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Monday, 08/26/2013, 03:10 pm

Michael Bisping Claims He Could Have Easily Knocked Out Anderson Silva

The final moments of UFC 162 is still looping on repeat in a lot of people’s minds. Chris Weidman was given the support by many professional fighters, but still, walking into the event nobody would dare place an intelligent bet against Anderson Silva. After Silva was down on his back, looking up at the lights, everyone in the arena was speechless. Rogan, Goldy, and the fans in attendance were just as surprised as anybody else that Chris Weidman had just knocked out “The Spider”.

Except Michael Bisping. According to him, he could have dethroned Anderson Silva just as easy. In a recent interview with MMA Weekly, Bisping shared his thoughts on the UFC 162 main-event.

“Obviously it would always be a dream of mine to fight Anderson Silva and be the guy to take the title, of course. Yeah I was a little disappointed and I’m not taking anything away from his win, but we all know Anderson Silva was acting like an idiot and he got knocked out. It would have been nice to be the guy that did it, so congratulations to Chris, he’s the new champion and certainly a formidable force at middleweight, but yeah, it stinks a little. I could have done that. I could have easily done that.”

Michael Bisping will be stepping into the octagon in October to face Mark Munoz. The two middleweights are set to main event “UFC Fight Night”, and if the stars align, Bisping may still be able to still get his hands on Silva if he walks away with a victory.


0 Responses to “Michael Bisping Claims He Could Have Easily Knocked Out Anderson Silva”

  1. UFC 84 Forever says:

    Taken a little out of context. He’s saying he could knockout an Anderson Silva that was acting more a fool than ever.

    The position Silva put himself in what the dancing literally miliseconds before the KO punch was literally setting himself up for the KO.

    Hope Weidman defends, but at this point I won’t hold my breath.

  2. Nate "THE ROID CHEAT"marquardt says:

    Bisping couldn’t KO a 5 year old little girl. All Bisping is a pillow fisted ,pitter patter, point fighting back peddling yellow tooth Brit who can’t beat any of the best fighters in the world.

    fist_pillow-r1caf498e350a46ba979d071fe55cda3d_2izwx_8byvr_324 (4)

  3. Keoni says:

    Jorge “el conquistador”Rivera is a five yr old girl? Common, is bis ping a one punch ko guy, nope! But pillow fist? Nah, he is a hard nose guy and has heart… Win or lose if a guy puts his self on the line why r you nocking him? In Japan I watched a few pride fights and it’s amazing how respect is given to all who step up win lose or draw… In the states ur number one or suck… I hope that u can appreciate that even if u hate someone, ie. bis ping give the guy some props brah! What is bj Penns finish ratio? What is Matt hughes finish ratio? What is Jose aldos finish ratio? I’m talkin UFC … These guys r all warriors, love m or hate em …

    • Sonnen and Marquardt "ROID CHEATS" says:

      Only reason Bisping TKO’d Rivera was he ILLEGALLY KNEED him while he was down. Bisping CHEAP SHOT artist who is overrated backpeddler

      EVERYONE needs to watch Hamill/Bisping to refresh their memories of the most OBVIOUS FIXED decision in UFC history

  4. 123 says:

    Well said mate, America & Brazil have the worst fans in the world.. Alot of Americas are disrespectful pricks & Brazilians just chant “i hope you die”.. freaks.

  5. 123 says:

    America & Brazil have the best MMA fighters in the world, but the worst fans.

  6. Nate "THE ROID CHEAT" marquardt says:

    123 you need go because I can hear your MUMMY calling

  7. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    If Weidman could do it with the way he throws punches than i see no reason why Bisping couldn’t have done the same in that situation.
    It was just one bad split-second decision by Silva which ended in Weidman luckily landing one of the 20 ridiculous punches thrown and missed in that flurry.

    • magoo says:

      That’s comical, no one else has been able to do Silva what Weidman has. Now everyone’s gonna chime up and say they could have done it ….smh. Bottom line is Weidman hits hard that’s why he was able to knock Anderson the fukc out!

      • Josh says:

        what exactly did wideman do? hit a guy that was standing right in front of him with his hands down at his waist, asking to be hit? christ, i could prop my dead grandmother up and move her arms around and knock him out the same way.

        nothing bisping said is out of the question.

        like the dutchman said, wideman was just winging punches and one of them happened to land. any ufc fighter could have done that, given that exact same scenario. if you don’t think that bisping could have, you must be pretty clueless.

        • Dddddddd says:

          Did you just disrespect your dead grandma? That’s why you don’t understand the significance of knockin out a man that has been suckcessful(on purpose spelling)with a disrespectful technique. That’s what happens to a pompous as$ that thinks Brazil deserves all the credit for the evolution of MMA. Do you know how many times Weidman has kod other fighters with that hook? No you don’t. You know how to disrespect your Grandma and that ties into Anderson’s style.
          Anderson’s a monster and I wouldn’t deny it like you do a man with a flawless record. Weidman doesn’t have the upper body movement and groove that Anderson has so people have a hard time recognizing his good technique. I’m not gonna guarantee Weidman to win. I’m not blind to the possibilities of an MMA fight with two of the best in the world.
          But next time you prop up your poor dead grandma see if you can get some wisdom from her instead of knockin her out.

  8. 757 says:

    123 and whomever else want to say things about the American and Brazilian fans just stop watching. Your little Bitch ass golden boy Bitchping can’t knock anyone out and has a glass Jaw.

  9. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    I don’t like the ‘USA’ chanting American fans. Whenever there is an American fighting someone with another nationality those morons start chanting that. It’s two individuals, there is no place for patriotism in MMA unless it becomes an Olympic sport.
    Having that said I disagree with 123 if he insinuates that the British fans are any better cause on more than one occassion the British ‘fans’ have spit on foreign fighters. And that is disgusting and the most disrespectful act possible.
    I guess any nationality has bad fans. We just have to live with it.

  10. michaelbispingsmom says:

    Michael bisping, as your mum you should just try beating vitor bisping before even thinking of having a chance at silva, sorry son but Anderson silva would knock you out michael!

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