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MMA News

Wednesday, 06/04/2014, 12:23 pm

McGregor: ‘I’m going down as the GOAT’

“I’m searching, I’m out here working to become the greatest. That’s my goal. I’m looking to go down as the greatest of all-time, Hall of Fame, a history maker. He’s walking to be a test for me, that’s the difference.”

“I believe what I’m saying is the truth. None of these guys are on my level. Not one of them moves the way I move, not one of them are prepared for what I’m bringing. I can sit here and say this all day and I can say it every single interview and I do say it every single interview, but at the end of the day it comes down to when it actually happens. That’s what I’m working towards.

In a recent interview with FOX Sports, UFC featherweight Conor McGregor discussed his lofty ambitions as a Prize Fighter.

Think he can deliver?