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Thursday, 02/13/2014, 10:14 am

Michael Chandler wants Gilbert Melendez in Bellator

Former Bellator lightweight champion Michael Chandler must have caught wind of Gilbert Melendez’s recent contract negotiation struggles with the UFC, as he recently tweeted the following:

@MikeChandlerMMA: Seeing this news about @GilbertMelendez has me excited. Who wants to see me welcome him to @BellatorMMA after I beat Eddie?

Chandler will face Eddie Alvarez for a third time later this year in a yet to be announced Bellator pay-per-view event.

The former Strikeforce lightweight champion, Melendez, would obviously be a welcome addition to Bellator’s lightweight division, but this is all merely speculation at this point.

If the UFC can’t come to a deal with Melendez, would you like to see “El Nino” fight under the Bellator banner? Let’s hear it Penn Nation!


2 Responses to “Michael Chandler wants Gilbert Melendez in Bellator”

  1. I would actually love to see Melendez go to Bellator. I would actually love to see more big name fighters walk away from the UFC right now. Dana White’s antics lately, publicly bashing fighters and such. Guy needs to be taken down a notch, and that can only happen if the fighter’s (and fan’s) refuse to take such nonsense.

  2. mike custer says:

    Chandler needs to be in the ufc.

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