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Sunday, 04/20/2014, 12:23 pm

Miesha Tate: “I Wasn’t Confident That I Won It”

On Saturday, Miesha Tate participated in a closely contested bout with Liz Carmouche at UFC on Fox 11. And while Tate ultimately got a unanimous decision nod from the judges, Tate was not sure that she would be awarded the win. Carmouche started off strong, controlling the majority of the round with takedowns. She started the second frame with more of the same, but Tate was able to rally with a tight guillotine choke attempt. From there, the third was all Tate. In the post fight press conference, Tate expressed her trepidation about the decision, saying:

“I wasn’t confident I won it, to be perfectly honest,” said Tate. “I really thought that, I honestly actually thought that Liz probably won the fight, because she had more riding time. But I haven’t watched the fight. That’s just what was going through my mind.I knew she won round 1. Round 2, like I said, she kinda just held me there for a while. And from what I heard from other people, the reason that the judges said I won Round 2 was based on damage – the fact that I was staying busy when she was just holding me. I was trying to throw elbows, I had the guillotine attempt, I had the sweep and popped up and did some damage, towards the end of the round. The reason I won the round the round was just based on damage.”

The win was an important one for Tate, who snapped a two-fight losing streak. The former Strikeforce champ had not won since 2012, with a late arm bar victory over Julie Kedzie.


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