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Tuesday, 02/18/2014, 09:31 am

Matt Serra Says He Would Make A UFC Return For Hughes Rematch

Matt Serra has had his ups and down in his career, but his ups have stuck around in fight fan’s memories. Namely, the first round knock out of Georges St-Pierre back at UFC 69. And though Serra is now retired and spending his time very wisely as he runs his jiujitsu school and aides in the coaching of current UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman, always a crowd pleaser, the New York native says that he’d gladly whip himself back into fighting condition to face off against an old rival.

Serra took some time with “Showdown” Joe Ferraro of Canada’s “UFC Central” to talk about the one fight that he’d consider coming out of retirement for.

“I believe I’m done with fighting,” Serra said. “The only other fight I would ever … If they ever said, ‘What about this?,’ I could definitely get back in shape and have another tussle with Matt Hughes. That would be fun. But only because of the way the first one ended and everything else. I’m sure people would like to see me hit that guy, and vice versa.”

Indeed we would.

The history between these two go back all the way to Season 6 of “The Ultimate Fighter” in which Serra and Hughes coached against each other. Their original finale fight was canceled, but the two eventually faced off at UFC 98 in May of 2009. The battle won “Fight of the Fight” honors with Hughes walking away with the “W”. A loss that has obviously left a bitter taste in Serra’s mouth.

Serra then battled Chris Lytle. And after losing that bout slipped off into retirement. The former UFC Welterweight champ seems rather content with his life choices as he raises three beautiful girls and coaches the middle weight champ, but I’m sure those losses don’t settle well in the fighters heart and mind. Especially in bouts that he’d thought he had won.

It’s hard to say who’d win between the two if they were to fight in the near future. And although that’s never going to happen it’s always fun to imagine.

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By: Daneul Summers | Twitter: @daneulsummers

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0 Responses to “Matt Serra Says He Would Make A UFC Return For Hughes Rematch”

  1. Greg says:

    No way I see Serra fighting again and making it to 170 lbs.

  2. Phil Asophical says:

    SO when is Serra going to couch again? I know, I know the “u” button is right next to the “a” button.

  3. UFC 84 Forever says:

    Lord knows he won’t make 170lbs any time soon. Hughes would school him anyways all he’d really have to do is avoid the big punches.

  4. Gabriel Magno says:

    I love Serra, I hate Hughes, bbut still, I wouldn’t want ot watch this fight

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