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Wednesday, 01/08/2014, 05:36 pm

Miesha Tate’s Stunt to Harass Gas Station Attendant for Poor Service Works

All of this for a spicy pickle…


By Christopher Murphy @MurphMMA

UFC women’s bantamweight fighter Miesha Tate took to social media to publically humiliate a gas station employee for poor customer service.

“Ok I have to vent (That’s what facebook is for right?) So I’m standing in line at the gas station to buy a spicy pickle and put the rest in the gas tank, when a fan of mine pops up and is like “oh my gosh Miesha how are you, great fight!!” I go on to thank him and its my turn at the register finally so I say clear as day to the lady, take to cost of the pickle out of the $60 and put the rest on pump 4 please” she looks at me annoyed brakes the money as th fan continues to ask if I will give him an autograph I smile politely and oblige. The lady goes on to help the next costume and I ask can I have my receipt please (which she should have given me in the first place but I didn’t have the chance to ask between her rush I and being cordial with my fan) so she frustratingly prints a receipt after letting me know how much check trouble that is for her. I say thanks and go to pump my gas where it is hailing outside and there’s no gas money on my pump… sooo I grab my receipt she gave me and its a receipt for cough drops… Im not amused so I walk back in through the hail again and flag her down to tell her this is the wrong receipt and she also did not put the gas money I gave her on pump #4. Should goes on to lecture me saying that I should wait to engage in conversation until after my transaction is complete. LOL!!! I said “where is your managers number I want to speak to him, you are very rude I am the customer I can do whatever I want and Im sorry that I am nice to my fans” Then she scoffed at me, gave me the run around for the phone number then finally gave me the store number where she is the only one working tonight, so I figured we could all give GALE a call an let her know how much we appreciate great customer service! ***-***-****”

Tate’s celebrity has given this post quite a bit of attention; in less than a day, over 2,000 people have liked the post, and it has been shared over 100 times (not to mention media coverage like).

What’s more is the post has worked, as a woman replied to the post saying, “Good morning fans Im sorry for the trouble at circle k I’m the cashier today answering all calls gale is not here so please stop calling.  I’m off at one and would love a break away from answering calls.  Thank u.  So sorry for her rudeness…

While Gale may have avoided the backlash, it seems that Tate and her fans have managed to harass at least one gas station attendant.


0 Responses to “Miesha Tate’s Stunt to Harass Gas Station Attendant for Poor Service Works”

  1. Guest says:

    Shouldn’t Tate have a checking account with a debit card by now? Who pays for gas with cash these days? If she had a debit card, she could have spared the walk through hail in the first place. And who eats gas station pickles? Tate is pure white trash.

    • Chris says:

      “And who eats gas station pickles?” Ha so true

    • Making purchases with a debit card is the financially stupidest way to purchase anything. Well, perhaps buying money orders and paying for everything that way. Or, Cashier’s Checks.

      1. Fuel pumps have one price, e.g. 3.13$, for cash, and another: 3.19$ for debit;
      2. you are not earning any rewards; and

      3. not everyone wants to have their cheque accounts open to comprise at every transaction.

      • Jay says:

        Debit is financially stupid?! Lmao… I don’t get charged a thing for debit anywhere… where the hell are you that they charge extra using debit?! That’s some true capitalist bullshit right there… always finding a new way to make an extra buck off the everyday person. Lmao!

        • Panteradactyl says:

          Make purchases with credit, when you have the option. If someone hacks your information, you are instantly secured on credit card purchases. If your debit account gets broken into, it could be weeks before a resolution is found and you are refunded your money.

      • Something says:

        What kind of morons don’t understand debit and credit? Firstly, yes,
        credit is more secured since the companies have policies in place to
        give you stolen money back but the primary difference between the two is
        that it cost money for stores to use credit so they save money if you
        choose debit. They know this and often give discounts for paying with
        cash/debit (common at every gas station where I live) and often charge extra for using credit. Many however don’t do anything.

    • William Stryker says:

      I pay for gas with cash, you dumb bitch

    • loki says:

      you’re a fucking idiot for asking who pays for gas with cash. count the number of cars who pay via cash next time.

    • SlipSlap says:

      I earn wayyyyyy in the triple digits sweetie, and always pay cash. Everywhere.

  2. Chris Carpenter Oursler says:

    Now i know why ronda hates her.

  3. Tim Lee says:

    She has taken this down from her facebook page. if anything I think she overreacted and calmed down now.

  4. michael says:

    honestly i think she didnt know how popular she actually was and if she knew GOOD ,

  5. BrainSmasher says:

    I don’t get what Tate did wrong? The woman give her the wrong receipt and didn’t give her credit for the gas. Seems reasonable to want both taken care of. The cashier could have tried to not give her credit for gas and demand a receipt. Also it isn’t the place of any cashier to tell someone when and where they can talk to someone. If a guy said anything like that to me. He would get his ass kicked! You telling me with all the shop lifter, drunks, and people on cell phones, and being robbed at gun point. That Tate talking to a fan is all of a sudden public enemy #1 for gas station clerks?

  6. Trent Hilker says:

    Haha the gas station is right next to my house!! On road 68 in Pasco, WA. I see Gail every morning LOL

  7. Xaninho says:

    It’s very unpolite to talk on the phone or with another person while you’re paying for something. The gas station attendant is a person too. She deserves our attention because she’s not a machine.

    “I’m the customer, I can do whatever I want.”

    I guess when I go to a UFC event where Tate’s fighting it’s ok for me to throw shit and spit at her while she walks out to the cage because I paid for my ticket so as a customer I can do what I want?

    Tate must feel superior over ‘regular folk’ like a gas attendant. Too bad she tapped before Rousey could tear her arm off.

    • BrainSmasher says:

      So she has to be rude to the fan to please a cashier? Some how I get the feeling you would be on here claiming she thinks she is better then regular folk no matter which choice she made. I think she made the right choice. No person would say anything like the cashier did unless there were an asshole!

      • Xaninho says:

        No she could have politely asked the fan to wait a minute til after she finished her business with the cashier. You know, like normal people do.

        • BrainSmasher says:

          I run a business where I have to work with the public. I am basically a cashier. I would never talk to anyone like that cashier did. In fact the cashier, because of her mouth and attitude, lost the business a customer. Her job is to WAIT on customers. The cashier was refusing to do her job. Even if she was upset. It isn’t her job to smart off to people. I deal with stupid people all day long. I bite my tongue and get them on their way. If I said something every time someone did something I didn’t like or I felt was rude or stupid. I wouldn’t have any customers at all!

        • Xaninho says:

          Her job is to keep as much customers happy as she can, do you think the rest of the customers were happy with Tate taking the time to have a pleasant conversation while the rest was waiting in line? The cashier has other customers to worry about too.

          You basically admitted right there that Tate was rude, but the cashier should have taken it like a good little slave and kept her mouth shut.

          I don’t accept rude customers mouthing off against my staff, if they do they’re not welcome anymore in my shops.

    • Brandon Owen says:

      In this situation, as much as I dislike Tate, she was in the right. The gas attendants sole purpose is to serve the customer. Now she can refuse if Tate was being belligerent for no reason, but being upset over Tate reacting to a fan, and then being rude when the cashier made a mistake, is blatantly wrong.

      • Xaninho says:

        The gas attendant is not a slave. Her job is to help the customers pay for their gas and pickles, not trying to make sense of Tate’s wishes while Tate is being rude to her.

  8. boris says:

    Tate is so irrelevant right now. Trying to gain attention.

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