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Monday, 03/19/2012, 10:16 am

Michael Bisping vs. Tim Boetsch Added To UFC 148

A middleweight bout with serious implications in the rankings has just been added to the UFC’s 4th of July weekend show in the form of Michael Bisping vs. Tim Boetsch.

UFC officials took to twitter just moments ago with the announcement.

UFC 148 is expected to go down on July 7 from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, NV.

Michael Bisping last saw action on the UFC on FOX 2 main card in a highly contested bout against division title challenger, Chael Sonnen. While the British born fighter did not pick up the win, the loss to Sonnen was a highly controversial decision that many thought should have been scored in favor of “The Count.”

To date Bisping has only dropped three of his eleven middleweight bouts, the most recent of which snapped his four-fight win streak.

Boetsch is a man on a mission, after dropping weight classes “The Barbarian” has not yet felt the sting of defeat.

In his most recent outing he was able to take out top contender Yushin Okami in a come from behind victory at UFC 144. It was his third straight win in the UFC”s middleweight division. Tim is 8-1 in his last nine fights with his only defeat coming at the hands of Phil Davis.

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53 Responses to “Michael Bisping vs. Tim Boetsch Added To UFC 148”

  1. like2eat@theY says:

    Bisping is gonna get KO’d

  2. danielrchargers says:

    woahh, GOOD FIGHT. but i think Tim might get Boxed up. But hes a monster of a underdog.

  3. andy says:

    God I hope the Barbarian knocks the cunt out. Like, Hendo style.

  4. Robby says:

    This is a big test for Boetsch. If Tim can get past the Count, he’s in title contention. If Bisping beats Tim he’s probably number one contender to Chael after he defeats Silva.

    • Rob says:

      Chael Sonnen is not gonna get Silva without knocking him out or submitting him. I dont think He will be able to dry hump silva or five rounds again. But that’s just me.

  5. Lawrence Montano says:

    This Does not help Bisping climb the rank in middle wt. if he wins. Tim won with a lucky stike. Bisping needs to fight Munoz or Okami. Hate Bisping but I want him to fight Silva (champion or not).

  6. Bla DeBla says:

    Like it or not lads … Bisping is gonna take this guy to school & punish him bad .

    Expect a clinic in striking & movement & a heavy 2’nd round stoppage .

    Boetsch cant live with Bispings size & power , speed , tempo , stamina , striking & movement .

    Boetsch has nothing on the deck that Bisping cant counter , Bisping has excellent “Anti Jiu Jitsu” & Counter Wrestling .

    Looks like The UFC is feeding him a pay day here .

    • danielrchargers says:

      thats what they said about Okami. same exact thing. without the movement. Okamis kind of a brick.

      • Bla DeBla says:

        Just my take on it Brother , nothing more than that .

        Boetsch is there on merit , he done Okami fair n square & Bisping is coming off a loss .

        Winner take all coz whoever takes this one is in line for the winner of Silva & Sonnen I’d say .

        • GET RID OF FITCH says:

          How could Bisping possibly be in line for a title shot? Belfort would KO Bispin g inside a minute, Munoz would beat him, Palharis would take one of Bispings limbs home with him, belcher would beat Bisping prob by KO, Weidman would beat him. So tell me again how the hell can ANYONE say Bisping is in line for a title shot. Usually fighters who get title shots have at least fought and beat someone in top 10. WHO HAS BISPING BEAT IN THE TOP 10 TO WARRANT ATITLE SHOT. Franklin is fighting Cung Le at 185. Franklin would beat the piss out of Bisping without breaking a sweat. so how is it a fighter like Bisping who is coming off a loss possibly in line for a title shot again? Please explain I need a good laugh

        • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

          you clearly dont know how it works do you.
          bisping was fighting for a title fight and it was hotly contested where people thought bisping could win.
          it was too close.
          vitor already had his chance and lost in spectacular fashion and needs to fight his way back.
          imo boesch shouldnt be fighting bisping, i think he got lucky and should have one more fight before he gets bisping.

          this should be Vitor vs Bisping.
          The only person that has floured bisping is Dan Henderson. No one else has been able to drop him and theyve all hit him hard.
          every fighter that has fought bisping has come away from the fight going “yeah i respect him now, hes much stronger than he looks”.

          come back here when you have some logic

        • Jujitsu Player says:

          You’re fucking deluded and clearly biased and you’re really reaching with Franklin! I mean come on!!. Bisping should be fighting for the title right now as IMO he beat Chael. This is justice, he’ll dominate Boetsch and it’ll be a fresh face against Silva assuming he gets past Chael again. Who gives a shit about seeing a repeat of Vitor getting his face smashed in again anway. Munoz has nothing but wrestling and you saw how Bisping nullified Chaels wrestling which is streets ahead of Munoz. Palhares I can’t argue with thats a tough fight for anyone, he’s got to be close to a shot he’s a beast and has the best MMA adapted BJJ.

  7. Q says:

    Bispings gonna outclass him. I dont think Boetsch deserves Bisping his last fight was not impressive at all.

  8. Jb says:

    Bis doesn’t even deserve to fight UFC. I’m sure I pissed off his nut huggers. He had pillow fans and HAS NEVER IMPRESSED ME DURING A FIGHT

    • Bla DeBla says:

      Never impressed you eh Princess ?

      Aww !!!

      Poor Wittle Pwincess isnt Impwessed by the bad old Engwishman … Awww !!!

      Give yer head a shake you fuckin faggot !

      Look at how you are presenting yerself in public !

      Bisping has beaten some of the top guys in the sport , give the man his due .

      You may not like him , you may not like his style but please quit being a poofter & acknowledge at least that its a fuckin damn tough sport & that the UFC has the very best in the sport on their fight cards !

      Jesus !!!

      “One is not amused … Off with their heads !… Let them Eat Cake ! ”

      Fuckin Yank Queens !

      • magoo says:

        + 1 and I don’t like Bisping

      • GET RID OF FITCH says:

        If it wasn’t for us yanks you pussy ass tea sippers would be speaking german. Brits depned on rest of world for every last thing in your life. Why is it evcery friggen Brit and theri brother first thing they do is migrate to USA. cause you live on rock. I wish FDR would have just listended to public an dnot saved your sorry ungratefull asses.

        • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

          if it wasnt for the brits we yanks wouldnt even exist.
          touche mother fucker

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Like the Welsh give a fuck if they are speaking a different Germanic Language than English , which isnt Celtic Welsh ?

          Like The Scots give a fuck if they arent speaking a different Germanic Language Than English , which isnt Celtic ??

          Fuckin dumb Yanks , yer so isolated over there all you deal with are third world immigrants that you think the whole world is according to your view .

          Fact is you are so far from your genetic Homeland you have become deluded because you dont have this common everyday interaction to keep you in touch with reality .

          America saved nobody from fuck all & nobody gives a fuck about America especially since you elected a political Token who doesnt know the difference between his ass & his Elbow & has lead the world into a financial melt down .

          Save yerself America , we cant afford to accept your Charity , you dumb cunts !

    • Xaninho says:

      He is underrated, he did beat Sonnen. He was robbed by the judges.

      • Bla DeBla says:

        He didnt beat Sonnen .

        The judges got it right like they usually do .

        The last time they got it horribly wrong was when they gave Ben Henderson a Title for surviving 5 rounds , landing just 2 hard shots per round & scoring 2 takedowns he done nothing from over 5 rounds against Frankie Edgar who hit him so often & bamboozled him with his movement that he made him look like a drunk swinging at shadows .

        That decision was a complete robbery .

        Frankie dictated the fight from start to finish .

        At worst , at the very very worst it was 48-47 to Edgar .

        Personally I had it 49-46 to Edgar .

        Akiyama pushed Shields closer than Henderson pushed Edgar & didnt get the decision on the same card .

        It was a political fix , Edgar needed to KO him just to get a draw .

        Politics !

        • CrAzyBK64 says:

          What are you talking about did you even see the fight, you must have eye problems, Bendo won almost every round in that fight i undrstand your a nut hugger and all but you have to give credit, it doesnt take to big shots to mess a face up like that. i think you got it wrong frankie did absoulutly nothing in that whole fight to even argue for a rematch, everytime i watch that fight that ass whipping gets worse, i understand your a fan of frankie but you have to admit frankie got beat, i gave frankie a spit edge on round 1 and after that every round to ben, frankie was winning the fifth until the flying knee and takedown. be a fan not a nut hugger give credit that guys a beast frankie just didnt do anything

        • Bla DeBla says:

          LOL !

          You fuckin muppet , watch it with no commentary & Edgar won every round …arguably .

          Henderson didnt bruise as easy as Edgar but its not a beauty contest & its a good job coz if it was Henderson would never have even gotten a title shot !

          From the 1’st bell to the last Frankie Edgar dictated that fight .

          He dictated when Henderson defended & he dictated where the fight took place .

          Frankie Edgar out struck him & made him swing at thin air like a drunken bum .

          Henderson swung hard but he swung at fresh air coz he couldnt cope with Edgars speed & movement .

          I dont even think Henderson did land clean 2 times per round in every round .

          Joe Rogan was squealing like an excited school girl with soggy panties every time Henderson made an effort but when are people going to acknowledge that Rogan is an inverted Racist prick who throws his panties at every black/coloured fighter he sees .

          If you dont believe me listen to his commentary during the 2’nd Fitch V Alves fight .

          Fitch beat the shit outa Alves but Rogan was putting Fitch down so bad he woulda been arrested for inciting a racial riot if he done it in reverse .

          Henderson done nothing to earn that title shot in the 1’st place .

          He won a few decisions but he hasnt paid his dues in the UFC , , Miller , Diaz , Guida & loads more are way ahead of Henderson in the pecking order .

          He was fast tracked to a title shot coz of his ethnicity & the possibility of hyping another good title fight with Pettis .

          Both co-incidentally Ethnic Minority’s …

          YAWN @ TOKENISM !!!

        • GET RID OF FITCH says:

          Yeah right NOONE in MMA other than Spitbing has gotten more gifts for decsions. Bendo kicked Frankies ass the entire fight. Frankie as usual took a ass whooping and his face looked like hamburger. Benod didn’t have a scracth on him. Bendo dictated the entire fight. al, frankie did was his usual pitter patter running away except he didn’t land shit the entire fight. You have got to be the biggest friggen TROLL ever Blah blah . I would bet anything you started watching MMA about a month ago. NOONE has a worse understanding of MMA than you do. You are ass backwards on everything. You are a discrace of a human being and even worse waste of oxygen. Does you MUMMY know you are are staying up late using her computer?

        • GET RID OF FITCH says:

          I think every MMA website scored the Edgar/ Bendo fight 4 rounds to 1 for Bendo. Frankie got the shit beat out of him as usual. NOONE has taken more brain damage in lessor time than Frankie Edgar. he has at least adozen concusions which is very serious. Frankie will have to retire within afew years. Whats even more sad is Bendo is going to throw down even a worse beating on him next time

        • Bla DeBla says:

          So basically what yer saying is because you dont think Edgar is your ideal handsome husband he should have lost his title ?

          Or that because you think its a beauty contest that Edgar should have lost ?

          Dont sit there & Parrot what Joe Rogan or other clueless idiots who never fought so much as 1 round in their lives say on MMA sites look at the fight with the volume down watch Henderson & the amount of shots he takes from Edgar & how little he lands in return , watch how he reacts to Edgar , how Edgar totally bamboozled him with speed & movement forcing him to swing hard & heavy looking for a Hail Mary to land & get him outa there .

          Henderson defended himself the best he could & landed a few decent heavy blows but didnt do enough to win a single round , just like on the same card Akiyama landed some nice shots & takedowns on Shields but Shields & Edgar out worked him & out struck them in every round & Edgar dictated the engagements from start to finish in every round . Henderson was reacting to Edgar from the first bell to the last bell , Edgar was the Champion & most definitely did not lose his title , no way did Henderson do even half enough to Take the title rom the Champion , it woulda been an outrage if he even got a draw .

          Stick to watching beauty contests coz anyone who knows anything about the fight game will tell you a nothing shot can cut you , a nothing shot can close an eye & 9 times outa 10 the shot you KO someone with feels like it landed with no power while yer opponent seems to be able to take yer very best most powerful shots , Fighting is a science not spectator sport .

          You are a fuckin slob Fitch , an Yank Pig Person … Consume Consume Consume … Gimme More More More … yer judging an actual genuine fight by fucking WWE pantomime standards .

          Youre a fuckin idiot .

          Frankie won 4 rounds , the 5’th could have been a draw but for charity’s sake I’ll give it to Henderson , who I dont disrespect as a fighter .

        • Bla DeBla says:

          I dont often do this so take note …

          I’m going to have to correct myself .

          Round 4 could possibly have been a draw not round 5 , Edgar clearly won round 5 , it wasnt until the last 10 seconds Henderson landed anything in round 5 .

          Round 2 could possibly have been a draw also but when in doubt the benefit has to go to the Champion , that is the unwritten rule of Fighting .

          Even if you give the possible drawn rounds to Henderson , which he most definitely did not do enough to cancel out Edgars dominance in , Edgar still won it clearly 3 rounds to 2 .

          If you were to be 100% fair Edgar won 3 rounds & there were 2 drawn rounds in which the challenger didnt do enough throughout the entire round to clearly be awarded it against a Champion who has more than paid his dues in the UFC .

          Dominating for one minute of a 5 round fight does not cancel out the other 4 minutes of you doing nothing but eating right hands from Frankie Edgar & posing like yer owed something .

          Edgar won that fight , its probably the biggest robbery in professional sport this past 10 years let alone in the UFC .

          The last time a fighter was robbed that badly was in Seoul in 88 when Roy Jones Jr was robbed out of a Gold Medal .

  9. Nick says:

    I’d love for Tim Boetsch to KO Mike, it just won’t happen. Well hopefully. He’s got like a 40% chance.

    • Bla DeBla says:

      He has got a chance but he looks for that uppercut way too early in his combinations & leaves himself open to heavy counters just like Couture used to expose himself by leaning over to land it … it was looking for that uppercut way too early in his combos that lost Randy his fight with big Nog .

      Bisping wouldnt be far from Amateur Champion standard in British & therefore European Boxing & I kno the guys at Wolfslair where he used to train are big on boxing .

      Boetsch would need to tidy right up & quick coz if he tries to lean over & lead with a back hand uppercut against Bisping he might not see the end of the 1’st round .

      If Boetsch is going to beat Bisping he is going to have to take him to the ground and Pound .

      Plain & Simple .

      Better Fighters than Boetsch have tried that on Bisping & have Failed .

      He is really going to have to step it up for this one .

  10. Bla DeBla says:

    See Bispings picture up there above ?

    Well I know where they got it from .

    Coz I just looked up the term “Smug English Bastard” in the Dictionary & that picture was there .

  11. Dan the Lobstertail says:

    He beat sonen, the best wrestler in that weight devision. He’ll out box and out class TB. The only chance TB has is a “lucky” KO punch

  12. Jb says:

    Bla your a fucking tool bag….I love how people distorts someone else’s opinion into a “talk shit” session. First stop, bis will never be champ. He’s not good enough, he hasn’t finished anyone really and looked horrible against Chael/mayhem. Do that’s what champions are made of you fuck tard???? Anything you say is negated by the Hendo falcon punch and your Limey fighter will only be remembered for that. Mark it down

    • Bla DeBla says:

      He might be remembered for that in your household but you are so fuckin stupid your own family doesnt even respect your opinion .

      Win lose or draw Bisping is a credible top 5 opponent , nobody in the fight business disrespects him not even Dan Henderson who admits he doesnt like him but does respect him as an opponent .

  13. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I wasn’t impressed with Tim in his last fight. Okami whooped his ass and Tim got lucky. I have Bisping winning by….Wait for it…. Another decision.

  14. GJJFan says:

    PLEASE stop with a “With a win over (insert lower level fighter here), does Tim Boestch deserve a shot at the title?” MAN that is OLD! He’s NOT fought anybody of true worth yet. Okami almost handed Boestch his ASS, (said in best vein of a Chael Sonnen fan lol) and he got a knockout over a gassed fighter. He needs at LEAST THREE solid wins against TOP RANKED (ie: 1 top ten and 2 top 5) fighters BEFORE he should even be THOUGHT OF as a title contender!! How much of an insult is that to Chael, Mark Muno, or Vitor Belfort??? And I am not even a fan of Sonnen but at LEAST he EARNED the right by beating Stann and Bisping. Hell, his talk helped him but so did his perfomances. Tim Boetsch’s last 3 wins were against; Kendall Grove, Nick Ring, and Yushin Okami. HOW he ranked up to #7 on your MMA middleweight list, I’ll not understand! His ONLY win against ANY Top Ten ranked opponent, was against Yushin Okami. Even as Light-Heavy, he lost against anyone with rank in the Top Ten systems. Seriously, I would rather see another fighter go for the title. Give him Bisping, IF he wins, give him Munoz OR Vitor Belfort, THEN talk about a title shot. I know Anderson Silva has almost wiped out the entire middleweight division but at LEAST make people fight their way up. Otherwise, the rankings system looks like a COMPLETE farce! My $0.02. NEXT! LOL

  15. UFC VIDEOS says:

    Boetsch is working his way up the ranks, respect.

  16. ya herd says:

    he beat okami witch was ranked number 3 in the division of course he deserves a top 5 fighter. if bisping wins he should get the next title shot, why? he was on a 4 fight win streak until he got robbed, the way he beat mayhem and the way bisping mixed up his shots to the body bisping made him gas dont say he wasnt in good shape of course he was! and also the way he fought chael sonnen witch nobody in the ufc has been able to fight the guy that good.

  17. whaaattheeffff says:

    It’s annoying how so many people say others dont know anything about fighting just because their opinion is different. Wow…

  18. nick says:

    I think Vitor should get the next title shot if he beats the Axe Murderer. I still think Vitor vs. Anderson Silva would be an awesome fight and that front kick ko robbed me of my dream fight. Hoping for a rematch, but I can see how that’s a hard sell after Belfort got kicked in the face.

  19. Brett says:

    Botch Needs To Be Agressive Thats How Bisping Struggles

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