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Friday, 01/31/2014, 10:07 pm

Michael Chiesa Says Pena Injury is “Tearing Our Team Apart”

“This whole thing is tearing our team apart,” said UFC lightweight fighter Michael Chiesa regarding the reports that teammate and fellow UFC fighter, Julianna Pena (above), suffered severe knee injuries after being attacked by a training partner at Sik-Jitsu in Spokane, Washington.

By Christopher Murphy | Twitter

The reports coming out of Spokane, Washington are dramatic – not to mention contradictory.  But amidst everything that has been said, one thing remains a certainty: UFC fighter and the first female winner of “The Ultimate Fighter” Julianna Pena suffered sever injuries to her knee that will require surgery.

On one hand, you have UFC President Dana White’s report.  He told media of a phone call he received from Pena where she was “completely hysterical and crying,”  and told White that a teammate had “basically attacked her.”

Rick Little, head coach of Sik-Jitsu, reported that the injury came from Pena working out before properly warming up.

Regardless of what transpired, the results have been devastating –not just for Pena, who will most likely be out for two years, but for her team as well.

Sik-Jitsu teammate and winner of “The Ultimate Fighter: Live” Michael Chiesa released a statement to where he decried the entire situation as a huge blow to the team.

Pena was never ‘attacked’ by some guy. She was training with a 135er that she trains with on a regular basis. He wasn’t talking shit to her for wearing a TUF shirt, and if he was, it was light-hearted gym humor. They were rolling and he went for a move that he’s hit on her a thousand times before and it just happened. Nobody is to blame, it was a training accident. Just like Dominick Cruz. Everyone knows how hard she is to train with cause she’s so damn tough. She only has one female partner that can somewhat challenge her. Even on the show, she was training with guys on her team and, correct me if I’m wrong, they made a point to say how tough she is. She’s Cyborg-esque, I guess you could say, minus the PEDs.

Were (sic) a very close knit team here in Spokane, she was training with someone that she’s gone all the way to Canada to corner. She’s held this guy’s child, they are very close. This guy wasn’t some attacker or whatever the hell she said. This whole thing is tearing our team apart.

Pena is expected to have surgery on her knee next week.


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  1. DjTrex says:

    LMAO, Chiesa, well what was it??? You contradict yourself in your own statement. First off you say “He wasn’t talking shit to her for wearing a TUF shirt” then you finish with “and if he was, it was light-hearted gym humor.” So what you are really saying is…YOU HAVE NO CLUE WHAT HAPPENED.

  2. LogikalThinker says:

    who gives a shit. she got hurt and no one wants to be honest so fuck them all…life goes on. there are other fighters to watch. she got hurt doing something, so why not say what it was? maybe drunk as hell and fell down her stairs at 2am?

  3. Phlthy Rich says:

    I dont believe it…thre were other people there. And if pena isnt a complete piece of shit and terrible to be on a team with. Why would a gym full of team mates let someone assault you? Like stop fuck off youre hurting me. Someone would have stepped in if something was going on. She probably was going too hard and fucked up and doesmt wanna tak responsibility. Why would the team hurt her and lie instead of kicking her out? How do they benefit? You people sound really stupid.

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