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Monday, 05/28/2012, 07:48 am

Mayhem Miller's Lackluster UFC Career | UFC NEWS


By Evan Stoumbelis

On Saturday night, during the UFC 146 prelims, we saw Jason “Mayhem” Miller face TUF runner-up CB Dollaway. After rocking Dollaway twice, the fight went to a decision, and Dollaway won the fight via unanimous decision.

During the post-fight press conference Dana White said that the UFC was done with the charismatic fighter following a backstage incident that took place after the fight. There was a rumor circulating that Mayhem had trashed the warm-up room, but we have yet to confirm this. Dana White said that Mayhem wouldn’t be fighting in the UFC or any other Zuffa company. If this holds to be true, it looks like fans wont be seeing much of Mayhem anymore, who is 0-3 in his UFC career. I decided to take this opportunity to look back at Mayhem’s lackluster career.

In 2005 Mayhem stepped into the Octagon against future Welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre at UFC 52. Mayhem went the distance with GSP and lost in a unanimous decision victory; Mayhem wouldn’t set foot in the Octagon for 5 years. During that time he fought for Dream, WEC, and WFA. In 2010, Mayhem coached season 14 of TUF, against Michael Bisping. In the finale, Mayhem suffered a brutal defeat at the hands of Bisping, leaving him 0-2 in the Octagon. Last Saturday, after months of Mayhem’s trash talking about how he would “beat the fart-face off Dollaway” Mayhem lost to Dollaway via decision, leaving him 0-3 in the Octagon.

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39 Responses to “Mayhem Miller's Lackluster UFC Career | UFC NEWS”

  1. McLovin says:

    I am a fan of Miller, but before this fight even started I knew he was going to lose. With the comments like “I’m looking past CB”. He didn’t take the fight seriously enough. CB is no slouch. Instead of show-boating in the first round he should have been throwing more punches.

    Oh well, back to bully beat down i guess…

  2. JKDB0YX23 says:

    Is anyone on crack? I think so….. the man comes back and coach’s tuf, fights and looks like he was freaken sick!!? But no one notices? No excuses the man juss does his job and fight sbecause besides being critisized, he is isn’t noticed or. Apreciated for not bitching out…. again idk how many times Rogan points out his leg yet was obviously messed up b4 the ffight yet nobody else wants to give this guy credit that he obviously is getting his opportunities and the worse of times and he has too much pride to bck down.despite his charisma, this man is still a top contender in my book and obviously still has a great fan base…. won’t be fight for zuffa at all? Freaken rediculous

    • Manic Monkey says:

      Not to mention that Dollaway kept headbutting during the fight. Even the referee and joe rogan complained about it as well as miller. And all away snuck his finger into millers glove a time or 2, to get a better grip that the referee never saw. It looks like his knee was seriously injured before the fight, and definitely gave out on him during the match for sure. It is a shame he has fought so horribly these last few fights. When he said he was looking past dollaway, that was him being a smart ass. But it made him look really dumb. I am a fan but was very disappointed in all this stuff. I definitely don’t think we will see mayhem miller in a ring or cage again.

    • your mom says:

      Mayhem fought Bisbing who is supposedly considered a top contender and CB who is an average fighter but the only thing CB could do was hold him down and that was with Miller having a bum knee. I think Miller deserves another shot. The fans really seem to like him. I’d rather watch Miller fight any day than or Chael or CB or Fitch who are all just going to hold guys down.

      • Calvin says:

        what i cant believe is how bj penn’s website is supporting this crap article when they get pissed when they say bj is unmotivated has cardio issues and has lackluster matches because of that completely double standard

    • Shawn D. says:

      I am and will always be a huge Mayhem fan, he’s got more fans, supporters, followers, and personality than most fighters in the UFC. I’ve seen way worse fights and longer losing streaks from other UFC fighters that didn’t get cut. I really think Dana had issues with Mayhem to begin with and his getting cut was more personal than anything.

  3. Trevor says:

    Everyone commenting is forgetting Dana said there was an incident behind the scenes that caused mayhem to get released. Along with his fight record. So it’s more than just back to back poor performances

    • Mike cannon jr says:

      Let’s believe what the ” man ” says….. He wouldn’t lie…And he’s always gonna know what’s best for us too… Trust the ” man”… He can not tell a lie…. Lol..

  4. fourtetshou says:

    It isn’t necessarily solely a matter of winning or losing, look at Dan Hardy until just recently sapping his 4 in a row loss.

    The real problem comes with Mayhem’s overall demeanour, which obviously rubs Dana the wrong way.

    Miller, “I’m going to punch him in his fart-face.” Seriously, who (besides elementary school children) says fart face?

  5. your mom says:

    When I think of CB I think of him and that other fellow sitting in the swimming pool with their white shades on looking extra douchy.

  6. B says:

    CB Dollaway just laid on him … HOW could the Ref. NOT stand them up when he was doing NO damage… and your blaming Mayhem… Please pull till you hear a POP… then its out !!!

  7. brandon antony puluke mirante says:

    brah maybe if he took it serios insted of always joking around he wud be sumthing in da ufc but since all he dose is talk shet AND DANCE AROUND LIKE A JACKASS, and das why scrubs arent welcome in the ufc, so take ur bagz of monkeys sum were else u queeah

    • Pffft says:

      Are you 3 years old or did you just skip spelling class for 10 years shit man you look stupid this isn’t a text message or a forum for the academicaly retarded fuck off

    • jones says:

      i love when wanna be hilo fags try type ith an accent..they take there time and try soud so island extra hard…u know how much slower they have to tyoe to try sound lke that …its sad

  8. Inconvenient_truth says:

    Mayhem is a chump…his wins are against chumps…quite frankly if you can’t perform with the best in the world why are you there? His release is well deserved

  9. OKWTEV says:

    Mayhem had a lot of fans entertained in Hawaii everytime he fought. His career may have not been against the upper echelon of fighters, but he brought UFC entertainment to whereever he was, got asses in seats, and marketed himself so that he could have a following, REGARDLESS of his lack of high caliber fighting skills.

    So yeah, he cannot hang in the UFC but he sure tried his best and got some tickets sold. He could do ok in Bellator, perhaps. And really any org that he can get in with other than Strikeforce and UFC. That is what he is capable of.

    For a guy who cannot hang he still seems to get attention. You have to give him credit where it is due.

    This writer deciding to take a look back at his “lackluster career” and only producing a few paragraphs is pretty damn lackluster as a journalist. You have not mentioned anything about the fights with Lawler and Niko. Sure these were in smaller orgs but they were very entertaining and had me and thousands of otheres wanting to watch the fights and looking forward to them.

    If anything this article is lackluster and poorly written. Very few facts are included. You say you are going to write about somebody’s career but produce 20 seconds of stats?

    How lazy are you? This is the problem with this site nowadays. It could be so much better if they had writers who actually are worth a damn.

  10. JAgamemnon says:

    These articles are made of shit. This piece of shit reads like a half written article, fucking view whores.

  11. Kenny T says:

    I agree about the article. It states, “I decided to take this opportunity to look back at Mayhem’s lackluster career.” Then I read a half-assed paragraph about 3 UFC fight decisions and offered no insight or any additional information. I clicked on the “read more” link under the last paragraph in the hopes that it would yield more. It just took me to another story. Evan Stoumbelis is an incredibly lazy writer

  12. jones says:

    idiots here are forgeting that he ay not hve been cut for losing…dana saw that he had a bum knee and still fought….and e did ok and almost ko cb 2 times,,if he had good knee he would hav ranhim down and finished him when he was hurt….but the fired him cu after the fight he tryd to fight cb again an his corner crew in the backstage..that was the backstage incedent that got him canned

    • Derpedy Derp says:

      uh, no he didn’t dumb fuck. that was a rumor spread by middleeasy, the ‘incident’ was dana had burt tell mayhem to take the mask off just moments before he was about to walk out and it pissed off mayhem cause he was trying to get in the zone, but he still wore the mask. Until dana actually says what the ‘incident’ is, this is the only real information out there.

    • kevin says:

      totally wrong. there was no incident backstage. this has been cleared up, at least by mayhem. he’s had 2 interviews saying that the ‘incident’ was with Burt backstage as mayhem was literally getting ready to walk out. Burt told mayhem that dana wanted him to take off his mask that he had on for his entrance and mayhem was a little upset that they were giving him shit as he was walking out. there was no fights, no post fight spats, or anything with any of CB’s people.

  13. the original steve says:

    honestly im sad i knew he was going to to lose to bisping. but jesus ive never seen worse standup in my life. my mma record is 1-0 and kickboxing is 1-3 and my standup is better than his. of course he would grapple the shit outta me but like come on. and cb sucked too miller was laying there for 2 rounds and he couldnt do a damn thing with it

  14. GET RID OF TRT says:

    Mayhem is a never has and never been

  15. Talal says:

    Ok, 1) GSP and Bisping are both top 3 of their divisions (GSP being #1 of WW, and Bisping being #3 of MW’s), so their is no shame losing to those 2 guys. 2) The CB Dolloway fight was unfortunate, but there’s no need to chastise the guy for losing a boring decision where a wrestler held him down for 3 rounds. 3) The guy is in a bad place right now, I think it’s best to be more supportive than attacking presently please!

  16. Mike cannon jr says:

    Dana white will more than likely regret his childish public persecution .. Of this dude… Concidering the on going investigation into the UFC ‘s monopolization of mixed martial arts … This public statement should have been read more carefully by their lawyers….. Because… Dana clearly stated… That dudes career is over . With the UFC…. What other shows r their in town buddy?…. Think about it… This ain’t rocket science ……

  17. monkey juice says:

    Mayhem sucks. he beat a 45 year old sakuraba. why did he even get a UFC shot? Who has he beat? Robbie lawler 10 years ago? Tim Kennedy 8 years ago? He fights tomato cans. The jig is up. Go away miller…

    • Mike cannon jr says:

      What about Bigfoot getn a call up to the big leagues… After his worst performance… Ever to fight Cain…?… And then all the dumbass people blowin Cain smoke up everybody’s ass….?.. Sayin he deserves a rematch… Can u explain that?… LOl

  18. Brend0magic says:

    I like Mayhem, he’s entertaining and all, but god damn did he talk a lot of shit, and looked like a bag of shit in the octagon once again. Prob won’t tune in to see him fight again, but I’d still watch him on TV.

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