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Monday, 06/30/2014, 01:57 pm


Mike Dolce Slams ‘Criminal’ Victor Conte For Slanderous Tweets

Controversial anti-doping expert and VADA associate, Victor Conte has made no friend of Mike Dolce.

And it’s all because of a recent tweet from Conte, which stated, “Both of the @ufc PED poster boys Belfort & Sonnen work w/ @thedolcediet Mike Dolce? Maybe an MMA scribe could get an interview? @danawhite”

Today, on The MMA Hour, Dolce responded:

“He’s been proven to be a criminal, proven to be a liar, he’s proven to be a cheater.

Everybody who knows me knows exactly what I do. He knows my protocol, he knows the way that I live my lifestyle. Unfortunately, that individual, he’s just looking for some sort of relevancy. … Because I have relationships with Chael and with Vitor, now that’s where this interview is trying to make some sort of connection. But the connection is so thin it’s ridiculous.

“He does the sport and any sport and extreme disservice. What he’s done, he’s ruined athletes careers as a part of his way to make money for himself. That’s what he does. He tries to ruin people’s careers. It’s unfortunate. I try to help people.”


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