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Wednesday, 02/22/2012, 10:23 am

Mayweather Camp Responds To Dana White | “Shut The Fu** Up, Keep Taking Advantage Of Your Own Fighters”

“He needs to shut the [expletive] up and mind his own business, stay in his own lane and keep on taking advantage of the UFC fighters, while underpaying them. If he keeps on running his mouth, we may decide to give a free seminar to all of the UFC fighters on how the pay-per-view revenue should be distributed. This is typical Dana, who is always prone to ignorant outbursts. He should be the last person to try to judge someone else.”

Leonard Ellerbe, Mayweather’s manager took no time in firing back at Dana White for his acquisitions of Floyd being a racist. (Via Yahoo Sports!)

If you missed Dana’s tirade, click HERE!


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82 Responses to “Mayweather Camp Responds To Dana White | “Shut The Fu** Up, Keep Taking Advantage Of Your Own Fighters””

  1. jason says:

    Floyd Mayweather is such a d-bag. HE should be the one keeping his ugly mouth shut.

    • Andrew says:

      But he is right

      • & says:

        how is he right? I don’t think the UFC under pays its fighters I think that boxing grossly overpays their fighters. Guys at the top of the sport make plenty of money, and guys that are new to the UFC shouldn’t make a ton of money. Don’t compare MMA to baseball or football because they are not even close to the same things. Team sports with 6-8 month seasons and centuries of fan support are never going to have the same pay scale as MMA.

        • Dan says:

          So let me get this straight. “Team sports with 6-8 month seasons and centuries of fan support are never going to have the same pay scale as MMA” but INDIVIDUAL sport athletes with pay-per-view paydays and an organization taking 70-80% of the profits is fair?

          You sir are an idiot.

        • JBizzle says:

          Where are you getting this info from? I want to see if you’re right. I mean you are being an asshole.

      • Miguel says:

        Right about what? Are they all imbeciles at Mayweather’s camp, I know mayweather is an moron, didn’t know his whole camp followed suit. From the start Mayweather is talking about Lin who is a basketball player, not even in the same sport as the paper champ, it appears to me that Mayweather suffers from an inferiority complex, and is the sole reason he tries to belittle everyone in order to bring them down to his level which is in the IQ range of Imbecile. I know for a fact Manny Pacquiao is not as smart as he appears to be, but he tries and is Civil, which in part has acquired him a seat in the Congress, now lin on the other hand is a different animal all together born of parents in the field of Engineering, and attended and graduated Harvard University. One might logically think that Mayweather’s hatred stems from being on unequal grounds within the mental capacity as well as status in society because no matter how much money Mayweather may earn, bottom line is he will always be Ghetto trash 12th grade high school drop out.

    • Kalaeboi! says:

      Stupid ass papolo!

  2. CanILive says:

    why would he bring up the pay per views again, PAC MAN should get 55% and mayweathers kids should get the other 45%

    • phace says:

      Why split it like that if PAC MAN is going to lose if they ever fight(My opinion)? It’s funny how people want to act like Floyd is the only one responsible for this fight not happening. Floyd and Manny aren’t the only ones involved in this fight NOT HAPPENING thing. Like I’ve said to many people..This is why we love the UFC..because we don’t deal with all the political BS to see the best fighters battle it out. As for the argument between Dana and Floyd…who cares..It’s not truly affecting anything besides having something for people to talk about.

  3. Kevkill says:

    I believe that “…Dana White for his acquisitions of Floyd…” should read “…Dana White for his accusation of Floyd…”

    Unless of course Dana has acquired Floyd as a fighter for the UFC. :)

    • Dick Niaz says:

      Being a racist is not a very good reason to acquire someone as new talent for your company.

      I think they should take a good hard look at their HR dept over at the UFC and re-evaluate their criteria for new employees.

      “…. for his acquisitions of Floyd being a racist”

    • phace says:

      Hey.. He never claimed to be a scholar 😀 … We all know what he was trying to say though. Can’t say I completely agree with him though…just very partially

  4. I Never Asked For This... says:

    That response proved everything Dana has been saying. I’m not sure boxing is still in a position to threaten the UFC… Mr. Ellerbe really should think twice before he tries to pick a fight.

    • david says:

      i dont get the mr ellerbe comment but danas prolly gonna go off on mayweather for this. the only reason anyone watches mayweather is to see his cocky stupid ass lose, even id pay to see that. he looks like someone who has trouble pleasing his wife

  5. Mike says:

    Yeah…because the way the boxing establishment handles their payouts has done SO much good for the sport, right?

  6. dano says:

    Just keep runnin from Paquaio, paper champ.

  7. DudeItsCorey says:

    Flyod comparing UFC fighters being paid like boxing fighters is apples and oranges. Yes boxers get paid better, but only if they’re the main event. The undercard fighter get paid pennies in boxing. While the UFC does a good job paying all the fighters on the maincard. Not to mention all the fighters they house and now providing insurance for the fighters.

  8. alan says:

    how about dana schedules a fight between floyd mayweather and chan sung jung? the korean zombie has been getting a lot of praise that im sure mayweather thinks should go to black fighters…and i really wanna see mayweather tap out from a twister.

  9. Bowie Ibarra says:

    “Shut up, and make the fight, Floyd.”

  10. ohok says:

    Notice it wasnt even mayweather who commented…it was his manager. Because Floyd isn’t smart enough to argue with Dana, he would just make himself look even worse. Bottom line, they should both “shut the fuck up”. Yea, Mayweather is an ass, but who gives a shit, boxing is old news anyway.

  11. Beaner says:

    Wow big words they used there. Yeah boxing is a real fighters sport alright bwahahaha try to box someone in a battlefield and watch your ass get killed. And underplayed you dumb bitch what the hell you are fucking over paid. You movie stars and most people in any sport make way to much $pregnant just to fight. People actually do shit for society that benefits everyone. You don’t make a difference you ignorant delusional sick minded Nimrod. Your what’s wrong with society and should be thrown in a Malaysian prison for the rest of your life.

  12. drew says:

    The Korean zombie against mayweather?

  13. Xaninho says:

    Boxing is dying. Pure and simple. There are no fights in boxing like there were once before. Ali-Foreman, Hagler-Hearns etc. Those were exciting match-ups. Boxing ‘Champs’ nowadays are ducking real competition and fighting cans to stay the champ..

  14. Jb says:

    Mayweather vs Diaz in boxing match!!!! Make it happen. Floyd stop ducking PAC you Fin homo

  15. drew says:

    Frankie or maybe cruz vs mayweather lol..strictly kickboxing tho. No take downs
    In a magical world where we can match ufc fighters against random douchebags ha.

  16. dante080 says:

    So he’s not going to actually rebuff whites claim of racism…..hhmmm

  17. Xaninho says:

    Someone once tried to explain to Mayweather what the term ‘choking the chicken’ really means and he kept asking when this chicken was going to be fried…

  18. Cj Esgana says:

    Pull out your RACE card mayweather! When all else fails tell them bout slavery and sh!t…lmao

  19. Luke jones says:

    Mayweather is a joke, who cons people into believing that he is a real pound 4 pound champ, when in reality, in the last 8 years he’s always had some kind of angle giving him an advantage & he’s too damn scared to get in the ring with the real pound 4 pound champion cos he knows damn well his 0 will go!!
    As for what he says about Dana, he’s full of it!! The only sport that’s wrong and corrupt is his own, Boxing!! Dana tells his champs who their fighting, when their fighting and tells them what their purse will be. This is why in MMA the fans ALWAYS get the fights they wana see.
    Boxers like this prick con their way through their fake careers using lawyers and promoters boardroom 1 upmanship and only fighting who they wana fight. Boxers like Mayweather and corrupt promoters like Don King & Frank Warren are 100% responsible for ruining Boxing!!!!! It’s Mayweather and the 2000 different boxing organisations (sarcasm) who need to take a look themselves and the pathetic manor in which they run their sport.

  20. matt says:

    Mayweather is a cry baby who doesnt want to get his ass kicked. Get in the ring and quit crying, it shouldnt even be about money, it should be about defending his title. didnt he ever watch ROCKY?

  21. mikeo says:

    You know UFC fighters are more like employees and Boxers are self employed.. They set up and negotiate each fight with another self employed boxer which makes the whole deal very complicated… The money at stake is huge and that changes things.. This was an evolution that happend over years and the UFC is headed down the same path.. One day the fighters are gonna be such hudge stars that they are going to start having leverage over the UFC… and they will have to pay them more money to fight for them.. Maybe one day two fighters will decide to risk their own money and promote a fight out side of the UFC or hire promoters to risk their money to promote MMA fights out side the UFC.. but until that happens UFC fighters are employees and deserve the paychecks they get.. Thats how a free market economy works.. They want to make more money then promote your own fights and risk your own money..

  22. CanILive says:

    id pay to see aldo vs mayweather

  23. Dosan says:

    Dana White’s response to Ellerbe: “Just for the record, shut the [expletive] up [because] I wasn’t talking to you, I was talking to Floyd. We’re doing something amazing. We’re building a sport while you guys are destroying one.”

    Got it from Yahoo.

  24. f-dana says:

    Dana is the biggest D-bag there is. Fk dana. Fire his a$$ for talking ish! Mayweather is a smart money making legend. People should stop calling people Racist for stupid ish they say. Otherwise, we can all be called a racist at one point or another. Mayweather is a god for boxing. He can say what ever he wants.

  25. mma is my vagina says:

    Back to your jail cell Mayweather. Great excuse to continue ducking Paquiao.

  26. dlo' says:

    Boxing is by far not dead. That’s just mma propaganda because most mma fans just started watching combative sports. I’ve been a fan of mu Thai, American Kickboxing, boxing etc. For years and trust me boxing is not dead. Even undercards get paid better. Floyd and his manager are just responding to Dana. Dana was trying to gain publicity by using Floyd’s name and they fired back.

    • Jeremy says:

      Floyd’s Jeremy Lin comment was based on ESPN debating if Lin’s race had anything to do with his popularity. Dana white just went at ESPN for the payroll accusation’s. My point is, your probably right!!! A publicity stunt!

    • Bloodhound says:

      It’s Muay Thai and the reason Boxing ISN’T dead is because Mayweather ducks Pac-man, and that’s the last “GREAT” fight in Boxing history, that and because A. the older generation refuses to accept MMA and B. Everyone pays to see Mayweather lose, and all the Filipino’s pay for Manny.

      Once Manny and Mayweather retire boxing is dead, it won’t disappear but it will take the final nail in the coffin.

    • Xaninho says:

      So you’re saying Boxing is still as exciting as it was before? I mean who cares if the Klitchko’s win or lose? There are no real exciting champs and contenders left.

      Fights are blatantly fixed. Pacquaio is great, but that last fight against Marquez was fixed. No way he won that fight.

      By dying I don’t mean it will disappear from the face of the earth, many people will continue to box.

  27. James Dubya says:

    I wish Manny would just shut Floyds biotch arse mouth once and for all.. Floyd, you are garbage and a waste of air..

  28. CanILive says:

    lol this got Dana on front page of MSN

  29. NardoC64 says:

    It’s astonishing how everyone says Floyd is ducking Manny. First of all, I do understand why and how everyone loves Manny and hates Floyd (beside the real racist who just hate blacks). Floyd is a arrogant, flamboyant and sometimes ignorant little prick who flashes stacks of cash while spouting dumb-ass shit. While Manny is a very classy, modest, and truly likable gentleman. However, truth be told, it is Floyd who continuously called out Manny. Pac has never called out Floyd. The first time the fight was being made Floyd insisted on Olympic level doping tests for them both and Team Manny declined, collapsing the deal. This time, when Floyd called him out, it looked like Team Manny accepted but, negotiations appear to have once again collapsed – this time over be it business/finance whatever. Yes, top tier boxing is very big business. Oh yeah, Floyd IS UNDEFEATED and holds 2 or 3 more titles than Pacman (if I’m not mistaken). There you have it.

    • Miguel says:

      You’re claims have no merrit other than he said she said, oh by the way Mayweather is a liar. Next time cite your sources other than rumor or what you heard from the little bird.

      “I was in the Philippines, and I told him, `We need to make this fight happen,'” Pacquiao said. “I said I would agree to a 50-50 (split), and he said, `Oh, I’ll give you a $40 million guarantee, and no pay-per-view. I’ll take all the pay-per-view.’ I don’t accept that offer. It’s kind of embarrassing to me. It’s trying to take advantage of me. He doesn’t want to fight.”

      “Floyd is a liar, even the Judge who postponed his jail sentence denied insisting on a May 5th date. A spokeswoman for Judge Saragosa said on Thursday that, “the judge ordered the defendant (Floyd Mayweather) to surrender at a particular time on June 1st. That was the order.” Nothing in Saragosa’s order precluded Mayweather from boxing on a different date. (Source) As you can see only the June 1st surrender date cannot be moved back, but the May 5th date can be moved to late May.”

  30. Lucifer says:

    Lol at everyone thinking that Floyd is ducking Manny and that Manny would destroy Floyd. Want to see what good counter punchers do to Manny? What the Pac/Marquez fights. Floyd is 10 times the counter puncher and defensive specialist that Marquez is. Pac would be frustrated the whole fight while Floyd avoids damage and counters his way to a decision victory. Go read Bob Arum’s statements about the fight. Floyd even delayed his jail sentence to make the fight while Arum made excuse after excuse for not making the fight. Pac and his management are SCARED.

    • NardoC64 says:

      Thank you, Sir. This is more towards what I also was explaining.

    • Jimmy says:

      LoL. . .not Manny is scared, Floyd is scared. .50-50 purse still not enough? Dana is right. . .hes a racist. . .a coward black!

    • Twatty Mc.Twatface says:

      condit did this and was called a coward, go figure!!!

      • Muaythai17-1 says:

        LMFAO! no dont even compare Carlos Condit to Flloyd Mayweather, you sound like a condit nuthugger with a statement like that, i’m not calling you a name, just letting you know how it appears. Condit in no way countered Diaz in any sense how Mayweather counters every single punch thrown at him LOL! BUT i to pick up the pieces you dropped, Condit did use a counter STYLE and move in and out and run around yes, but this isn’t boxing, Boxing is a science and a pro boxing ring is 10 feet smaller than the UFC octagon, i think 15 smaller than the SF cage. Anyways, in MMA if oyu’re known as a REAL fighter or a finisher and go out there with the title on the line and abandon your repuation and why fans like you then yes, you will be critized for it,and rightly so, noone paid $60 to watch Condit fight like a coward.

        Mayweather is a douche but he’s the most successful counter boxer in the world, Carlos Condit is the most successful in ruining his reputation. cant compare em.

        • alex says:

          runnin around was to avoid a ground game of diaz. if u really think condit is gunna go in blazin against a submission man ur as dumb as most of the ppl hatin on the ufc. boxing is one dimensional so u can go in guns blazin and not worry bout takedowns or submissions and the like. in mma if u mix up with a takedown/submission expert u better be the jesus of jiu jitsu or ur fucked. saw this with tate vs rousey, miesha tried to make a statement by takin down the judo olympian and suffered for it. point is wat u call runnin is avoidin the strength of another person. really watch the shit and learn before u start callin people out. dont get mad cause mma is growin and becoming way better than boxing

  31. Keith says:

    I like how he completely ignored the original topic and the whole point of the interaction. Mayweather says a lot of stupid shit that can be considered racist.

  32. lol says:

    floyd says a lot of dumb stuff because hes a retard and I like Dana for the most part but Floyd is spot on with this comment once in his life

    Dana pay these hard working fighters and quit being greedy.. Otherwise keep up the good work

    • alex says:

      idk that he can. yeah it’s a fast growin sport but like it’s been said already there are still some issues that keep them from bein paid more. as it grows fighters are bein paid more but keep in mind the ufc just is 20 years old if its 20 at all and its early roots were tournament style which means that it just not to long ago became the weight class and ranking style that boxing is (before u come down my throat ranking was the best word i could think of i actually mean havin a title holder in a weight class and havin ppl fight for it). it hasnt been around long enough for the sport to get to the money like boxin so morale of the story he can’t yet

  33. Donnybrook says:

    Floyd doesn’t want to get punched out by the Pilipino sushi chef.

  34. Pijan says:

    Lol, not that I hate Dana White, cause I do, but Floyd hit right on target. Dana has been ripping off the fighters for years, he’s one of the most hypocritical people out there, he could be a politician. His ignorant outburst are annoying as hell and he’s always going back on his word. “Oh yea, Kimbo isn’t a real fighter, he’ll never be in the UFC”….”Yup, we just signed Kimbo, he’s gonna be on the Ultimate Fighter.” And he’s also right on the money about Dana being the last person to judge anyone, man is a piece of shit. Not a big Floyd fan but if he’s racist, shouldn’t we call Chael Sonnen a racist too? And last but not least Manny has seemed to do most of the ducking in all this, because he knows he won’t do well against Floyds style. Floyd would win by decision, in probably a good fight we’ll never see.

    • Mayor of Deviance says:

      Yes Dana can be hypocritical.

      No he doesn’t necessarily underpay fighters–UFC is basically the only profitable MMA organization ever, so clearly there’s money troubles in the sport.

      Yes we should call Sonnen racist.

      No MannyvMayweather would be terrible because there’s been so much hype it’ll fizzle no matter what happens.

      And no, none of this has anything to do with anything that was originally stated. It’s called an -ad hominem- fallacious arguement where someone badmouths the other person instead of actually refuting an arguement. His manager is basically responding to every poke at him on the internet because even if he knows Mayweather’s the champ, he must think no one else does so he has to prove it at every turn like an insecure racist baby.

  35. bygremlin says:

    i think d. white really showing his dislike for f.mayweather again and PHACE with “Dana never called Brock a racist for his comments about Cain when mentioning Coronas and burritos(or tacos) so how is he going to attack Mayweather for basically the same thing(the sushi comment)?” is correct with that statement. you shouldn’t talk so loud about another sport if your a hypocrite in your own. as far as f.mayweather being a racist, i’m not sure but i do know that when someone from a minority only states the obvious its always turn around into being a racist. if you think that t. tebow or j.lin(who can play) would be getting the same fan fare and media hype if they were black, then your living in a dream society and need to wake up!
    and for the record i want the fight to happen so lets go!

  36. Juancho says:

    First off, this issue about “underpaid UFC fighter” is old old news. You’d see guys like Chuck Liddell, Randy Couture and Matt Serra, who are living off lavishly out of the success they’ve had fighting in the UFC. Plus, as early as your newbie days as a prospect at the Ultimate Fighter, you get the same health care and sponsorships (by MusclePharm, etc) that all regular UFC fighters get, and a chance for a 6-digit contract if you win the whole thing. How’s that for being “underpaid”?

    The Fertitas, Dana, Joe Silva, and the rest of the UFC management strive for nothing but excellence. That is why about 80% of all pay-per-view fight cards every year are always stacked up with great fights. That is why a fighter gets cut from the company after three straight losses, whether you’ve got “superstar quality” written all over you or not. And that is also why MMA has already gone light years ahead from boxing, and you meatheads would just have to accept that.

  37. Muaythai17-1 says:

    Maywether is a cocky annoying b****, BUT he’s a hell of a lot smarter than Dana White, hence $30+Million dollar pay days for the last 5 years. he’s holding out Pacquiao until they give him $100Mil since Manny has the best chance to really beat him, smart. but other than that Flloyd maywether is a very finicially intelligent person, very! so dont hate cuz he’s calling Dana white out on the same BS Danas been doing since 2001. Ever read a little something called BJ Penn Why i Fight, or any of Hendersons blogs, or Rampages blogs, or any top 10 fighter in their prime blog from 2003 to now??? Dana s***cans this guys for not fighting to HIS personel expectations of them, and refues to pay them at least what they deserve! whats the incentive to get into the UFC…..? anyone??? anyone? to get big pay days…..LMFAO ROFL LOLwut ever else gay acronymn their is, NOPE! it’s to get publicity so you can get better sponsors who pay mnore than the UFC do! do you realize for 2 years while Matt Hughes was UFC WW champion he was getting more money from his sponsors than the UFC, and he only had 2 sponsors…………..look it up! Dana is the scumbag, well Mayweather is too but he’s jsut a loud mouth b*** anyways, a loud mouth b**** who just so happens to be the worlds most techincal boxer, possibly of all time, atleast his record backs that up to some degree.

  38. BoyAV says:

    Floyd shut ur mouth and eat ur banana! u senseless gorilla. look at the mirror!

  39. Blues says:

    I don’t mean to step on people’s toes here, but here’s my two cents’ worth…

    The fact that people spoke up against Mayweather’s comments about Jeremy Lin is the way it should be. Mayweather, as usual, “spoke” without thinking it through and causing an uproar because of his half-assed racist comments.

    The fact that Dana White spoke up against Mayweather’s comments is still right. Whether the man is sincere or not, he raised pretty good points in his tirade. I’m not saying everything he said was right, but his views about Mayweather’s comments being racist were spot on.

    The fact that a fight between Pacquiao and Mayweather is something that everyone wants to watch had nothing at all to do with the main issue at hand!

    But allow me to also digress, since most of you have anyway…all these speculations on who will win that (still imaginary) fight is pointless because you’ll never know until they actually fight. Whatever points you might raise about the possible outcome of that fight is just SPECULATION! So please, quit flaming each other and saying one will beat the other. Wait for the fight, (if it does push through) see who wins, then all these speculations will be laid to rest.

    Nuff said.

  40. Me says:

    Just shut the f@ck up Floyd “the chicken” Mayweather. Get out and fight
    And be a man. Motherf@cker…. No @ss and like a girl too much talking.

  41. am515 says:

    I understand the whole thing behind Mayweather being better counter puncher than JMM, but that’s as far as the argument goes. JMM is a counter puncher, but he also engages and looks for the fight. Mayweather counter punches with 1-2 of his paddy-cake punches ad runs. If Mayweather fans bring in that argument, I can say that Mosley had Mayweather hurt badly in the 2nd round, but Mosley blew his wad…do you really think that PacMan can’t connect like Mosley did? Do you really think PacMan will tire in the 2nd round?

    Either one of these guys can have a field day against the other, depending on the game plan, and that is a guarantee. If Manny punches in bunches and smothers Floyd…Floyd gets KO’d. You don’t need to bash the comment, just remember you read it here.

    At the same time, If he’s going to show Floyd too much respect, he’s going to get caught all night. He’s going to have to take some leather to give some and this is the big difference. I think that Manny can take and is willing to take Floyd’s shots and I honestly don’t think that Floyd will. But I guess we’ll never know.

  42. Guamy says:

    MMACRAVER have you ever smoked out then went for a jogg or a long training session?
    OBVIOUSLY NOT!!!!! putting anykind of smoke in your lungs then trying to do any sort of cardio is not beneficial. i dont think you have to be an expert or a doctor to know this. thats 5th grade science buddy.

  43. ry tay says:

    this coming from someone who holds multiple titles but will never fight pacman. he gets to pick and choose who to fight, that is not a champion. Dana spreads the wealth around paying the low end fighters good money and helping them build their names up.

    i was once a boxing fan but not anymore.

    iam a huge MMA fan and i owe it all to the way dana runs the UFC

  44. ry tay says:

    sure mayweather looks good fighting the guys he fights but the level of competition in the boxing world is nothing compared to MMA right now.

    boxing is dead because people get a title and sit on it and only fight bums or guys that mach up well with their style.

    Mayweather sux – he’ll never fight manny.

    Boxing sux – What are all the espn fuckwits going to do when mayweather and manny retire? and once all the fucked out, old arse sports writers die it’ll be dead for good.

    ESPN sux- they would never run a story about the fighters or the fights. they just cry about money- i’m sorry but i don’t think mayweather deserves 30 million!! there is only 2! god dam big name boxers!!!! 2!! no shit only old fucks give a shit about boxing

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