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Tuesday, 05/28/2013, 11:24 am

Michael Bisping Responds to Luke Rockhold’s Challenge


Less than an hour after UFC middleweight, Luke Rockhold, called out Michael Bisping via his official Twitter account, fellow middleweight, Michael Bisping, has responded.

Bisping was quick to respond, asking Rockhold to win at least one fight in the UFC before they start talking about a fight between them, effectively putting an end to fight negotiations, although if the UFC wants to see this fight happen, don’t be surprised if we see it pop up on a fight card later this year.

Rockhold lost his UFC debut to Vitor Belfort on May 18th at UFC on FX 8.

As for Bisping, he won his last bout against Alan Belcher at UFC 159.

Here is the response that Bisping posted earlier today:

Bisping surely wasn’t giving friendly advice and it would seem as though he wants an opponent who is coming off of a win. (perhaps Costa Philippou)


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37 Responses to “Michael Bisping Responds to Luke Rockhold’s Challenge”

  1. Big Daddy says:

    What a bitch move! It’s not like bisping is next in line for anything. What a puss or should I say wanker!

  2. KIDD433 says:

    U know how the UFC babys Bisping.He’ll win one more fight to some can and the UFC will say he’s top contender.He should man up and accept.Rockhold was Strikeforce champ.Their’s no excuses,Bisping is just being a bitch.Did u know he used to play for the London Silly Nannies?

  3. ya herd says:

    remeber use saying bising was going to get owned by mayhem, sonnen, stann, belcher well he beat all there asses u idiots, he 1 of the top middleweights out there, he would destroy munoz hamil kod munoz, he would beat okami him and weidman would be a good fight hes a top 5 middleweight fact! and hes a clean fighter too no Steriod or TrT abuse ever!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. JJ says:

    Rockhold doesn’t deserve to fight Bisping who has been a top 5 MW for god knows how long now. Luke needs to fight Ace next and maybe if he beats him them he can start asking for fights.

  5. 123 says:

    Bisping vs Lombard.. winner fights Belfort

  6. Sean says:

    uh oh…. looks like good ol is having issues with handing out people’s email accounts…. im not sean but for some reason i have his comment info already entered!

  7. 757 says:

    Bisping isn’t in a position to make demands. Sorry he lost to Sonnen also ….ya herd. I’m not a Sonnen fan so I don’t want to get into that but the “W” went to Sonnen. Bisping has also lost every single one of the “next in line” fights he was ever gifted by daddy Dana. He should be glad to have a fight after losing to all of the top names to include getting his head dented by Hendo, Vitor, losing to Sonnen, dam near being rendered knocked out by the axe murderer(watch the end of that fight) stealing a fight from Hamil (bullshit decision)getting another gift in the fight with Rashad….so yeah he needs to take the fight. BTW Rockhold is not my favorite either but Bisping knows he will get worked so he’s afraid. Maybe he should fight Mayhem again or Lombard. Truthfully that’s about his speed. Costas P will bust him up……ya herd….what stupid mother fucker

  8. 757 says:

    Oh yeah asshole he is a real clean fighter …..he spits on people, illegally knees people, and publicly insults people on a routine basis, and in the TUF show he kicked Hamil in the head and basically ended his run on the show in a 50% sparring session because Hamil was wrestling to hard. You also need to get your facts straight. He has pillow hands and a glass jaw. Classless ! That’s right now go get another screen name or pretend you me on a comment because you are a stupid ass. Better yet stop commenting….ya herd

  9. ya herd says:

    bisping clearly won round 1 and 2 against silva, he nearly kod silva in round 1 silva had to go to hospital after the fight! evans fight was close do u call trying to hump somebody and not landing 1 strike on him makes evans the winner dont think so he got worked on his feet just like, belcher, stann, akiyamma, mayhem, kang, and sonnnen did

  10. ya herd says:

    The only thing people have on bisping is the ability to knock people out cold… he one of the most well rounded fighters today he never gets hit when he on his back got some of the best defence bjj i have seen hes never been submitted only been stopped 2 times in his life against 2 pound for pound greats.. tell me when has a bum ever beat him??? im waiting! thats right 757 no bum has and ever will only the elite can, yeah u say he hasnt got the W over a elite fighter, well hes beat all the rest do u here fighters saying bisping is garbage no u dont they all say he one of the best hes good fighter he is… and u stupid fatty 757 hes a clean figher tell me wen has he failed drug test or used TRT: im done with u 757 u clearly just started watching this sport when ur wank bank boy came here bock leasnar, u dont no shit now wipe that shit from your mouth son!

  11. KIDD433 says:

    757+2 Ya herd+0

  12. paradox says:

    757 you call the hamil decision bs and try to deny the sonnen decision was one of the biggest robberies in mma history lol. Ye im sure the fact everything was riding on chael to win that fight giving us the rematch with silva had anything to do with it. Sonnen even agreed with bisping that he thought mike beat him 2 rounds to 1. Biased much?

  13. 123 says:

    757 u seem like a right prick

  14. 757 says:

    Ya turd ….watch the Silva fight again. He was almost choked out early….watch his face saved by the bell, and he was tko’d at the last horn. Hamil decision was bullshit. He did loose to Sonnen who BTW has lost everyone of his big fights also….did you also call me a fatty…..really! Wow nice one. BTW I have been watching a long time and long enough to see your boy lose all of his big fights ha ha. Again you say he is so well rounded well I beg to differ. Knocking people out and hitting hard is important. You say he doesn’t get hit, well he has been on the UFC highlight reel getting his head dented twice….maybe you have had your head dented that’s why you can’t see it. For the record I didn’t say garbage I said he is not in a position to make demands…and truely he isn’t. Wow ….a fatty that’s a good one.

  15. ya herd says:

    anyway……ZZzZzZ u bore me 757… hes a top 5 middleweigh enough said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can u not read i said he never gets hits when hes on his back got some of the best bjj defence cant u read u retard.. u say hes not well rounded because he cant knock people out thats the most stupid thing i have seen on here what a idiot.. gsp, griffin, ect couldnt knock people out they where champs

    • 757 says:

      Ha Ha you asshole . I read as good as you write you illiterate asshole. And sorry dick head he needs to go fight b level fighters because he lost to all of the big boys. You need to check your facts bfore you call people retards. You need to quit making two and three different names up so it looks like people are backing up what you say. You fucking bore me you little 10th grade faggot. Your punctuation and grammar suck and you are calling other people retards. BTW your the one that called Vitor and Hendo out for using TRT now your calling them pound for pound greats you stupid motherfucker. He doesn’t get tapped he gets knocked out you idiot. Go back to xbox and please only use one name you little weird mother fucker.

  16. Dan Foulkes says:

    I’m a Bisping fan and don’t really give a toss what you haters think, We all know he’s not world class but he puts a show on and hypes a fight up and goes out there and scraps. That’s all you need in a fighter UFC might cover him Cotten wool but I’m sure his record says a different, he’s fought any one the UFC have gave him and never been suspended for any reason in all the years he’s fought. If he was a yank it be a different story. Come On Bisping

  17. Danielfoulkes says:

    757 what are you on I think you must have caught bisping on a highlight reel denting you mother or something, Yes I think he was lucky against Hamil I was there and I think everyone knows it 2. But everyone has they’re right on saying what they think as you do and bisping does, So just chill out you first-class bellend ohhh and I do.

    • 757 says:

      Leave my mom out of it she passed away. If I knew who you were and we were together in the same room I would bust your mouth for that comment. You don’t like my comments about your opinion or fighter then bust on me but leave that other shit out. That’s a punk bitch move and comment. If that’s all you can say then you have lost the argument already

  18. 757 says:

    Agreed actually. He is a gamer but not elite like turd boy ya herd says. If you check the top rankings he is at 4 but Jacre, Rockhold and Phillipo are all below him. I think they can beat him. Besides that turd boy ya herd lost the point of the conversation. I said he is not in a position to make demands. He needs to fight people who want to fight him because his stock is going down let’s be honest. He has lost every fight for the #1 spot that he has been handed. He is a gamer but if your being honest and not swinging on his dick like ya herd then you will admitt that he can’t hit or take a punch like the elite.

  19. paradox says:

    757 is obviously just q fanboy of somekind even sonnen agreed he lost the fight with bisping! Those words came straight from the horses mouth at the post fight and to bispings face as the decision was being delivered.What fight was gonna make more ppv’s ? Sonnen silva 2 at that point was the most awaited rematch in ufc history anyone who denies that decision was pure horeshit is just biased or dumb,757 falls into both categories me thinks

  20. 757 says:

    Hey dick!! you missed the point too…What a big mouth ass hole dumb ass!! The entire point to the conversation was not even Sonnen….go back to the first comment. The point of the conversation was that Bisping is in no way in a position to make demands. I know that was a long time ago for you to have read the first comment but put down your comic book and go back and read my first comment. You fucking idiot!! Nice comment you really do look stupid. Quit trying to jump in or maybe your the same guy. Either way who cares. I’m out of this fucking site. This entire site is filled with little grade school mentality people and dumb asses like yourself. WORDS OF WISDOM FOR YOU ARE READING COMPREHENSION.

  21. Dolce says:

    I’m not sure why you’re saying Bisping has no right to make demands. Surely by the same token nor does Rockhold! Why is it any different? Bisping is by no means the best of the best but he’s a good fighter. To be honest with the Belfort fight I thought he looked nervous as hell & it affected his performance. Think the worst thing for Bisping was Dana telling him if he beat Belfort he had a title shot. Would have fought better not knowing that beforehand. Just my opinion anyway.

  22. 757 says:

    Could be right. I didn’t say that Rockhold does have the right. I just said that Bisping isn’t in the position to make demands. Nothing about Rockhold’s ability to or not to. My original comment said only that. With that said you could be correct but I didn’t say that Rockhold could.

  23. ya herd says:

    u also said in your first comment biping is afraid to fight luke because he would get worked! hahahaha lmao,, dumb asd bisping has been in with the best and scariest guys on the planet.. sure he afraid of a guy called luke, i say again your the retard 757

    • 757 says:

      You say that because you never have to worry about seeing me or talking with me in person….You pussy you are real big and bad behind your computer you little grade school faggot. I could only hope to meet up with you some day ….but then again you would have to leave your house….pussy punks shouldn’t be permitted on the web site. BTW what else do you call it when a guy ranked below you wants to fight and you won’t….pussy just like you know wonder your on his nut sack. Fuck off dork

  24. 757 says:

    Hey turd ass is spelled ass not asd ….who is the retard you complete fuck up….get a life

  25. 757 says:

    Went out last night and got totally trashed! Woke up this moring with a sore head and a sore ahole! Also i have blood in my pants,should i get myself checked?

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