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Thursday, 12/20/2012, 11:13 am

Melendez Thinks Benson Henderson Needs To Go Through Him For “Number One” Status | UFC NEWS

“Your eyes are always on the guy with the UFC strap. Your eyes were on Frankie Edgar for a long time, and B.J. (Penn) for a long time, and everyone needs to adapt for the champ, to figure out how to beat them. I think about it all the time with Benson (Henderson). If he wants to be undoubtedly No. 1, I think that would be a good victory for him to prove it or for me to prove otherwise. Another fight if I was in the UFC would be fine with me as well, but I’m ready now. The fire was lit a couple of weeks ago. Since the buzz has been out, the fire has been lit. I definitely feel that. I hope everyone would get as excited as I would be about that,” Melendez stated. “In a perfect world. I’d love that fight with Benson, I really would.”

– Strtikeforce lightweight champion, Gilbert Melendez talking to MMAWeekly about the current state of the lightweight division.


14 Responses to “Melendez Thinks Benson Henderson Needs To Go Through Him For “Number One” Status | UFC NEWS”

  1. Nunya says:

    After defeating Nate Diaz in devastating fashion. It’s kind of hard for me to believe Melendez can get a win against Ben Henderson

  2. Shawn says:

    Sorry Gilbert, I’m a fan of yours, and not taking anything away from other promotions, the UFC gold is top of the mountain achievement. So YOU have to prove yourself as #1, by taking on the UFC Lightweight Champ. But after January, I’m sure you’ll get your chance. Just don’t get injured.

  3. B-rad says:

    Dude shouldnt even be the SF champ.. his last fight with thomson was soo close, how can you possibly call out Bendo who is heads and shoulders above jew fro..

  4. Ryno says:

    Sorry Gil, but you gotta fight someone else and prove you belong with the big dogs, call out someone else, eddie alvarez needs a good fight or Cowboy or Koren Zombie even, the divisions to loaded for you to jump to the top and Josh Thompsons not there to make you look.good.

  5. confucius says:

    lets name one strikeforce fighter worth a shit. AAAAAAAAAAND GO!

  6. confucius says:

    besides cung

  7. #2WorksforBenson says:

    If the top guy in the top organization needs to go through some guy in a lower organization to be number one, that would not be the perfect world. This turdball makes no sense.

  8. Xaninho says:

    No Benson Henderson should go through Josh Thomson since Thomson beat Melendez’s ass.

  9. dogfart says:

    rofl Bellendez

  10. mannski says:

    I would like to see the fight because I am a fan of both fighters. I think Benson would win though. Who knows maybe Joe Silva and Dana White can hook the fans up with this fight.

  11. Slim Charles says:

    melendez… i’m sure its the other way around…

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