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Friday, 01/04/2013, 10:22 am

Michael Bisping blasts ‘simpletons’ Alan Belcher and Tim Boetsch for UFC 155 losses | UFC News

Just prior to the biggest fight of his career against Vitor Belfort at UFC on FX 7 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, set for January 19th, Michael Bisping took a few moments to reflect on the UFC 155 performances of fellow middleweights Alan Belcher and Tim Boetsch.

Alan ‘The Talent’ Belcher had verbally thrashed Bisping in 2012 calling ‘The Count’ a “point-fighting, disrespectful asshole” who he would love to fight on short notice so he could “whoop his butt.”

Meanwhile, Tim Boetsch had gone on record as stating that Bisping was on his ‘2012 agenda’ and that even though he thought Mike was a good self-promoter, he would beat him up and all others to prove that he was the middleweight divisions true #1 contender.

Both Boetsch and Belcher fought on this past weekends UFC 155 card in Las Vegas, Nevada. Belcher dropped a lopsided decision to Yushin Okami, while “The Barbarian” was stopped in the third round by Constantinos Philippou.

Bisping gave his opinion of both men and their performances during a UFC on FX 7 blog for Yahoo!

Here is what “The Count” had to say:

 “I’d like to say I’m looking forward to these two simpletons keeping their pie holes shut about me for a little while,” Bisping stated“Those two have been calling me out and talking crap for months, and I would have got some real enjoyment beating them in the Octagon, but two no-marks [Okami and Philippou] took that glory.”

“Belcher lost every minute of every round in a fight so boring I was afraid my brain was going to melt and start to dribble out of my ears,” he said. “It was like someone detonated a nuclear bomb of boredom in the arena — everyone in the seats around me was playing Angry Birds.

“What delusions of grandeur Belcher has,” Bisping continued to pile on.“This is a guy who didn’t fight for a year after giving himself career-threatening eye-strain by watching too much Internet porn, and he thinks he’s god’s gift to MMA…. This is a guy who got his arse kicked by two guys I smashed (Yoshihiro Akiyama and Jason Day), but he thinks he cannot only beat me on a couple weeks’ training, but also assumed he was getting passed Okami, who is not to be underestimated. Anyway, now we don’t have to listen to this guy anymore. Back to the undercard, sunshine!”

 “Hit me up on Twitter @bisping, as ever, Hendo gifs are welcome,” Bisping said to close out his Yahoo!

If Bisping is victorious at UFC on FX 7 against Vitor Belfort, “The Count” will get a shot at middleweight king Anderson Silva. This is not the first time that Bisping has been in this situation, as he lost a previous #1 contender match to Chael Sonnen respectively. But this time, Bisping vows to “get it done,” and seize the opportunity that is in front of him.

What do you think Penn nation, will Bisping rise to the occasion and pull off the win against Vitor Belfort?



26 Responses to “Michael Bisping blasts ‘simpletons’ Alan Belcher and Tim Boetsch for UFC 155 losses | UFC News”

  1. yon says:

    belfort is gonna kill him…

  2. Logan says:

    Bisping will get it done. He has good submission defense and top game. His wrestling has greatly improved as well. Bisping will take Belfort down in the first round and damage him and wear him out then finish him in the second or third round. Lets not forget that at one time Bisping said that his favorite submission was the Americana. Id look for him to try and surprise Belfort with a submission win late in the fight.

  3. Russian Samurai says:

    Logan, are you retarded??? Bisping finished 2 terrible fighters in Miller and Rivera in the last 2 years, and in a pathetic fashion. He is NOT finishing Belfort. Take BELFORT down? The guy that almost submitted Bones, and one of the physically strongest if not the strongest fighters at middleweight? Oh, get out of here!
    Oh, he claimed his favorite submission is Americana? Well, no wonder he submits people with the time! Oh… wait…

    • dogfart says:

      no, you are retarded. bones still makes silly mistakes and got caught with his arm on the mat which is lesson one bjj.
      bisping is a vet in the cage and has a shit ton more experience than bones.
      will bisping knock vitor out? very much doubt it but he will beat him every round on points and it will not be a boring fight.
      remember this guy all but won the fight with chael sonnen who is good with subs and wrestling

  4. DerpMagurk says:

    Hate on Bisping all you want, this shit is funny as hell.

  5. Anf says:

    Bisping all the way, everyone counts him out as he doesnt have a great chin, but he is on top of his game atm, so good luck Bisping and show all the haters what your made of, peace out from Scunny in England

  6. Buffalo says:

    I hope bisbing gets his bisbell rung. Talks too much trash for my taste. I know that part of hyping the fight, but that arrogance just rubs me the wrong way. Vitor has the experience, I just hope he brings his A game. Either way, gonna be a good fight

  7. rouge says:

    I hate bisping & everything he stands for I hate his stupid accent & he thinks he God gift to mma vitor is gone to destory this bum belfort hand speed will be to much for bis its gone be just like the hendo fight

  8. Noway! says:

    Im not a fan of Bisbing but he’s taking this fight. he’s improved greatly and has the tools I never would imagine he would gain to be a great fighter. His douchey attitude blows but I think hes taking Belfort by decision.

  9. sal says:

    I use to hate M.B, only beat down I remeber was from Hendo, He takes on all fighters, If by some chance he beats Vitor, he should get props he deserves. Arogance is like comedy in sports. Look at Segal!

  10. Herman says:

    Okami would tool Bisping so bad…

  11. Bramzz says:

    Stop hating u fools! Hes just paying back belcher for his smack talk, Bisping is just joking around i dont know why people take him so seriously! Either way Hes gonna woop vitor and you hater can eat your words!

  12. CAKid says:

    He’s sort of right, Boetsch is all power no skill the other guy well who is he? If he beats Vitor deserves a title eliminator match with Fabor. If he doesn’t it’s Fabor vs. Silva.

  13. JonFitch_has_BEASTBLOOD says:

    Bisping was being a douche with those comments. I don’t know, maybe it’s british sense of humor. I’ve notice brits often cross the line between just joking around and being seriously insulting, I’m nto saying all are like that, just that I’ve seen it happen a lot.

    I still like Bisping but I still don’t see how he can beat Vitor. Honestly, this isn’t a fight Bisping can win but it is a fight Vitor can lose. Unless Vitor performs terribly, and I mean terribly, I just don’t see any way in hell Bisping wins. Bisping is counting on surviving the first 2 rounds and Vitor being gassed in the 3rd, it’s not gonna happen. Vitor’s cardio has been good the last few years and as the Jones fight obviously proved, Vitor is one tough motherfucker. There’s nothing Bisping can do to stop Vitor

  14. sandman1875 says:

    Still dont get all the hate towards Bisping, he is rarely disrespectful and usually hilarious…. think the Yanks just need a lesson on humour!

    Other than the Hendo fight and possibly the Hamill decision he could quite easily(and probably should) have been given the decisions against Evans, Wandy and Sonnen so I think if he get through Belfort in his home country then he more than justifies his shot at Silva.

    • Time To Wrestle says:

      First of all Mate, we are AMERICANS, not Yanks. Show some respect, if it weren’t for us AMERICANS, you Brits would be talking German right now.

      Now that we got that straight dude, I have to agree with you, Spitsbing is awesome, Not as good as Sonnen, but he is good at selling fights. More money for him. Bisping rarely starts the shit, but he definitely will give it back.

      Finally, Vitor has a punchers chance, but beyond that Bisping puts him out. He’s too good for Vitor. I have personally wrestled with him and he is getting really good. He will plant Vitor and take his hands from him and just gnp his ass, then he will out box him and knocked him out by the third.

  15. blah says:

    Bisping does a great job promoting himself and capitalizing on the moment. Dont blame him much for talking trash on belcher and comp because they all keep him relevant by calling him out constantly. As for the fight with belfort, I dont see him surviving a blitz from belfort or dominating him on the ground like some think. His way to win is to have a fight similar to diaz condit, and keep that chin down. that isnt to say he cant win. Bisping is a talented guy who has an alleged week chin but aside from hendo who has knocked him out? Ive seen him rocked a few times but that can happen to anyone

  16. crippler says:

    I’m almost sorry to say that, but, he’s right

  17. Kenny powers says:

    I love Vitor, and bispings just funny as hell. I say Vitor rocks him in the first round, but mike takes the decision.

  18. Magoo says:

    I can’t stand Bisping…but really I had my sights set high on Belcher, and Okami schooled him! I can’t fault him for what he said its the truth!

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