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Wednesday, 01/23/2013, 11:08 am

Mike Dolce Sure He Can Get Cyborg Down In Weight, Thinks She Beats Rousey Any Day | UFC NEWS

“I have every intention of working with Cris Cyborg once her UFC contract is finalized. Right now we’re circling the drain, we’re waiting for the go ahead, but Cris she’s been in vacation in Brazil. If she was here in the United States, she and I already would have been working together. So she’ll be back, her contract will be signed hopefully soon, and as soon as she has a date and an opponent, then it’s game on, I will be working with Cris Cyborg.”

“There’s a couple ways to answer and the first way is going to be a little less than humble – I’m the only guy in the world that can get Cris Cyborg on weight and healthy. I only say that because I have the history. I’m only going to point to my resume when you look at Rampage (Jackson), Rampage was 260lbs when he came into the fight with Lyoto Machida. He came out there and made 205lbs easily and he beat Machida. Johny Hendricks is 215lbs, started working with me, he’s beat (Jon) Fitch, (Josh) Koscheck and (Martin) Kampmann. Johny probably is the biggest welterweight in the UFC, and he’s destined to be a world champion. Thiago Alves, Chael Sonnen was 233lbs six weeks before the Michael Bisping fight in Chicago.

“Nobody can say that any of my athletes ever look unhealthy or ever under perform as a result of their weight cut.”
She’ll be 135lbs, it will be the healthiest she’s been her entire career, and it will be the best performance of her entire career or I would not have taken the job. I can’t risk having an athlete under perform as a result of a weight cut, I would never jeopardize an athlete’s health. A lot of athletes come to me and they want me to help them drop a weight class or two, and I’ve turned a lot of huge names down because it’s just not safe, it’s not healthy.

“At 135lbs, Cris Cyborg will be the best of her career. She will be the greatest female fighter in the world, she will achieve legendary status at 135lbs. At 145, she’s too heavy, she’s slower at 145. She’ll be faster at 135, she’ll be more reactive, more flexible, more mobile, and she’ll be stronger. She’ll produce more force per pound of her body weight than she can at 145, I guarantee it.”

“Cris Cyborg could be the world champion today. Whenever Cris fights for the title, she’ll win the title. So if they want one fight or five fights, whoever she fights, she’ll beat. Whether it’s Ronda Rousey for the title, or it’s Sara McMann or Miesha Tate, but there’s a lot of tough girls, but whoever she fights, she’ll beat.”

In an interview with, Mike Dolce not only highlights his resume, but also gives his opinion about female fighter, Cris Cyborg.

Is he on the money with his assessment?


13 Responses to “Mike Dolce Sure He Can Get Cyborg Down In Weight, Thinks She Beats Rousey Any Day | UFC NEWS”

  1. Shamalama says:


    • Jackson says:

      He sure as f*ck did…. Rampage won round 1 and 2 period… there’s no debating that he won the first two rounds. Machida may have won round 3 bigger than Rampage won rounds 1 and 2 but then again, that doesn’t change the outcome out the fight. Rampage won 2 out of 3 rounds which made him win the fight. That was GOOD judging! Some would argue and say round 3 was a 10-08 round for Machida, but that’s BS too, cause eventhough he definitely won that round it was not a 10-8 round, so he was not even CLOSE to winning that fight. Rampage looked surprised that he won cause he’s used to SHITTY judges.. that would give Machida the fight just cause he did more damage IN 1 ROUND out of 3… but luckily we had good judges that made the right call!

  2. magoo says:

    Lets not waste time get it done Dolce, can’t wait for Rousey to get her face smashed!

  3. Artemis Entreri says:

    Why is Wanderlei wearing earrings and make up in that picture?

  4. Time To Wrestle says:

    Dolce is right. Rousey will get beat up by Cris.

  5. Jay says:

    Dolce, people pay you big money for Calories in vs calories out?

  6. Kender says:

    I can see it now
    Reporter – “Whats next for Cyborg now that she lost to Rousey”

    Tito – “The only reason she lost is because she had to cut to 135″

  7. Josh says:

    Too bad Cyborg is still a juicing little cheater who will never get my credit again. I hope Rousey shreds her elbow to the point of ending her career, because that’s what cheaters deserve.

  8. Iron_monk says:

    Wow… Wandi, you look so pretty <3

  9. John M says:

    “I’m the only guy in the world that can get Cris Cyborg on weight and healthy”… Dolce you are so full of shit I’m surprised your eyes aren’t brown

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