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Monday, 02/10/2014, 04:10 am

McCall: ‘Pickett Dropping Down To 125 Recipe For A$$ Kicking’

In March, Ian McCall (pictured) will welcome Brad Pickett to the UFC’s flyweight division.

He thinks the move is a mistake for Pickett, who will fight in front of his hometown crowd at UFC Fight Night 37.

“Him coming down to 125 is not always the recipe for revamping your career. You weren’t the fastest bantamweight in the world, and you’re coming down to a division where speed is king. It’s kind of a recipe for getting your ass kicked if you ask me.”

UFC Fight Night 37 takes place on March 8 in London, England. U.S. fans will be restricted to UFC Fight Pass to watch the event.

(quote via MMA Fight Corner)


2 Responses to “McCall: ‘Pickett Dropping Down To 125 Recipe For A$$ Kicking’”

  1. mike custer says:

    I got McCall by sub. Hes got a chin of granite so dont see how Pickett could stop him.

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