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Wednesday, 09/25/2013, 10:39 am

Miesha Tate: ‘Ronda Wishes She Had A Relationship Like Caraway and I’

“I’ve never heard of other fighters being so interested in the love lives of their opponents. I never heard Muhammad Ali go on and on about how Joe Frazier needed a better girlfriend or anything like that.

I don’t understand why she’s so fascinated by my relationship with Bryan. I can’t think why she keeps saying such ridiculous things. Sometimes I think she’s jealous. From what I understand, she’s been single a while and doesn’t have the support system I have from Bryan and maybe there’s jealousy there. I think we have a bond and a type of relationship that maybe she wishes she had.

But I also know how Ronda likes to try to take your strengths away from you, and Bryan’s support both professionally and personally is a major strength for me. It is typical Ronda to try to attack your strengths and maybe that’s her motivation for talking about my relationship all the time.”

– via Miesha Tate’s Blog.


13 Responses to “Miesha Tate: ‘Ronda Wishes She Had A Relationship Like Caraway and I’”

  1. slip slap says:

    Roussey is jealous not just because she cant find a man who will put up with her moody sulking, but also because Tate is way hotter than she is.

    • Nate "THE ROID CHEAT"Marquardt says:

      Nice try Mr.Cupcake but everyone knows JDS has been tearing that sh’t up for almost a year now. Sorry Brian nice try to get fans thinking you still with Miesha. Only reason you are guys playing this couples game is because of this seasons TUF that is still paying out.

      Sorry bub your old lady is getting a real now now who makes more in one fight than you could make in 100 lifetimes.

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