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Tuesday, 02/26/2013, 09:02 pm

Matt Riddle Released By UFC for Again Testing Positive for Marijuana

News broke late Tuesday night that welterweight Matt Riddle (8-3 MMA, 8-3 UFC) has been released by the UFC for testing positive for marijuana in a post-fight drug test following his recent performance on the UFC on FUEL 7 card. Riddle defeated Che Mills (15-6 MMA, 2-2 UFC) in that contest but later popped positive for pot and was given the pink slip by his long time employer, the UFC.

This is Riddle’s second offence after also failing the post-fight drug test following a win over Chris Clements. Riddle, who is a licensed medicinal marijuana patient in Nevada, has been an outspoken supporter of medical marijuana and claimed previous to his fight against Mills that he would continue to use pot until three weeks prior to the bout. Apparently that wasn’t enough time for the drug to clear through his system and he now faces unemployment.

Matt Riddle was a contestant on season 7 of “The Ultimate Fighter” and has always been a crowd pleaser inside the octagon. He has only fought, up to this point in his career, inside the UFC octagon and holds notable wins over DaMarques Johnson, John Maguire, and now, Che Mills.

The organization is obviously keeping it’s fighters on a short leash but this instance has to kick up the question of what is being monitored and disciplined more strictly, the use of recreational drugs (marijuana most specifically) or the use of illegal PEDs? There have been several fighters that the UFC has caught more than once using PED’s but were not shown the door. So what do you think Penn Nation; is the UFC and the athletic commissions world-wide testing and punishing in the right manner? Let’s hear it…


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  1. ^ says:

    God dam fucken bullshit, victor can have a pass to use TRT an actual preformance enchancer, and Riddle cant even keep his job by have a licence for a non performance enhancing drug, in most other workplaces this is call unfair dismissle

  2. We got DUMMIES all over the place! says:

    And I’m not talking about Riddle. I’m talking about the first post here and the guy whose posting on FB. “Non performance enhancing drug????” Dude, unless you have a medical exemption, MARIJUANA IS ILLEGAL. Riddle knows the rules and chose to get busted! Yeah, chose to get busted! What job allows marijuana to be in a worker’s system during a drug test? Dan Schooling: you’re an idiot. That’s all there is to it.

    • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

      There was no active substance in his system. They test for metabolites which stay in a human’s system(fat and liver) for about 7-8 weeks but are no indication to whether a person is under the influence of marijuana or not. The effect of smoking marijuana wears off after two or three hours already.

      The tests need to be updated.

    • chris lopresti says:

      Dumbass riddle does have a medical marijuana card. So stfu

    • oh wow.. your stupid aren't you says:

      First of all Riddel has a medical card..

      Second it is not illegal everywhere. Washiginton and Colorado it is 100% fully legal.

      18 other states have it medically legal.

      Then there are other countries like holland that has it legal.

      Several jobs where Cannabis is legal allow you to work even if you smoke..

      Now put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  3. Jon says:

    I don’t care about the drugs, I just think that Riddle is a cunt. No sympathy.

  4. ya herd says:

    The ufc says, oh we do this oh we have dont that. The fact of the matter is that, the ufc pick and choose what they want to do theres no rules, the ufc never told anyone about forest griffin failing drug test, there is so much the ufc hide, for all we know anderson silva could be on something, thats an example not saying he is, put it this way i know what im talking about, the ufc is all about$$$$$$$ they would do anything to protect there biggest stars and if theres a axe on TRT most of the big fighters would get found out

  5. 757 says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!WHAT A CLOWN. GOODBYE RIDDLE. Oh yeah ya herd go to an writing and grammar class. Like it or not Marijuana is against the law. The UFC can do what they want….IT’S THEIR COMPANY!

    • Sasquatch says:

      “Against the law” all depends on where your from and or if you have a little piece of paper that says otherwise. Should be legalized (everywhere) anyways because it’s a f**k of alot safer for the user (or abuser) then alcohol!

    • Not everywhere says:

      Cannabis is not illegal everywhere. In the U.S.A alone it is 100% legal in two states.(Washington and Colorado)

      It is medically legal in 18 other states.

      It is also decriminalization n several others.

      There are also several other countries such as Holland and Czech Republic that have it legal aswell.

  6. lol says:


    “go to an writing and grammer class.”

    Thats not an appropriate use of “an” mine was….you use it before a word that starts with a vowel 😛

    Get your own shit under wraps before calling others out.

  7. magoo says:

    Big deal he smokes pot…. Who doesn’t! They better fire rogan while there at it….this shits getting retarded already!

    • Sasquatch says:

      No doubt!.. I’m thinking they’re just using this as an excuse to can him and the real reason was his last sorry @ss snooze fest of a fight. I really don’t think Dana gives two sh!ts if you burn or not, (example: Diaz getting suspended and then an immediate title shot right after) but one things for sure he doesn’t like lay-n-prayer’s and looks to be sweeping them under the rug.

    • BringFitchBack says:

      I don’t and the dudes in my gym don’t, we pretty much run stoners off!! Not that I have anything against stoners, just most are lazy. Riddle sucked anyway. (disclaimer: I’m not accusing any stoners on this site as being lazy since I don’t know you personally, you know if you are or not)

  8. real homies says:

    does this mean Nick Diaz will get released if he tests positive at ufc 158? if not, that would be unfair.

    P.S Riddle is a jerk anyways, he got what was coming to him!

  9. Rsweeney says:

    If you are testing positive for PEDs too close to a fight you can use Marijuana to mask the PED result. The test will only show marajuana usage and instead of sitting out for a year or more with a positive PED test you might get a few months or a warning if only marajuana shows up. That is why it clasifies as a PED even though it isn’t one.

  10. Jujitsu Player says:

    Good riddens, Riddle is a complete douche bag.

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