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Thursday, 06/06/2013, 06:41 am

Michael Bisping Eyes Bout with Cung Le After Eye Heals

In a strange twist, UFC middleweight Michael Bisping was recently told that his recent bout with blurry vision was due to a detached retina in his eye. I call this a strange twist because Bisping’s last fight with Alan Belcher at UFC 159, was called short after an unintentional eye-poke to Belcher forced the referee to call the fight, sending it to the judge’s scorecards late in the third and final round.

UFC Tonight’s Ariel Helwani discussed Bisping’s next steps in his career:

“After the fight against Alan Belcher, Michael Bisping completely lost all peripheral vision in his right eye. He went to see an eye on doctor on Tuesday and he found out that he had a detached retina. On Thursday, he had surgery to fix the detached retina. He’s hoping to return to the UFC in October.”

Now, with corrective eye surgery looming, Bisping has called on his next opponent in Cung Le among a huge list of fighters who have publicly called Bisping out:

“Luke Rockhold, Costa Philippou, and Cung Le have all called Bisping out. Michael told me the guy who interests him most is Cung Le. He’s not interested in fighting Luke Rockhold and told him to go out and win at least one fight in the UFC before he talks to him.”

 Nothing has been set in stone and Bisping will most likely be given the fight he desires from that pool as he is a mainstay in the UFC coming off of a loss over a fellow top-ten middleweight.
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0 Responses to “Michael Bisping Eyes Bout with Cung Le After Eye Heals”

  1. MMACRAVER says:

    Of all the people that called him out.

    On paper, Cung Le is probably the safest opponent for Bisping to have chosen.

    Should be really entertaining though, Cung at least has a good chance.

  2. 757 says:

    Who cares about big mouth. Cung will knock his ass out. He may leave that fight with the other injured when his head get’s kicked into the third row. Bad match for mighty mouth Bitchping

  3. TwistofCain says:

    The eye-rony of this headline title.

  4. Daniel Foulkes says:

    Bisping will beat cung lee with that eye patch on, No worrys and you knows itt! COME ON BISPING.

  5. this guy AGAIN?!? says:

    FK Bitchting… That is all

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