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Tuesday, 01/15/2013, 08:20 am

Michael Bisping: “I’m destined to be world champion” | UFC NEWS

“No, absolutely not. Listen, I haven’t fought for the title yet and I think I’m destined to be world champion one day. No one works as hard as me. I’ve got the skill set, I’ve got the tools, and I’ve got the mental capacity to achieve that. You know, the mental toughens that’s required. I got all the ingredients. Maybe in the past I wasn’t ready. Now I feel ready. The fact that I’ve built myself back up, I got myself in the position again, I think it’s a testament to my mental toughness and my desire to win and continue. I’ve been in the UFC for seven years and God forbid this doesn’t go my way Saturday night, I’m not going away. I’m not going away that easily. I’ll go away, I’ll build myself back up and I’ll be back in this division again and I will win. But right now, I’m not even thinking about that. I’m very confident. If Vitor beats me Saturday night you will hear no excuses from me. He will beat the best version of me right now and he’s one hell of a fighter. But, I truly believe I’m going to do it. It’s going to be tough.”

While on a recent episode of “The MMA Hour” Michael Bisping talked about destiny, his mental toughness and what it takes to be the champ.


17 Responses to “Michael Bisping: “I’m destined to be world champion” | UFC NEWS”

  1. TowerPower says:

    I like how he thinks he trains harder then everyone else. There are alot of fighters who train there tails off. I cant wait to see him punched in the mouth.

  2. Zack says:

    He’s one of the better point fighters in the ufc but he has no chin.

  3. Rennox says:

    the guys a grafter with a serious engine true british bulldog hope he does it !!

  4. Big Lou says:

    Really this guy was Dana Pawn to England guy’s a douch bag he will never be a champ

  5. 123 says:

    you people sound like a bunch of women, always hating for some unknown reason, calm down.

  6. HelpMeRhonda says:

    He’s destined to take a dump someday, it doesn’t mean it’s gonna be his last.

  7. tony montana says:

    He want’s no part of Silva…I bet he is hoping Silva retires soon so he won’t have to fight him…he will get knocked out on saturday…

  8. Craig says:

    First Bisping is a good fighter he has yet again landed in close to another title fight the man keeps coming back and never gives up the dedication and hard work that goes into stuff like this is worth some credit and respect.

    Also he lost the Sonnen fight that many thought he won and also many people didn’t believe he could even hang in there with Sonnen.

    Anderson Silva is a unique fighter but the way Bisping moves around in the cage and his head movement, stamina, speed, accuracy may just be a challenge for Silva I can see him being able to take Silva down a few times at least and also being better up against the cage leaning in Silva and tiring him out. But you never know Silva is so unique you never know what he is going to do it will however be a decent fight and Bisping will earn the respect he deserves from it if he can get passed Vitor.

  9. Chad N says:

    He has 0 chance against Silva, as much as I want to see Silva beat, Bisping is not even in the same class. Against Vitor… He may make it through the 1st, but he will go down in the 2nd.

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