Why are you girls’ so defensive??? Makes me think you are feeling a bit ashamed and guilty??? rofl…

        • Blind man^^^ says:

          Your the only whinny bitch here crying foul play on a perfectly legal knee to the chest…you sir are proof hate truly can make you blind.

        • Gabi says:

          Wrestelingrules look it hits the sternum. As his body moved from the impact his face ran into the thigh. So no it did not hit it in the face. It’s the knee not where the thigh went after the body movement from the impact. Be real.

        • Gabi says:

          Btw wresteling that’s if that at that.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          It’s obvious, its an illegal knee to the head of a downed fighter. The top of the knee hits his chin first then the knee to the upper sternum. It was illegal and deliberate. The official didn’t call it and so it is ok. No big deal, why do you Silva zombies have this obsession that it was legal when it obviously isn’t?? You KNOW why you don’t want to see that it is illegal? Because you know Silva is a slimeball and you just can’t admit that you like a slimeball as your hero. Its ok some weak people that are failures like the bad guys all the time as heroes. Just admit it and move on.

        • Gabi says:

          It was legal downward moving knee. So no upwards movement. It hit clear sternum Why it wasn’t called illegal. Ref as right there. Get over it. Clean loss

        • Gabi says:

          Didn’t mean downward. Idk why it didn’t but in the not a part. But the knee it’s self was not going at a downwards angle.

        • JiuJitsuIsSupreme says:

          The poit of the knee landed on the chest but the thigh hit chael in the chin which still rocked him and be the difference between him winning and him getting finished

        • krafty11 says:

          He didnt grease. Fighters are allowed to wipe the vaseline, put on the faces before the fight, onto their body. It’s up to the ref and his decision if he wants to wipe it off the fighter. And he did grab the shorts but so did Chael, he even admitted it..

        • KIDD433 says:

          @ XANINHO…Thanks dog,its perfectly clear it hit his chest.But you gotta understanding Chael fans are the most headstrong,relentless ignorant dumb fucks out there.They can see Chael deep throating a cock and they’ll still argue that he didnt,and say he’s not gay.These are the kind of fans Brock Lesnar brought with him from WWE.Thanks Brock

    • kev says:

      If you really think the hype of the fight wasn’t just to promote the fight your an idiot. Anderson had no hard feeling after the fight either did Chael. so why would you??? Chael is a great fighter he took it to your beloved Anderson. just for your information Chael never got done for roids. stupid noob

    • i was reading your post and started to think you had some decent points but then you go of on your own tangent and say ppl who think sonnen if funny need to get a life.. your a joke mate. no ones going to take you seriously. wwe wrestler? crap record? he beat marquardt, miller, okami, stann, bisping.. 5-1 in the UFC aside from his 2 matches against Silva.. Crap record.. take your comments and go fuck off.. ps. i hate sonnen but your a joke, stop wasting space.

      • Chaelisdead says:

        Haha I love when dumb fuck like u talk nonsense. Go check sonnen is 6-5 in UFC. Like I said he is the most overrated fighter because of all his cocksucker fans and his boring jokes. The guy should have never got two title fights but silva is a class act true champion and accepted to fight him. Sonnen is a CRIMINAL a loser that cant fight for shit. Anyone who likes him should stop watching the UFC and go watch wwe. Sonnen as you promised you should now RETIRE

  2. Shit Skids says:

    So according to this guy we’re supposed to celebrate Chael Sonnen for talking a lot of shit about a nation of people, losing, and apologizing under the guise of “it was all to sell the fight?” Sounds like BS to me. Everybody in his camp needs to shut up about the whole thing and move on.

    • afasd says:

      You should listen to the Joe Rogan podcast with Chael. You would learn a lot about him. He is a big pro wrestling fan, that’s why he sells fights that way. He makes a character. It’s acting. You can take it at face value if you want, but often it is not that easy.

  3. DirtyD says:

    Chael, isn’t better than him any day. Nobody cares how many rounds he won except for him. You lost. Twice. Your not better than him. You will never be better than him. He out thinks you. You punched him for 4 rounds straight and couldn’t knock him out then he chokes you out. Then the second fight you disrespected his native country and the people and you disrespected his wife and family. Classy very classy. It is one thing to try and sell a fight but that is not how you sell fights. You sell fights by promoting your skills and discrediting the other fighters skills. The only reason you stopped being an Ass was because Mr. Gracie gave you a tongue lashing… Your a good fighter… but, your and Ass… You don’t measure up to Anderson Silva…

    • Mc says:

      Um actually he sold the fight better than anyone has. This was proven by it being the biggest fight ever. You may not agree w/ how he did it, but he did a damn good job. So I would say that it is in fact the way to sell a fight. Nobody besides maybe Brock has had better numbers but that’s just cuz of his name, not cuz he sold it. People need to realize chael was doing the job of 2 in selling the fight cuz god knows Anderson does shit to sell fights. People also need to realize that in selling the fight he said crazy things meant to get people all pumped up, he did not mean everything he said and people who think he did are just to simple to understand how it works

  4. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    Chael and Anderson fought for 10 rounds. Chael won 5 of the rounds and Anderson won 2. the score is 5-2 chael is in the lead so chael actually won the fight. Anderson Silva lost.

    • WhatareyouSMOKING says:

      They fought 7 rounds in 2 fights; Chael won 5 rounds by points and Anderson won 2 fights by TKO and Tap out.

      You need to change your perspective on whos in the lead and whos not, because by my count Silvas 2-0 against Chael.

      Chaels a great fighter and I believe in giving credit where credit is due but dont up Chael when in those 5 rounds that he won, he didnt do anything to try and knock out his opponent, but just win by points

    • You Cant Be Serious says:

      You sir are an idiot.

    • Gabi says:

      This is the greatest thinking in the world. Holy shit I wish I had heard this type of wisdom and type of simplesness before. I actually thought you won by plain winning (KO/TKO, submission, points or the bs DQ). Boy was I off, I guess that’s just half of it. I guess you win fights by just winning rounds by getting a takedown and chillin not doing much. Then you add up the total amount of bs point scoring (which doesn’t even fit the sport) and that’s how you figure out who really won the fight. Not by using the result of why the fight was stopped in the first place. Hahaha. That’s the dumbest way to look at a fight (might mean something as in chance for the second fight but that’s about it. And if you lost twice that means you are the lesser fighter,) and who’s better who actually winning. Really isn’t the person who won the fight the one who won the fight plain and simple? Stop making excuses for your man crush.

    • Xaninho says:

      So Anderson needed just two rounds in total to beat him twice?

      • Gabi says:

        I was thinking that too the other day. Lol Anderson just needed two rounds to FINISH the fights. Chael had seven and still wasn’t able to hurt or finish Anderson. Ok he rocked him in the first w that punch. That was about all the damage he caused Anderson. I don’t get how Chael is better then Anderson if Anderson finished both fights in two rounds while Chael had seven and wasn’t able to really do anything except lay on Anderson and do some bs GNP. Chael didn’t hurt Silva at all in either fight. Why is it so hard to admit the facts and the obvious? It’s a sporting event. People can’t even see and tell the truth for that. I feel very sorry and worried for the future of this nation. Especially if this is how people want to think (deny the obvious and undeniable, worse then when W. Bush supposedly won Florida when it was clearly a rigged election in his brothers state w/ dead people voting. Lol), denying the clear truth in front of them. As well as the great thinking of adding rounds that don’t matter because the fight is over and clearly lost by Chael and won my Anderson. So simple yet made impossible to accept. Your fighter even accepted it at first (even told DW, it’s quoted as well as his own quotes after the fight), admitting it was a clean fight w a clean result. Now that the nut huggers are being heard Chael has changed his mind and seems to be going back on his word. That’s a class act there. Lol. Going back on your word is a bitch move. No wonder he also failed at being a politician. Hahahaha. The man doesn’t know what he said last week. Hell he doesn’t know what he said or happened a couple days ago. Why support someone so ignorant and making Americans look really really dumb as well as very bitch made and an admittedly roid user. Who also is a criminal. Why can’t you fan boys accept the facts? They’re facts as in the truth and there is no challenge to dispute the findings.

    • Gabi says:

      Also doesn’t it go by the result of the fight and not rounds. I though fighters record was win-loss-draw. I didn’t know it was rounds won-lost-idk what else fits here in the great more rounds equal being the true winner. Hahahaha. Records don’t count rounds. It counts simple wins and losses. Fuck these fan boys make me lose hope in humanity. I guess Snookie is really making people dumb by just being alive. Lol. This is a clear case of Snookie syndrome aka fucking being an idiot and still thinking your correct. Logic makes no sense and pisses me off more and more every time I read or see bs like this. So sad. Humanity is going downhill.

  5. Gabi says:

    Blah blah blah bs. He’s saying shit now because people started making excuses for him. He changed his mind to talk more bs due to his nuthuggers. He knows he lost both fights. How is he better? Losing is losing. Like saying just because a team got a last second touchdown it was luck and cheating. The other team was still better. Lol. No he lost had accepted it (remember what he said to DW after the fight?). He changed his mind after seeing people suck his dick some more and started making excuses for him even before the fight was over. Hahaha. Lol. Talk about having yes men all around you. Haha

  6. KIDD433 says:

    Maybe fighters can lean from Chael.They can learn to cheat the system,take steroids,launder money,and become criminals.and get paid well for it…Its funny that you dumb Chael fans act like he’s a model American.He’s a scumbag piece of shit

    • Kong says:

      You have a good point. Dolce says this guy is a class act! He is the furthest thing from a class act a man can be. Sure he is respectful now, most people are after they get their ass kicked. Give him time he will start talking shit again. I think this sport is heading in the wrong direction. I’m going to watch rory and bj fight and Im sure they won’t be insulting each others families.

      • Gabi says:

        I agree w the direction of the sport well organization of UFC. Fighters are leaning towards wwe style promoting act. It’s making a joke of the sport and letting the wrong people excel just due to the hype they my can create. Chael is a model nothing good yet got 2 shots due to hype he created. And now seems like he’s changing his mind about getting his ass whooped. So he might try to hype for a third and it would not be a stretch.

  7. MIGS BRASIL says:


  8. True MMA says:

    Fuck chael, his team and his stupid ass fans. He lost, move on. Who gives a fuck how many rounds he won because in the end he tapped and curled up in a ball like a bitch. How can you lose two times to the same guy and still say your better than him. Damn talk about being a pussy.

  9. stephen riddle says:

    This stuff is over anderson won and thats that, now lets see sonnen vs. Jones lmao!

    • WrestlingRules says:

      Yah that’s because your girlfriend Anderson Nope Silva is afraid to fight Jones…rofl… Sonnen ISN’T

      • stephen riddle says:

        I think jon jones doesnt want this fight to happen but i do but im not dana white

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Jones is being political. HE would Take this fight in a second if White told him too. He and Greg Jackson know they would annihilate Silva. They just don’t have a payday yet.

        • DanaWhiteTheBoss says:

          Leave it to WrestlingRules to say the dumbest shit on this forum. Sonnen KNOWS he would get owned by Jones. Just like he got owed by Silva… Twice.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          You on too weed bro. We are talking about Jones and Silvia…..lmao..

  10. ArkKnight says:

    Who cares how many rounds phael won. That’s like talking about innings in baseball or quarters in football. Silva 2-0 baby and still world champ, deal with it!

  11. FacePuncher84 says:

    No thanks. I’ll take my lessons from winners like Anderson Silva and B.J. Penn. Not losers like Chael Sonnen and Mike Dolche.

    Some people love a loser: the plucky underdog, the Bad News Bears. Worship at that alter if you want to feel good about being a loser.

    I say, “No, thanks.”

    I’d rather win.

  12. WrestlingRules says:

    Sonnen is better than Silva but lost twice to him and even though he dominated Silva in most of these fights, he still lost to a finish. That’s what Silva is great at finishing fights and not much else. Unfortunately for Sonnen, even though he is better than Silva, he needed to win one of those to have a case. Silva won the fight but look what he showed about his character and look what he did to give himself an edge. He fought dirty starting with the shoulder punch. He should be suspended just for that. That MOVE was a WWE move for sure!! Look at the greasing and the short holding and the fence holding, plus the illegal knee. In many ways Silva has lost. He has lost respect from people who now know that he is a slimeball. For Silva, his best days are behind him and for Sonnen his best days are a head of him. Silva will be a side note in 5 years.

    • KIDD433 says:

      @wrestling rules…do you actually believe all the bullshit you type.”sonnen bettr than Andersn?”You gotta be kidding me.Anderson is the best fighter to ever step in the octagon…By saying that non sense you proved you’ve got the IQ of a fucken circus monkey

      • Gabi says:

        Idk how you think you know anything when clearly you don’t. If someone lost to you twice are they still better then you right? They were just better that night right. Lol what a joke. there was no cheating. Everyone grabs shorts Chael said he did too. And the knee was legal. It was nothing if you think he greased. Lol. Try it at home and see its nothing. Accept it. He lost. No one is perfect not even Chael. He also has no class at all. Anderson did one minor thing w the shoulder check no big deal. It’s been done before yet no one cried like a bitch. Just admit it fuck. Quit being a bitch full of excuses.

      • WrestlingRules says:

        I don’t know why you gotta be dogging on the circus monkeys! Those guys are really cute. I love’em. All frisky and everything.

        Now listen up, Sonnen beat up Silvia for 4.75 rounds and them lost to a choke in 10 secs in the first fight. The second fight Sonnen, won every second of that fight until the second roound when he connected with an illegal knee strike to a downed opponent and then won by tko in the nest 30 seconds or so. So yah, are you NUTS and think Silvia is BETTER!! This is first grade stuff kid. Have you been smokin too mush weed!

        Sonnen is much better than Silvia. oh yah and Silvia is REAL SCARED to fight Jones…The MW Champion of the World…Anderson “Nope” Silva…and the crowd booooos because he is a scared bitch to fight Jones.

        Plus he is a cheater too. lmao..

        • Gabi says:

          Now it’s just getting funny. Lol

        • WrestlingRules says:

          hahaha …made you laugh!!!!

        • Gabi says:

          Yea you are so full of shit idk how you even believe your lies. I mean you come up w straight bs. In the first place the knee was legal and going downwards. The place a knee can’t hit a downed opponent is the head. That knee hit all sternum even lower and so it’s not illegal at all. Why do you think the fight wasn’t stopped? VERY CLEARLY CAN YOU SEE THAT CHAEL’S HEAD DOESN’T EVEN MOVE BACK ALL. HIS HEAD MOVES FREELY W/ THE BODY. LOOK AT BODY AND YOU WILL SEE THAT THE HEAD MOVES FREELY W/ THE MOVEMENT OF THE BODY. AGAIN THE HEAD DOES NOT EVEN MOVE BACK. WATCH THE GIF AND JUST WATCH THE BODY AND IT’S MOVEMENT AT IMPACT AND HOW IT RESPONDS BY TURTLE NO HEAD MOVEMENT BACK MEANING HEAD WAS NOT A HIT BY A KNEE BECAUSE A KNEE TO THE HEAD WOULD NOT CAUSE ONE TO TURTLE LIKE HE DID. KNEE TO THE HEAD WOULD CAUSE A BUCKEL It was his head that hit Anderson’s thigh as he folded. All legal. Second he did not grease. That is legal to wipe your face off and it is nothing if you put that on your body, also something done by many fighters, I’ve been watching a bunch of fights and it’s something that you don’t pay attention too. Try it at your house and did Chael slip right off Silva in the fight? Nope not at all. And a stuffed takedown isn’t a form of a slip. Next the shorts is no big deal. Happens all the time and do you forget that Chael said he did it too? Ask any fighter and they will tell you it happens. Sitting in someone’s guard for over four minutes isn’t winning. It’s showing you like to lay on top of a dude and waste time being boring and bsing the judges into thinking you are doing some kind of damage. Poking his gay little boner into Anderson isn’t causing damage fight wise. It is mentally, form of rape.. Lol. He didn’t do any damage like in the first. Chael wasn’t even the same fighter due to having so called acceptable yet still elevated level of roids. Which is being abused in the first place. That makes him even better, he had to cheat to be stronger faster more gas and still lose. He’s a bad person all around. Personal and professional, from being a criminal, roid user, failed politician and businessmen and biggot. No class at all. Even steals his “hype” from old wrestlers. Lol. Also got busted for that. Lol. The dude can’t do anything right at all. Only thing he can do right is cheat actually still fails at that. If I was him I would kill myself for being such a failure.

          Anderson isn’t a cheater at all and never has. He’s been one of the best champs to date. The fight w Jones makes no sense for either fighter. It’s a lose lose for both of them. That’s why they BOTH don’t want the fight smart guy.

          Learn to be a man dude. Not a bitch. To be someone who claims to train and all this and that idk why you have so many excuses. I thought well I was thought by my coaches not to makes excuses just to do it. If I came up short they didn’t want an excuse they wanted me to see what I did wrong learn from it and get better. Accept it learn from it and from.. Accept my loses and learn from it. You clearly aren’t a fighter in anyway shape or form. Or a competitor at all for that.

  13. USA! says:

    Bob? It’s “Vaseline” you dumb fuck!

  14. Dee says:

    I’m tired of hearing about how Silva cheated against a man who was allowed to boost his testosterone for the fight. If Silva rubbed grease over his entire body wouldn’t that put him at a disadvantage considering grease was all over his hand? Also grabbing shorts do not prevent takedowns. If that was the case than grabbin gi tops should be illegal in grappling tournaments. It’s B.S. Anderson had Chael’s shorts from the front which in no way can prevent someone from pulling off a double leg. If you don’t believe me try it yourself and look stupid. Finally if the knee hit Chael’s face, which do you think ended the fight, the glancing blow to the face or the shot to the sternum. Which hurt the most. Or what about the punches to the face. I believe Chael was hurt by an earlier right hand that stunned him and led to him throwing an off balance back fist.

    • 757 says:

      Anyone who actually watched the fight could see that the ref wiped Silva off just prior to the bell anyway. All the Sonnen fans need to stop bitching. Sonnen had two shots at the title. I don’t care how he many rounds he won. He got caught in a triangle the first fight no matter if it was round 1 or 5. He got knocked out in the second fight. Everyone in the UFC looked at the tape. The knee was determined to be legal that’s it! He lost! Numerous guys grab the fence, shorts, accidentally poke guys in the eyes, whatever. Sonnen lost that’s it…..stop bitching.

  15. StreetNinja says:

    Hey WrestlingRules!

    “That’s what Silva is great at finishing fights and not much else.”

    “For Silva, his best days are behind him…”

    “Silva will be a side note in 5 years”.

    I speak no more. =)

  16. KIDD433 says:

    Thanks for speaking no more.

  17. Chris says:

    @wrestlingrules: What Silva is great at is finishing fights. Isn’t that the whole point of this sport? In which case Charl’s got a pretty sad record. Funny thing is wrestling alone will never finish an MMA fight. That takes submitions or strikes, both not allowed in traditional freestyle wrestling. I honestly think that wrestling as a base for MMA has less to do with the skills than it does with the fact that wrestlers are used to training like f’n animals. Its fairly well accepted that wrestling has the most rigorous training of any high school or collegiate sport, and that I believe is why wrestlers are doing so well in MMA. Also because of a point system that rewards takedowns even if no damage is done following, hopefully rules they will change. Oh and by the way, I got 3rd in varsity states my freshman year wrestling in high school, it was easy, I had been practicing judo for 5 or 6 years prior and found that wrestlers couldn’t handle my style, the guy who beat me in that tournament was just way bigger and stronger than I was. He cut weight, I didn’t. I think training philosophy more than skills are what makes wrestlers successful.

    • WrestlingRules says:

      @Chris – I will answer you without my usual sarcasm because you are asking questions and arguing in a way that deserves direct responses. I will try to make this as short as possible too.

      Silva is Great at finishing fights and in my opinion that IS NOT the whole point of the sport. As a wrestler and judoka, I would think you would know that. Silva is probably the greatest at finding openings and taking advantage and then finishing the opponent. But this ONE aspect does not make him the best or all of the fight. Finishing is just one aspect of a fight. You can argue that its the most important but you can’t argue it is the ONLY reason. The most important is the winning of a fight. You would agree that if Silva had not gotten that choke in rd5, he would have LOST, right?? Therefore, Sonnen beat him up and down that fight and the ONLY way Silva could win was to find a submission. Sonnen let it happen, he got lazy and mentally did not prevent that. Silva got lucky that Sonnen got lazy or he would have lost. He was GREAT at that finish but he W AS not great in that fight??

      As far as states for you in wrestling, If you lost to a guy that cut and you didn’t then your coach sucked for letting you wrestle in that weight division. Didn’t he know who the dominant wrestler was in that weight class ln state?? You should have wrestled at 1 or 2 weight classes below. You probably would have been a state champ!! It also sounds like you quit after that time?? Too bad…

      The REAL reason wrestling is the dominant beast in MMA and fighting is not because wrestlers are able to workout longer than anybody, it is because it is Natural. It is a natural to do the things wrestlers do when you try and take someone down and hold them down. As a wrestler, you know the amount of techniques and the transitional game has NO EQUAL. So your point that PHILOSOPHY is the reason they are successful and not skill is really laughable. It takes massive skill to do what a wrestler does when the other guy doesn’t want you to do it!!! You are making it hard NOT to be sarcastic here. But I will persevere.

      Mark my words, WRESTLING not only now dominates the fight game but you are going to see some wrestlers soon that have incredible striking and they will be the top dogs in mma. These guys who think they can learn a little takedown defense and it will keep them safe are fooling themselves. Look at Dos Anjos, that guy is a BJJ guy and he wrestled that whole fight. He hasn’t quite figured out how to keep a dominate top control yet, but he is on his way.’

      Don’t WALK but F’in RUN to your NEAREST top WRESTLER if you want to up your mma game.

      To your first point, No I don’t think finishing is the point of a fight.

      • Gabi says:

        Wait wait wait. You are saying that winning is not the most important part or the reason to fight? All competition is about winning and finishing strong. Idk wtf your coachs told you but you should slap them if they told you finishing and finishing strong is the not the most important; example is Chael in the first fight. He didn’t finish strong and lost for that reason. From practice (remember how they’ll be all finish strong, push it, and all the way through) to the competition, you finish and finish strong. If you don’t fight to finish and win what’s the point. Winning by points is sad, looking for points and leaving it to the judges is bitch shit. Point fighting is a way to fight when a person is scared to fight so they enough to win by points ( like how they say about Jackson fighters). Points which are not even awarded properly btw. Also Chael lost because he plainly lost both fights. He didn’t let Anderson win. Lol. Anderson won because he submitted him (remember he said he wanted to submit him in the first fight.) and TKO’ed him in the second. Give credit where it is due. He beat him. Anderson got the W. Which is the point for fighting in the first place. You fight to finish. I hope everyone fights to finish and not leave it to the judges. Which shows the fighter doing that is scared to fight. Doing enough to get by isn’t acceptable when so much more can be done, that applies to all in life. You want to win in life right? You win by finishing things. So yes finishing is the main point to everything. What else is the point if your not going to try your hardest to finish the other fighter. So yes finishing is only reason to fight. Wish there was no points or judges, where it would be KO or sub. Everyone who fights is hopefully looking for a w by finish. Why leave a what if unless your Fitch. Doesn’t matter who did what when the person lost. That’s all that happened. One fighter won the other lost. What is the point if your not looking to finish and win? What’s the point of a fight in general? To win, that’s all that matters in the end is winning. So yea finishing is the main reason. You finish to get the win. Simple. Chael either gave up or accept it just lost the first fight. Oh yes while having a 16:1 ratio. Lol fucking cheater, while Anderson had fucked up ribs too. He was able to do what he did because he was juicin at that high of a level. Remember Chael has had a problem w that submission before. He was not close to being the same fighter in the second fight. It’s noticeable and you can not argue at all. Proof is in not being able to have the energy to get the takedown. You know “if” statements don’t mean anything right, just an if?

        Actually some people do better if they don’t cut weight and fight at natural. That all depends on the person. Also I know at some schools if a class is filled and your close to the next naturally or do have to cut more or less or none you can get that class if open or can try to win the spot if you can’t win the class you want at some schools. Maybe the classes under we’re already taken and he couldn’t win the spot?

        The reason wresteling is so “dominate” is because takedowns aren’t scored correctly and given way to much credit, when they cause no damage at all. 97% of takedowns don’t do any damage at all. And 85% of them lead to nothing. It’s an easy way to get a point when desperate. Good way to stall and waste time. As the sport continues to evolve you will notice that one technique doesn’t work w the new type of fighters. You basically have to have a great understanding of all major arts used. So going w one gets you no where.

        That’s really sad that you are at the point where you are saying that finishing a fight isn’t the main reason. Trying to defend a person who lost twice clearly because they were the lesser fighter. It wasn’t a fluke like a quick lucky KO. Chael lost both and lost them because Anderson is the better fighter overall.

        • Xaninho says:

          Hahaha he probably has trophies at home.

          He’s polishing his ‘best effort’ trophy and his ‘cutest leotard’ trophy.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          It’s actually my D1 National Championship Trophy…..anything else stoner?

        • Xaninho says:

          Is that worth more than the cutes leotard trophy?

        • WrestlingRules says:

          You mean like the tight leotard shorts your hero Silva wears???

        • Gabi says:

          BS on it being a D1. Especially with what you said about finishing a fight. I doubt any coach told you to not go for a pin but rather just get points the whole match. To not finish the match BS. No real competitor will not want to finish. Anyone can say whatever they did online. Just like I’m the 155 lb UFC champ, won Abu Dabai, and KOed Kimbo w a stare. Lol

        • WrestlingRules says:

          I see you are a know nothing moron…lmao…

      • Chris says:

        Thanks for remaining civil wrestling. I do admit that following that year wrestling, I did go back to judo and started using a lot of double and single leg take downs as they were more practicle, and my ground work was definitely more advanced then my throws in judo. Controlling a fight is important, but I do feel that without the submitions or knockouts from other fighting sports it makes for pretty boring tv. Also before this sport was as big as it is, before you could really call it a sport, the only way to win was with a finish. This I see as being the true spirit MMA, to replicate(without weapons) what would happen on the street. If looked at in that way point fighters, generally would be less effective than finishers. Also while I truly don’t discount the skills learned from wrestling (it may have seemed so in my original post), I truly do believe that their approach to competition (training, weight cutting, etc) has had a huge impact on the MMA game. You walk into any traditional dojo and you see people of all shapes, a wresting gym or now an MMA gym and everyone is ripped. I think thats why guys with impressive skill sets from the old school days have difficulty nowadays. Think BJPenn at 170, he’s fighting guys that are just bigger and stronger than him. Or even Anderson moving up to 205, yeah he’d do well, but he wouldn’t dominate the weight class. Not arguing, just my 2 cents.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Listen, I agree and I have NEVER said that having neck cranks and striking is not needed. My position has always been that wrestling gives you the base and control to apply strikes and neck loops. But if your being dominated from top control it nullifies strikes and subs!! It is why WRESTLING RULES in the fight game and always will, because it brings control and dominance to the game.

          Man, it breaks my heart that you were third in states your freshman year and fought at a 1 or 2 weight classes above!! If I had been your coach, I would have MADE you continue through your senior year. Sounds like you had a shitty coach. You probably would have been a multiple state champion and would have gotten your pick of scholarships for a college. We had beasts as wrestlers in high school and I NEVER saw a freshman that good.

          As you know wrestlers are just the top of the heap. How many people came out and how many made it?? It tests your ability to continue.

          I don;t know how old you are, but you would enhance your mma career or experience if you would wrestle non-stop for 6 months.

          Yah But did you see what BJ did to Fitch in their fight?? He out wrestled him and that was only having Hughes in for a few months. Could you imagine if BJ wrestled all the time instead of bjj? He would have never lost at 170!!

          If BJ would wrestle more and come in with that domination mentality, I believe he could beat most if NOT all 70ers. But he has trained that crappy bjj stuff and it teaches you to be defensive instead of offensive. It is why the only good part of Juijitsu is the neck and arm cranks from dominate positions. But look at Weidman, that dude had full mount and all he tried was juijitsu bullshit, He should have been raining down elbows and strikes for Christ’s Sake!!!

          Silva will HAVE nothing to do with the 05ers. The top 10 would f-him up…That just my 2 cents.

          Hope you are wildly successful in all you love and do in your life….

  18. Tiredofexcuses says:

    If fail was such a class act, why all the excuses? The knee was Legal.. The wiping of vasoline off the face to the body is LEGAL (check out what even the commission says about it) short grabbing is not, but any experienced fighter will tell you it won’t stop a takedown. Dee’s comments were right on. Silva was too amped the 1st round and got careless, fail got mount, and Silvas guard proved itself by taking NO DAMAGE. Silva then started peppering him, defended the takedowns, frustrated fail, and caused him to make a mistake, and finished him. Please people become more educated before you post, there are enough complete morons that claim to know everything, but a trained person can tell who has never been in a fight before. Silva won, Chael lost. End of story


    Look y does everybody talk shit chael lost ok he lost to the goat and yall call him a pussy u dont yall fight silva or chael theyll both fuk u and yall family up so shut up and respect these guys

  20. Sonnen is an amusing guy. I can’t entirely say that he is no good of a fighter because he had beaten a lot of good fighters.

    True, the TRT thing is f*#@ed up but he is still very good for the UFC in my opinion. He knows how to sell fights and he definitely angered Anderson that everyone was so amped to see what would happen.

  21. True MMA says:

    Wrestlingrules has to be one stupid ass dude. It must chael under a stupid name. Quit your bullshit Wrestlingrules because your embarrassing MMA fans all over the world.

    • WrestlingRules says:

      No, I am just embarrassing you!!! That’s all on you….You just aren’t grown-up enough to read an opinion different than you. I would say you deserve the tough life you have had up until now and in your future, until you can move beyond not accepting other’s opinions. I can see you are a failure in life as of today. Being embarrassed by an opinion different than yours is a sign of a weak person and a failure.. Hope you improve your life will be better…Gods Luck Bitch.

      • Xaninho says:

        It’s all on film dude! There’s no room for opinions if the evidence is on film for everyone to see. The knee hit the sternum, not the face and it’s filmed.

        You can blatantly deny the facts and evidence on film, but that’s not an opinion. That is being a delusional crazy person.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          The film clearly shows the knee hit his chin first throwing his head back into the fence then it hit his upper sternum!! You Silva zombies keep forgetting the fact that Sonnen needed stitches on his tongue because of that illegal knee. So what is your EXCUSES for that??? Is it just the air that did it or one of the Seagal Aikidodo technique that is going to CHANGE MMA FOREVER. Plus, its obvious that illegal knee was deliberate to the face. He cheated and got away with it. Done so Move On!!

        • Gabi says:

          First see how you say “Done so Move On!!” why the fuck don’t you do as you say? Second Chaels head does not move back. Watch his head follow the movement of his body. Head hit the fence due to the movement of the body his creating a u shape due to the knee following thru. Chaels noggin doesn’t even make movement of a noggin getting hit and snapping back. Had a knee like that connected w the head it would be instant lights out. Third is about the tounge. Maybe ever think he bit his tounge? Bit it from when the knee hit the sternum. How the fuck would a knee to the face cause him to get stiches on his tounge but not on his lips or anywhere else? If hit in the chin how did he bit his tounge, the bottom half of his mouth is going down while the top is in place? Chael simply bit his tounge. It was just in the wrong place in his mouth at the time as his body reacted naturally w/o any hesitation to tighten up.

  22. WrestlingRules says:

    Silva a real class act:

    • Xaninho says:

      Sonnen is such a cheater. he even wrapped his shorts around Silva’s hand!

      • WrestlingRules says:

        Yah, that is EXACTLY RIGHT….This is how Silva zombies perceive reality….LMAO…ROFL…..hahahahahhahahahahaha..

        • Xaninho says:

          I see you have trouble recognizing sarcasm?

          I was using your logic on a picture. That is how us sane people see your comments about Silva’s knee to the body.

    • Gabi says:

      Now we need a pic of Chael w his TRT

    • Gabi says:

      Or just a pic of how many Chaels are in that fight. The first one could of had him w 16 pics of himself to show how the fight really was. Should do that same here. Because Chael cheated the whole fight. Even before it was signed or his camp started. Been cheating since before the first. Training and even after. So a pic of Chael and how many ever Chaels were w him because he got the bs exemption to pass the 6:1 limit already allowed. Fucking cheating ass pos. Quit defending a cheater. It’s beyond me how people can root for or even stick up/defend a cheater when everyone hates cheaters. Even cheaters hate cheater.

    • WrestlingRules says:

      This is one of the Seagal Aikidodo techniques that WILL CHANGE MMA forever!!!!

  23. Dick Diaz says:

    he’s a world class fighter… so yes there is much i can learn from this guy!

  24. WrestlingRules says:

    Nope Silva is NOT a cheat. That is why the referee is NOT wiping off vaseline.

  25. WrestlingRules says:

    Another class act Seagal Aikidodo MMA changing technique:

  26. WrestlingRules says:

    Illegal Knee…..mapped out to show you zombies the illegality of that knee to the head of a downed opponent.

    • Gabi says:

      That picture shows the knee hitting the nipple line. Look how far up his ear is. And bottom of it. Not close to the face at all. Nice job your argument about it hitting the his noggin is wrong. And yea Chael threw the illegal knee. See cheating some more as always. Lol it is true

    • Xaninho says:


      You dropped the ball there, that is a pic showing Silva’s knee to the sternum and Sonnen’s knee to Silva’s cup….

      • WrestlingRules says:

        And you think I DON’T see sarcasm!!! lmao…

        Yah one illegal knee to a Sonnen’s face and Sonnen illegal knee to the balls. Cancels out so move on plz…rofl..

        • Xaninho says:

          There’s nothgin to cancel out. You’re just a sore loser trying to take away some of the shine of Silva’s annihilation of the great white hope of mma.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          So now you see racism??? Your starting to lose it. Silva is a slimeball narcissistic cheating piece of shit no matter where he comes from. It’s his character bro not his skin!!!

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