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Wednesday, 04/11/2012, 10:06 am

Jason "Mayhem" Miller Continues Twitter Assault Of Chael Sonnen

By Lewis Mckeever:
Two of the UFC’s most brash personalities have engaged in battle, but not in the octagon. The always entertaining Jason Miller set out to virtually attack MMA motor mouth Chael Sonnen after his smarmy twitter remarks regarding Alistair Overeem’s recent PED troubles:

Chael didn’t hesitate to fire back:

Chael’s trademark humour and witty response didn’t discourage “Mayhem” from having another pop at the middleweight contender:

It will be interesting to see if Sonnen continues to trade twitter blows with Miller or rather, simply ignore him. After all, it would seem like Miller is barking up the wrong tree on this occasion. After the Bisping beat down, Miller is set to square off against “The Doberman”; CB Dollaway, in a struggle to redeem himself and build back up some much needed momentum. Is lashing out at Chael Sonnen via twitter really going to support his cause?


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