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Tuesday, 03/13/2012, 09:39 am

Miesha Tate Thinks She Was Winning Before Submission | Wants Rousey Rematch

“I, personally, would love the opportunity to have a rematch. I think at a high level, it takes one mistake. Anyone can make a mistake at any moment and someone’s able to capitalize on that. I don’t feel that Ronda proved anything other than what she’s already (proved) — that she has one thing that she’s great at. Really phenomenal at. But everything else, I could beat her. Give me another shot. I think it was competitive. I think for the most part I was probably winning. And I think at a competitive high level, one day one person could beat the one person, and the other day the other person would beat the other person.”

In an interview with yesterday, Miesha Tate’s went on record and stated that she believes she was winning her fight against Ronda Rousey until a brief mistake cost her the fight.

She now wants a rematch!


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72 Responses to “Miesha Tate Thinks She Was Winning Before Submission | Wants Rousey Rematch”

  1. wha? says:

    she must be high

  2. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Well she came out too aggressive. I would say once it got to the ground she was surviving till that second arm bar came around. She played right into Rousey’s game.

    Rousey should defend her belt then get a rematch with Tate in the future but not immediate rematch.

  3. ThaGreenBandit says:

    You knew she was gonna attempt the armbar, and yet, she was still able to apply the armbar. If you readily admit that she is so “phenomenal” at locking in said move, what makes you think you’re gonna avoid it the next time?

    • spiritsplice says:

      Tate looked like she did no preparation for the inevitable armbar. Her defense was completely wrong. She should have been drilling defenses and counters for months. It looked like she spent zero time on it.

    • Ly-er says:

      Seriously, rematch? I mean there are times where u can dispute a ‘close-decision’, but u just got submitted by the main submission “All” of us knew was coming! Either its that messed-up arm that’s giving u this big rush of denial or its that ‘dumbass boyfriend’ of hers!!! Lol

      • Kaos says:

        Worse than that, she nearly got caught in it once in the match when it looked like her arm got broken, then she didn’t change her game at all and the second time Rousey made sure…

  4. JOHN says:

    WOW HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…That was funny. Shes no competition for ROUSEY. at all. she looked horrible against her. what is she thinking,

  5. Tate is high says:

    Everyone knows what Rousey’s motive is in a fight, and she was not able to stop it. Tate doesn’t deserve a rematch until she works her way to being the #1 contender.

  6. lex walker says:

    If they rematch she will get caught in another armbar so….

  7. jew jitsu says:

    you’re all fags
    Tate was on rouseys back
    Enough said

    • mang says:

      Thats why she lost the fight? dumbass lol go back to sleep pussy.

    • jon anti-christ jones says:

      Never seen someone let the other take their back because of skills to reverse? Enough said…

    • PJ says:

      Tate was on Rousey’s back…and she escaped. Rousey was on Tates back and Ronda gave up the position to finish the fight. Big difference.

      I dont know why people forget to see that Ronda was pounding on Tate from the mount and then some more when Meisha rolled to give the back. 99% sure that fight would have been stopped if more GnP kept coming, but she chose the arm instead.

      if they made it to round 2, i woulda scored round 1 like this…

      Tate: landing some shots standing, took the back in a scramble, threatened, but never really came close to RNC finish

      Rousey: takedown, significant sub attempt with the first armbar. another takedown. multiple shots landed from mount (dominant position). multiple shots landed with back control (dominant position). significant sub attempt with 2nd armbar

      10-9 Rousey

    • mike r says:

      i was on your mom’s back winning too 😉

    • jew jitsu's mother says:

      suck my dick you stupid fagget

  8. true mma says:

    Girl it wasn’t even close. Rematch, yeah right.

  9. mang says:

    She is out of her mind. Shes like the rest of the female fighters…just okay..nothing special. She will never beat Rousey. Its funny how shes a sore loser, saying she almost won if it wasn’t for that arm bar. Same shit as saying, ‘Oh yea i would of won if it weren’t for that knock out punch’

    Cut it out, Loser just like her bf.

  10. Richard Payne says:

    lol, Ronda Rousey executed her game to the T. Tate wasnt winning anything, not even the stand up, considering she wasnt able to keep it standing up for even a round. and she lost at the first armbar, that disabled her arm for the fight. she was just too stubborn to tap

  11. the original steve says:

    maybe slightly very very slightly she did land a few punches in the beginning and had ronda’s back. but then ronda turned it around got on top got mount and trashed your arm. lets say she didn’t trash your arm i wouldve gave the round to ronda

  12. joshua says:

    wasnt close at all…. war rousey!!!!

  13. Mma love says:

    I think Sarah koffman gets the next match, n she’s gonna Ko Rondas cocky ass!

  14. hahahanninen says:

    Tate was winning the stand up. But got destroyed on the ground by Rousey. Also I thought ROusey looked a little stronger than Tate and could of took the fight anywhere she wanted to….I don’t think it would be smart for Tate to ask for a rematch right away, might wanna heal up that arm :p

  15. Pochizzle says:

    looks like she actually wants her arm ripped off this time. more balls than brian caraway

  16. jon says:

    rousey’s ground game was on another level compared to miesha’s…miesha was baited a few times for guard passes and ronda fooled her every time…also why she lost the back.

  17. Jb says:

    Rousey is good at one thing, terrible striker. But it’s like Phaleras in UFC, you know he’s going for a leg lock why even let it happen? Tate was winning stand up. But it’s still two chicks fighting so who really cares

  18. Maxxb0y says:

    I watched the fight 3 or 4 different times and I have to disagree with Meisha. I think she did well for a punch or two and got in close. after that she was taken down… I will agree that she took Rhonda’s back but the attempt was too loose and Rhonda got away. Once Rhonda threw Meisha to the ground and took her back for the gnp….. the fight was all but sewn up. I like both women and think a future fight would be great, but not in the near future. This fight was no where near close in my eyes… .02

  19. Johnny says:

    hahah. just because she was wearing Tate like a “backpack” doesn’t mean she was in any harm..

    Its the truth.. Tate is not at Ronda’s level.. she should really watch what she says and try to avoid sounding stupid.

    lets quote Tate, “she really hasn’t proven herself ” so why should she get a rematch.. she didnt even test Ronda.

  20. eric says:

    actually, i was disapointed on both tate and rousy that fight. i really feel why dana is not adding women’s division in UFC. theiy are really lacked of skills, especially ground skills, so ugly skills-_-

  21. Jd says:

    Ok tate came out swing did good then she locked up with rousey bad idea I give her the prop of getting out of the first arm bar and getting back control but a fighter like rousey is comfortable in any position on the ground, so if and I say if tate has any chance of beating rousey in a rematch she has to stay standing, but rousey has great take downs and throws tate has to stay away from which I don’t see happening and the result ending the same, but winning the fights before being submitted no rousey was winning…

  22. Shawn says:

    I think Tate WAS winning in the early part of the round, at least in the stand up. Rousey was getting frustrated. But she stuck it out, and finally got the arm bar she was looking for. She’s a one trick pony. But hey, it’s kept her undefeated. I’d really like to see Cyborg (no roids) against Rousey. That would be definitely an interesting match up. As for a rematch between Tate and Rousey, I’m game for that. Tate showed the world how tough she is. I only two guys that didn’t tap due to an arm bar and had their arm broke. I don’t know any woman that took that much torque without tappin before snappin.

  23. good JOB says:

    too much testosterone man

  24. Castro says:

    Shegot murdered,enough said.

  25. Nando says:

    Ronda was never in any danger, she controlled the entire fight.

  26. Xaninho says:

    She sounds just as delusional as Sonnen lol

  27. mac4719 says:

    I love how the roles have now reversed 10 days ago most of the people on here wer saying ronda didnt deserve a shot and wasnt worthy of fighting tate, now its like ronda this and ronda that you should all be ashamed of yourselfs. Ronda proved you’s all wrong 10 day ago and now you’s jump on the ronda band wagon. Ronda’s world lass grappling was the difference here and miesha looked liked a fish out of water and did what she wanted to do so i dont think it was close enough for a rematch till at least after the kaufman fight maybe feed miesha a fight with davis and put them on the same card could be a good main and co main event for strikeforce.

  28. Jeff McAbee says:

    Tate, I dont like your attitude, learn to respect and not be a cry baby, But I would only agree that you can beat her if you would punch and move, thats all you would have to do, come in on her and she will win a take down no matter what, dont be a fool and think your game is more then it is when you compare yourself to Rousey ground game, Look at the video of the fight, look at the way she stands, chin up, easy KO for you, but you have to discipline yourself to stick to just punches and moving. let her frustration lose the fight for her, you cant one punch her to a KO. Next time, let see if im right, If im not just means you cant take a punch.

  29. Nick says:

    Wow she got dominated by Rousey. There were a few places she was winning but Ronda was winning that fight in a dominant fashion and finished.

  30. Chris Leslie says:

    Tate needs to work on her takedown defense but she did well overall. A rematch will go the same way this one did unless she improves on her weakest point in her game.

  31. jpeters says:

    Who the hell keeps blowing smoke up this chic’s ass? You were not winning the fight, you are not her level, and submission was not lucky or a coincidence. Do yourself a favor and shut the fuck up. You’d be ALOT less annonying….

    • charlie says:

      well she was winning. she just made a really small mistake and rousey capitalized on it. it happens.

      it’s just amazing to me how many kids are jumping on rousey’s bandwagon.
      miesha is the only decent win she has and it was a bit of a fluke. she has no stand up at all, she was getting out-wrestled on the ground and if miesha hadn’t turned the wrong way and given up her arm, she probably would have pounded rousey out.

      if rousey gets past kaufman, which is no small task, then miesha should get the rematch.

      as for shutting up, come on man….the only one doing all the talking was rousey. she’s the most disrespectful person on the entire roster. she talks a big talk, for a one-trick pony.

      • hypehypehype says:

        its not a bandwagon dumbass. you haters just dont understand rouseys skills. we are not judging her only by her 8 impressive first round armbar finishes in mma. but also by her storied judo background. she has huge ammounts of experience on all these girls, judo was way more of a challenge for her than mma if you have actaully watched any of her matches. now shes down to mma the difference in skill level really shows. she threw miesha around like a little kid, ate every shot easy, and showed no respect for her ground game. rousey would and will finish her 10 out of 10. as she will finish kaufman. mark my words, just watch and see

      • krafty11 says:

        so two arm bar attempts(one for a submission win) and more dominant positions in the fight= getting out wrestled?? not to mention Rousey had the total strikes advantage 43 to 11 for Tate( it was a short fight) , Also Rousey had the TD advantage as well. Not sure what fight you watched, but Tate got soundly beaten in that fight. And calling her a one-trick pony?? lolz.. Have a nice day….

        • Billy the kid says:

          Are you kidding me. You can’t count those little do nothing punches that Rousey was landing as real punches. Did you see the difference in their faces. Rouse’s face looked pretty beat up for such a short fight. Tate’s face looked like she had not even been in a fight. Rousey better bone up on some striking or that one trick pony is going to get that ugly little face of hers beat bloody on night. She is not going to be able to arm bar everybody so she better start working on something else and get herself a little better rounded!

        • Andrew Ingram says:

          Rousey’s face was not beat up at all. What were you watching? If Rousey was a striker, Tate’s face would have looked like her arm… mangled.

          Rousey does not need to work too much on her striking, her bread and butter is judo and grappling. She should work that. She needs good enough stand up to defend herself until she can clinch.

          As far as Tate’s take on the fight… well it’s delusional of course but what else is she going to say? She was out fought and lost to a superior fighter.

          Anyone notice the staright right Rousey landed a split second before her sweet hip toss? That rocked Tate.

      • Unknown Soldier says:

        Dont agree with that. she was only in control for a VERY short time during the fight. Even from there she could do nothing. And Rousey landed more strikes even if they wernt as clean as Tates. In no way should she get a rematch she needs to earn it first she was FINISHED. Most times rematches happen due to competive descions, draws, or, no contests. which is understandable. But, when your finished you have to earn that fight again. Then you get your rematch
        Happened with: Couture-liddell, Penn-hughs, Gsp-Hughs, Liddell-Sobral, Gsp-Serra.
        All had to earn the rematch with at least one fight inbetween

      • cheesetoochalk says:

        She’s not a 1 trick pony man. Both girls performed well. It was a good fight. Everyone needs to shut up and stop picking sides and appreciate these girls for what they are, talented fighters. Dude Ronda has good positional bjj, throws,has the armbar down pat, and has other submissions. Trust me she has other submissions in her arsenal. I do agree her stand up needs work though. Lastly, Miesha did not “turn the wrong way”. That’s another type of armbar escape where u circle around in the opposite direction. Turning into them isn’t the only way. The only problem is that she waited too long to do it and Ronda had that s@*t locked in deeep!!!!

      • Billy the kid says:

        Charley, I could not have said it any better!!! Finally an intelligent person posted on here. I am so tired of the Rousey band wagon, I agree Tate does deserve a rematch and she will not make the same mistake again. I just don’t know if the one trick pony will still be the champ when Tate is in line for an another shot at the title.

        • Khaos says:

          I think calling her a one trick pony is understandable but also not fair. She only has a handful of fights and she’s the champion… impressive enough in itself. Her striking didn’t look great but she wasn’t hopelessly out of her depth there either and although Miesha showed off her wrestling Rousey was out of it far too quickly for that to be considered any kind of domination. I think a rematch is interesting but from where I was sitting regardless of your view on Rousey; Tate got beaten soundly. I like them both they’re both good fighters and I’m sure Miesha will be back, but you can’t say honestly that she was winning any part of that fight, she was being chased down the whole time and despite her wrestling she had no answers on the ground

  32. Mick says:

    tate was definitely losing… about the first armbar that almost broke her arm, the hammerfists to the face, the HIP TOSS, full mount, come on now

  33. Dosan says:

    Man, this girl is cocky as hell.

  34. Diezel says:

    Rousy is a one trick pony but i’m not sure there is enough female talent out there to expose her (other than Cyborg) I don’t like cyborg but I would cheer for her in a match against Lousy Rousy… Miesha is the best opponent for Rousy, Unless Sara Kaufman surprises me, If kaufman can’t do anything, I’d say give Tate another shot, I dont think it would turn out the same way.

  35. mang says:

    TATE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. mmafedor says:

    tate is a sore loser.

  37. mmafedor says:

    how can u argue getting ur arm almost ripped off?

  38. mmafedor says:

    i was winning until i got my arm tore up!!

    i was winning until i got submitted!

    excuses , excuses. noone wants to hear them

  39. zED says:

    tate was winning till she took an arrow to the knee. -__0

    what? u mad bro??

  40. scooty puff sr says:

    how about rouseys ground and pound what a crack up

  41. jpeters says:

    I’ve been on her bandwagon since i see her first fight in strikeforce so eat a dick.

  42. Nick says:

    Ok chale had some argument he won 4 rounds you lost in the first and would have lost the round

  43. jpeters608 says:

    If Tate couldn’t avoid what every other girl couldn’t avoid when facing rousey, what makess you think she can avoid it in the rematch? She knew it was coming threw her whole camp the first time and STILL couldn’t avoid it….. Ronda beats Tate 9/10 times, period.

  44. UFC VIDEOS says:

    What does that even mean? Winning before I got submitted, it’s a 3-5 round fight…

    • Khaos says:

      As champion it must feel horrendous to get beaten outright so quickly, I can totally see why she’d be thinking that way… she’s still wrong though, Rousey was dominant in that fight. Even when Miesha managed to get her back she still couldn’t really make an impression on Ronda’s defense

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