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Monday, 06/30/2014, 02:51 pm


Mike Dolce ‘Disappointed In Chael Sonnen’ For Failed Drug Test

“As a friend, I support Chael, I love the guy, he’s done amazing things. On a professional level, it is certainly disappointing.”

“I was disappointed. Disappointed in Chael and disappointed that that’s the way his career is going to finish, unfortunately. I feel that Chael, I do believe he’s one of the greatest athletes in the sport, I’ve seen him do amazing things in the training room. I feel that he had a lot of great fights in him, not just on the entertainment side, but on the true performance side in the Octagon. Its disappointing just to see the way this all kind of finished out.”

During a stint on today’s ‘The MMA Hour’ Mike Dolce shared his reaction to the news that his former client, Chael Sonnen had failed another drug test.


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