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Friday, 01/03/2014, 06:15 am

Matt Serra on Silva Fight: Weidman ‘Did the Right Thing’ Checking That Kick

At UFC 168, Chris Weidman defeated legendary fighter Anderson Silva for the second time in a row via a gruesome leg kick-check, which unfortunately resulted in Silva’s leg breaking horrendously. Since the victory, some fans have strangely called into question Weidman’s performance in the fight, with comments directed at the check itself, the “fluke” nature of the win, or even his post-fight celebration. Weidman’s trainer, former UFC Welterweight champion Matt Serra, recently told that he believes that Weidman did nothing wrong.

“See, here’s the thing; of course you’d like to have a nice knockout or a nice submission, or a ref stoppage or something like that, but the fight game is like chess, and he [Weidman] made the right move…If Chris doesn’t lift that leg up and check it — like Ray Longo showed him how to — he’s eating that kick. And here’s the thing about a kick like that; the harder you throw it, the worse for wear you are,” said Serra.

While Serra stresses that they did not want to see Silva get injured the way that he did, he believes that Weidman not only did the right thing, but deserves respect from the outcome.

“It is unfortunate, but it was the right move by Chris. I’m upset that Anderson got hurt, and that’s unfortunate. But at the same time, our guy did the right thing…They should respect him after this.”



8 Responses to “Matt Serra on Silva Fight: Weidman ‘Did the Right Thing’ Checking That Kick”

  1. Jim Tignor says:

    I am a huge Silva fan. I hate that he got the injury he got.

    That being said, Weidman did nothing wrong. Actually it was a terrific defense for a kick that takes a toll on the recipient.

    Remember people, this is supposed to be the Ultimate Fighting Championships! How much more sterilizing are we going to do to the sport and still call it UFC?!?! Nothing but respect for both fighters.

  2. dirtyfrank says:

    anyone who has watched the UFC has seen the damage leg kicks can do ie. aldo vs faber. weidman did what he needed to do . Silva is a great fighter it is a shame that he had to suffer such a devastating injury

  3. Xaninho says:

    The check was perfect obviously and there’s nothing wrong with that. If Anderson could have taken Weidman out by kicking the shit out of his leg he would have done so. It’s all in the game.

    The way both fights ended does leave a lot of room for debate though. Is Weidman truly the better fighter of the two, or were both wins flukes?

    • disqus_63gIGAaIhA says:

      Obviously not a fluke, not saying Anderson Silva couldn’t have won because he clearly could have, but its also clear from the first round that Chris could contend.

      • Xaninho says:

        Weidman did very well, but Silva can always come back stronger the second round. And it looked like Silva was ahead in the second up until he broke his leg. The fact that it wasn’t a ko or submission but a stoppage due to injury just isn’t decisive enough, at least for me.

        • disqus_63gIGAaIhA says:

          I will agree the ending of the fight does not give much closure to the whole thing.

  4. Bruce Lee says:

    Forrest Griffin won the belt vs Rampage via leg kicks he did nothing wrong checking those kicks plus he won both those fights and i am an Anderson Silva fan Chris Weidman simply is new generation fighter check out his previous achievements before UFC some may surprise such as Brazilian jiu jitsu champion

  5. BWF says:

    Leg checks have been around forever, part of being a Warrior is taking whatever comes your way….Keep adding to the rules ?? Then don’t even think about calling anything, the Ultimate Fight. There are to many rules as it is !!

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