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Wednesday, 09/19/2012, 11:44 am

Melendez Changes Tune: Open To Fourth Fight With Thomson | MMA NEWS

“I’m definitely down for it. I’d be up for it. I’m not looking forward to it right away, but I’m definitely not scared of it. I don’t think it was my best performance. I think Thomson’s a tough guy, I think we know each other well. It was a close fight and San Jose’s his town, and they were 0-for-3 that night until Cormier came in. It’s a little hard because I usually don’t get booed and I put my life on the line out there. It kind of hurt, but it is what it is. I’m just moving forward, If I have to fight him again, if he keeps winning, it is what it is.”

In an interview with, Strikeforce lightweight champion, Gilbert Melendez displayed a change of heart when the topic of a fourth bout with Josh Thomson came up.

In their last meeting, many thought Thomson deserved the judges decision, but Gilbert is still the champ. Strikeforce officials and the Thomson camp wanted to book an immediate rematch, which would have served as the fourth meeting between the two, but Melendez refused the fight and is now set to face Pat Healy later this month.


5 Responses to “Melendez Changes Tune: Open To Fourth Fight With Thomson | MMA NEWS”

  1. Dick Diaz says:

    he sounds like he’s at peace in the predicament he is in now career wise…

  2. dab says:

    gil aint shit..thompson sux ass..he has never impressed me

  3. drew says:

    GM just makn a livn and getn paid honestly, nothing wrong with that being stuck in a place like strikeforce haha christ it is dead as shit now but i like that they support female MMA whether just to make a dollar or not its still supporting it and giving exposure to it…best strikeforce fight ever hendo vs fedor, but always enjoyed watchn the diaz fights

  4. rasta says:

    2 of these guys should make there own team and call them selves the scrub pack

  5. Ddddddd says:

    I’ll believe Melendez until hes Stripped.

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