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Monday, 01/06/2014, 07:49 am

Bisping: Vitor Has Been ‘Massively Successful Since He’s Been On TRT’

Perennial middleweight contender, Michael “The Count” Bisping (24-5 MMA, 14-5 UFC), recently spoke with Bloodyelbow, where he shared his thoughts on Vitor Belfort fighting for the UFC’s 185-pound title in Las Vegas.

Here is what “The Count” had to say:

I don’t really know what the commission bases those exemptions on, so I don’t know if that previous positive test precludes a TUE forever, or if there’s a certain time period that may have passed. I don’t have those details, but I’m sure he’s definitely going to try to get that exemption. You just can’t deny the fact that he’s been massively successful since he’s been on TRT. If he wants to maintain that success, I’m sure he’ll apply for an exemption certificate.

I’m sure he’ll do everything by the book. It has to be for the UFC. Will he get one? I don’t know. I’m not Keith Kizer. I will be watching very closely, to see how this whole thing unfolds. Will it affect him? Definitely. He hasn’t fought outside of Brazil for a while now.

The thing is, coming off TRT for one fight isn’t really going to make that much of a difference, because he’s still going to have that excess muscle mass. He’ll still be able to have that to his benefit, and those elevated levels early on in his training camp. Coming off it for one fight isn’t going to kill that, especially if he eats right and trains hard. It’s a bit of an unfair advantage.

I still want to fight him again, but I want to fight him clean, and long enough for the testosterone levels to come down to normal or what they should be for a man his age. I would imagine that takes about six months to a year, but again, I’m not a physician, so I don’t know the exact details of all that.

If the NSAC says he can’t have the exemption, they need to get him tested right now, and test him repeatedly, the same way they did with Barnett and Browne, all the way up to fight night. If they don’t do that, and just test him the day of the fight, he’ll just use the stuff up until three or four weeks before the fight, and then stop to get his levels down again. For Chris Weidman, who is a clean fighter, to have to come in against a guy with an unfair advantage, that’s just not right.

Do you agree with the remarks made by Bisping? Let’s hear it Penn Nation!


9 Responses to “Bisping: Vitor Has Been ‘Massively Successful Since He’s Been On TRT’”

  1. Revel8tions says:

    Sounds like people are making excuses already. I think if he fails the test (overloads) then he doesn’t deserve the fight; however, that’s why there are level restrictions. The level restrictions are to make the playing filed EVEN. Not to un-level the field. What’s going to happen in the next 5 years is that older fighters will once again take over. The athletic advantage of being young won’t matter due to TRT. It will then be who’s the better fighter or more importantly– who has the most experience. I am tired of young fighters crying because they are losing the edge of youth. Deal with it! The old dogs have still got bite! lol

    • Dennis Ipenburg says:

      Yes, but now “the old dogs” can only bite back with the needle. Should they really need their edge back by cheating not only the sport, but also nature?

      What’s next? Cyclists over a certain age can pump themselves full with EPO? Sprinters over a certain age can pump themselves full with anabolic steroids? Of course not…

      Getting older is natural. Lower testosterone levels because of aging is natural. If you then need the help of the needle to ‘keep up’ with the young guns, you have no business being a top athlete/fighter anymore. Simple as that…

      • JV says:

        Dennis, it isn’t like they are doing this illegally. This is sanctioned and legal. So to answer your questions, if sprinters were allowed to use steroids by their sanctioning bodies, then yes…they would be. Your logic is flawed, but I do agree with your point to an extent. I believe TRT use is both abused and unfair, but again….they say it is legal, for now. It is no secret Vitor, or others have been and will use TRT, so instead of crying now, maybe they should have refused the fight on those grounds and actually taken a stand against it. It absolutely sounds like they are making excuses for a loss already.

        • Dennis Ipenburg says:

          Whether it’s legal depends on which glass you look through. Belfort has been fighting out of Brazil for the last 2 years, not by coincidence. And even then, they apply under grey and questionable circumstances. When Hendo for example, fought in Brazil vs Belfort, his TRT treatment got approved. He applied for the same treatment in his next fight in the US but withdrew the application because “it didn’t look as if they would approve it”

          It doesn’t sound like they are making an excuse for it at all. Last time I checked, Bisping ain’t fighting belfort, Weidman is.This fight will take place in the US. People ARE standing up to TRT use and abuse right now! It starts with making a bit of noise and make commissions more aware of TRT abuse. That’s what is happening.

        • No one has ever cared less says:

          the rules are the rules. they apply to everyone and are not open for interpretation. It’s one thing to disagree with them, as there are many rules that people often disagree with. However, if someone is playing by the rules, then it’s rather difficult to make an argument that they are not playing fair. I would suggest people spend more time getting upset with the game rather than the players.

        • Cryomanc3r says:

          Your logic is invalid. Belfort was Henderson’s last opponent.; your statement, “He applied for the same treatment in his next fight in the US but withdrew the application because “it didn’t look as if they would approve it,” is a lie.
          Also, Belfort KO’ed Henderson (whom you stated was using TRT) with low testosterone levels – educate yourself.

  2. dp says:

    People are stupid. You cant just STOP taking TRT. thats dangerous. ince you go off a steroid like that your body will produce next to no testosterone and it is extremely dangerous. TRT under monitoring is not really much of an advantage. Dan Henderson was using the same levels vitor did. The only way vitor can have a healthy safe testosterone level is to use TRT ORRR he will have to go off it and do a long cycle of a fertility drug like Clomid, in order to kickstart a healthy level and eventually bring him back to normal. It may be too late by now though. And even in Clomid, there are some substances they would not allow

    • john holmes says:

      are u serious? where do u get your info? from star magazine? youre an idiot. u should stop talking and posting. “u cant just stop taking trt” lmao really? whats going to happen doctor? tell us in your infinite wisdom. and its not an advantage? the other genius remark u made. you are either one of two things….u are either a roid head that uses mega doses of steroids so u need to defend its use, OR u have never even seen a steroid in your life and have no idea what u are spouting off at the mouth about.

      • john holmes says:

        let me educate u a little about what happens…when u JUST STOP taking steroids……your test levels drop. u get weaker. u have lower test levels in your body. your muscles shrink. THEN your balls grow back to normal size and your body starts producing its own again. you can take drugs to help u kickstart the body but its not necessary. u dont die with low test….idiot.

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