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Monday, 10/22/2012, 04:44 pm

Matt Riddle Explains And Defends His Use Of Medical Marijuana | UFC NEWS

“I do smoke but I’m not smoking to get stoned. I’m smoking so I can finally relax, sit back and just not worry about things. People, maybe they did it in college one way, but for a guy like me, for a professional athlete that goes through what we go through, it’s medicine for me. Maybe for some little stoner sitting on the couch playing XBox, for him, it’s a drug. For me, it’s medicine… “It’s not one of those California, Nick Diaz cards where you can go into a store, pay 50 bucks and walk out.”

With the recent news that UFC welterweight fighter Matt Riddle got popped for having marijuana in his system, Riddle has been on the offensive spreading the word of his use and defending his actions.

While the State of Nevada does have a very strict regulation on who it treats with cannabis, it still doesn’t mean Riddle has authorization to use it during competition.


31 Responses to “Matt Riddle Explains And Defends His Use Of Medical Marijuana | UFC NEWS”

  1. ryan M says:

    Great idea, throw the only other guy in your position under a bus. What an idiot.

  2. ForReal says:

    During competition? He wasn’t stoned during the press conference, weighins, or fight itself? Yet fighters can take as much tht as they want, to the point Sonnen had a 16:1 ratio. It sure as hell is not cheating!

  3. var says:

    Even though you have your mmj card. Like I had mine. It still is against federal law and is still your rights are denyed no matter how much you say I gave my medical marijuana card!!! Give it up like I did and get over it. Like I am joi. The fight for full legalization of marijuana not just for medical purposes. Fight for full legalization on the federal level. You will never win with the I have my mmj card fight ever!!! The only fight you will win is the I have a bag and the cops can’t take it away from me.

    • Know your shit. says:

      You were obviously doin somethinh illegal, not just smoking. Or smoking where you should!! Ive gad mine for 3 years and have never had any complaints or harrassment for it.. If you followd the rules you would still have it.

  4. 123 says:

    this lad is an idiot, dont like him.

  5. asespc says:

    I was looking forward to defending this Dumbass!!! Was the Stoner kid playing Xbox suppose to be Diaz or What? Just STFU RIDDLE!!!

  6. jain says:

    Yeah shooting down another fighter that has his card ain’t defending the cause the only way I see defending it is doesn’t improve your ability so it shouldn’t be a concern to fighting.

  7. MooreUSMC says:

    It’s pot. Why is this a conversation? Diaz should be allowed riddle should be allowed. Pot doesn’t kill people. Ignorant wars on drugs kill people.

  8. MooreUSMC says:

    Diaz is still a d-bag just saying

  9. Dana is Greedy says:

    This guy is a hater bringing up another mans situation to make himself look better..Nick Diaz trains harder then most fighters on his off time..Riddle win some fights then talk shit until then “Quit whinning your making people hate you!!”

  10. Riddle me this says:

    Any Diaz brother would whoop ur ass even if they were sober or stoned

  11. Dom says:

    “I do smoke but I’m not smoking to get stoned. I’m smoking so I can finally relax, sit back and just not worry about things.”

    He then goes on to say: “Maybe for some little stoner sitting on the couch playing XBox, for him, it’s a drug.”

    This tells me a couple of things. Firstly the man is an idiot. Whether your an athlete or not IT IS STILL A DRUG. The other thing it tells me is that he is very ignorant. He’s justifying his use of marijuana with the stress of being a pro athlete. How does he know what stress that person playing their xbox has?

    Shot your self in the foot Mr Riddle. Think before you talk next time!

  12. Xaninho says:

    wtf…Yeah I work 7 days a week. I also train 5-6 days a week just like you Matt ‘the douchebag’ Riddle. Then when I got some time to myself I like to relax, toke a bowl and play my xbox!

    “I do smoke but I’m not smoking to get stoned. I’m smoking so I can finally relax, sit back and just not worry about things”

    I got news for you Matt Riddle, when you smoke a bowl, sit back and relax, not worrying about things? That means you’re stoned!…Why is this motherfooker saying dumb shit like that?

    • Jasplanet says:

      +10 ^^
      And also, hes draggiing Diaz in this n says its not one of his cards where he pays 50 bucks in a store. Well thats the legal way to obtain it guess he gets his from the 16 yr old seller around the corner. This guy smoked away logic, matt “the dope fiend” riddle

  13. Danso says:

    yes, he’s definitely dumb as f*@$
    he smokes to sit back and relax but god forbid if you’ll sit him in front of a x-box console then he’ll immediately turn from a guy that wants to relax to a Pot Head.
    medicine my ass. It is for people who leave in pain. someone that calls it medicine since he needs it to relax, well, we call him an addict.

    • Jasplanet says:

      When u say “leave in pain” it made me think tat u are too retarded n lazy to correct it. But now it makes sence, i mean yeah u can live in pain, but to leave in pain is like, leaving after a fight or a real hard workout, ur leaving the fight or workout in pain, therefore “leave in pain” suits this situation. My mind was blown a lil bit, also i smoked too much indica today i dont know what imsayin

    • MooreUSMC says:

      Pot is not physically addictive. It is habituating but so are lots of things (running for instance).

  14. 757 says:

    What a dummy. Maybe Diaz will read this and get pissed.

  15. Rack Em says:

    Honestly who cares if someone’s smoking weed anymore? It’s not like it’s a performance enhancing drug. I’d rather have a lot of guys smoking than doing TRT

  16. DMAC says:

    This guys a fool! He got his med card just like everyone else so stop with that fake high horse talk. You smoke weed there’s no classified smokers a smokers a smoker.

  17. Dick Diaz says:

    this is how you know these UFC fighters don’t make enough money… cuz this dude definitely didn’t get counsel from a good lawyer on his statement… even a street lawyer would tell you what you said was stupid…

  18. Irie Nation says:

    Riddle it’s ok to smoke…lets sesh it up! I’m the collie man!!!

  19. BigJ says:

    WoW. your a UFC fighter why the fuck do you have a medical card, O wait to calm down. are you just a bigger bitch then other ufc fighters or what ? If you gonna smoke it just come out and say you smoke it because you want to i cant see these people who make excuses to justifi there addictions. O i need it to eat i am a tired, But there sitting there smoking with there buddies having a gay old time. fuck people are dumb

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