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Friday, 03/14/2014, 08:46 pm


Mike Dolce Discusses Hendricks Weigh-In Issues

Despite the help of Mike Dolce, famed fitness and nutrition coach to many a UFC fighter, Johny Hendricks missed the 170 lb. weight limit by a pound and a half on his first attempt, which put the title fight in jeopardy. While Hendricks made the weight on his second attempt, this led many to speculate that the weight cut went poorly for “Big Rigg.” However, Mike Dolce claims that several factors, chief among them a damaged scale.

In an interview with MMAunkie, Dolce stated: “We had gone to a local gym to do some weight cutting in the hot tub during fight week…It was actually last night…Unfortunately, while we were in the hot tub, and the scale was unattended, attendees of the gym were hopping on and off of it. We think the scale might have been damaged because the weight started reading inconsistently…At one point, he was 171.8 before he went into the bathtub, and we did a 20-minute in the bathtub, where we’ll lose [sixth-tenths of a pound] to a pound in that time…I’m sitting with him, and he’s sweating profusely. We go back and we step on, and it says he gained [two-tenths of an ounce] in that session. That was when he said, ‘F–k. This scale is off.”

Several other issues arose, including a delayed weight-cutting process thanks to a “medical meeting,” and the UFC’s scale having already been packed up.

“So we knew Johny was going to be close,” Dolce said. “I felt that he would have and could have been on. In looking at the scale, it was 170.5. The commissioner said 171.5. I don’t know how correct that was; maybe my angle was bad or theirs was. But there’s no doubt that Johny was going to make weight.”

However, Dolce stressed that, despite the issues, Hendricks still could have safely lost more weight if he needed to, saying “He was able to break a sweat pretty quickly, and we knew he would lose that weight…It was easy. If he had to make 165, he would have made 165. It was just about making the contracted weight and not going into deficit by overcutting because of anxiety.” 


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