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Matt Riddle Comments on Fighter Pay: “I could work at McDonald’s and get paid more.”

Former UFC and Bellator fighter Matt Riddle is gearing up for his debut fight in the Titan Fighting Championship promotion. He will fight Michael Kuiper at Titan Fighting Championship 27 on Feb. 28.

Riddle made news back when he was released from the UFC for smoking marijuana. After that he joined Bellator, but chose to leave the organization before fighting even once.

Riddle recently spoke on Sherdog’s radio show, “Beatdown”. During the interview Riddle had this to say about why he retired.

“I retired from Bellator because they refused to give me an extension on my fight in the tournament or a fight this year, in 2013, when I was talking to them. I saw they would do other things for Joe Warren and other fighters that they just had a soft spot for, I guess. I didn’t like that, and honestly, getting fired from the UFC for marijuana — honestly, this whole sport is just politics and hypocrites and everything. I was really tired of it. And it’s not like I’m getting paid that well. I could work at McDonald’s and get paid more. That’s why I retired.”

What do you guys think? Is Riddle exaggerating a little here, or is the pay that bad?

BY: Ryan C. Miller


0 Responses to “Matt Riddle Comments on Fighter Pay: “I could work at McDonald’s and get paid more.””

  1. Don says:

    Actually, Mc Donald’s drug tests…

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      Oh Shit that was funny…he couldn’t even work at McD’s!!!!….Please boys and girls, this is what happens to you when you poison yourself…Riddle is the poster boy for reasons NOT to be a stoner.

      • Rodney says:

        And what is Michael Phelps? Weed is less harmless then cigarettes and alcohol and in a country that claims to be the most civilized in the world should not be wasting time and money fighting that. If you do not like it that is fine, don’t use it but don;t act like it is some terrible drug because it isn’t. Seriously though Gargoyle, do you live to post on cause I’ve seen your comments on so many of his articles.

        • Rodney says:

          less harmful*

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          I knew what you mean’t on the ‘harmful”. Good questions, (I know what you really mean, “for God’s sake quit fuckin posting so much asshole”…lol…So first I’ll speak to the many posts I do lately. Yep. I’m on a few hours during each day, due to rehabbing an injury. I can’t stand TV and between the physical stretching, weight lifting and swimming, I am on her posting my ass off. But, rest assured, I will be slowing down here in the next week as I will be traveling for business.

          Now to discuss your other point on Phelps, et al. The exact same shit was used to sell tobacco to the masses. Like the brain has nicotine receptors and it;s not very dangerous, people aren’t dying right after smoking it, etc etc. Just use common sense. You are starting some leaves on fire and inhaling smoke into your lungs from burning leaves. Doesn’t that seem odd to think it is ok? You have to stand up to things in life. I stand up to dope heads. They are sicker, less productive and a drain on society. I believe people are weak who use this. Plus, I don’t want smell that shit. and I don’t want some stoner behind the wheel. Anubody that have been moderate to heavy stoners that are over 50 are either dead broke or dead.

          You think it is ok, then that is your right, but me I’ll be beating that anti-dope drum forever. It’s a scourge and we have enough scourges in this world.

          That’s it.

        • NecroTheDon says:

          Lol people who smoke weed are a drain on society? That’s why phelps has multiple gold medals? You’re a fuckin idiot, I can name off anyone that has a higher I.Q. Then you do who smoke weed… Go live in your fucking trash can maybe learn to read a book instead of believing what your precious Fox News tells you to believe. And no one in history has died from smoking marijuana so your comment is completely invalid. I guess though if smoking weed makes you dumb then we should ban spoons and forks for making people fat huh? Retard.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          Let me guess…you are a pot head right? Just know your future is dead broke or dead. So you are a whiny libtard socialist commie that wants Daddy govt to take care of the little man? That means you are a thief and a criminal. Are you a sub-human mongrel?

        • joe says:

          Yea just look at joe rogan on his death bed n so broke

        • neil says:

          smoking weed does not automatically make you a thief or a criminal. you sound like a moron

        • beastmode21 says:

          You need to quit being so narrow-minded. Marijuana is proven not to be addictive, nor deadly. And the people on here are probably not potheads, they’re normal people that aren’t stuck up and have their own outlook on things rather than listening to bullshit fed out by the media. Some people become demotivated if they smoke weed daily but smoking occasionally is absolutely safe, it stimulates your brain cells which return to normal after a few hours. If you think marijuana is a terrible thing then you obviously have another thing coming to you haha. Many people you would never expect to be “pot-heads” smoke marijuana and there is actually a large quantity of very successful people out there that smoke a bit of marijuana.

        • Keep it Real says:

          ^^^^^ It’s not just that. The medicinal uses and positive health effects of cannabis actually far outweighs the negatives. And I’m not just talking about the infamous case of Glaucoma everyone in California (and now Colorado) seems to be having.

        • Keep it Real says:

          Not just multiple…..the most in Olympic history.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          So you two tools THINK pot is the reason Phelps won so many medals??? You too are definitely rationalizing the use of a dangerous psychotropic drug. I get it, it takes a lot of character and internal fortitude to look in the mirror and be honest with yourself and to realize that you are fucking up. Hope you wake up before you get too deep into the poisoning.

        • Keep it Real says:

          First of all, I never said ANYTHING about that being the reason why he has so many medals. Secondly, your ignorance with regards to cannabis is hilarious. I don’t smoke it, but I happen to have something called an open mind and a higher education. You’re obviously “that guy” who word vomits things you might have heard before legitimizing them through independent research. Also, I created this account (in part) because I’ve read nearly every article on this site for years, and have been reading your posts for quite some time. You’re definitely what we in my business call “a closed-minded fuck” sometimes. And I’ll say it again simply because I’m sure you’re too dense to comprehend me saying it the first time……I don’t even smoke the shit!

          And that, ladies and gents, is how you keep it real.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          Ok, KIR – I’ll address your comments in multiple ways. First, your inferences indicate that perhaps you feel that pot has “helped Phelps” win his medals….”the most in Olympic history”!? But perhaps you meant that even though he poisoned himself with pot, he STILL won…”the most in Olympic history”. That in spite of poisoning himself, he still has the most medals. Or perhaps you meant that the self-poisoning didn’t effect him at all. So which is it?

          Now, I’m your worst nightmare kid, I’m a conservative American Constitutional Academic All-American with a law degree from Harvard. So yes, I know a little about communist professors and their bullshit and so-called “open mindedness to freedom killing” You are clueless about pot and about life in general.

          I suggest that you do some more of your “research” and find out the TRUTH and not some agenda spewing dope head professor that has a bias research based on his prejudices.

          Now have I dumbed it down for you enough, Stoopid?

          Pot is WORSE than tobacco as psychotropic drug that has long term memory and brain function deterioration properties. It’s a f’ing poison.

          Lastly, I know you keep telling me that you don’t smoke pot, and that you are “open-minded” about it. Are you open-minded about deviant homosexual sex too? Yes, I’m sure you are. You kid, do not help society you are drain on it becasue you don’t stand for anything. That’s cool you are destructive and it’s good to embrace your role in life. How’s that for real talk??

        • Gargoyle's a LIAR says:

          Okay after reading this post I am calling BULLSHIT on you. You are nothing more then a liar and an idiot. You’ve been wrestling and boxing since you were 2, went to Harvard law school, only spend a couple hours on this site a day, and have only been on so much because of an injury. You are so full of shit its not funny man. You are just a dim-witted baboon babbling on a forum and an annoying one at that. Your post go back months ago, you are on this website literally all day with post through out it, and after reading your comments it obvious to me that you are no lawyer. My father went to Harvard law school and to prove you didn’t I have one question. Upon graduation each student is given something (a gift of sorts) from the professors. What is that gift? It’s been done every year since 1946 and don’t bother looking it up online because you will find nothing about it,. If you can tell me what it is I will believe you, if not then SHUT THE FUCK UP AND STOP POSTING!

        • holiday away says:

          He also runs a business grossing a half million a year in revenues. just another claim he made on a different article. The dude is a strait up and down liar.

        • couldn't ignore stupidity says:

          How DARE you disagree with him!!! He’s obviously a genius (whom mind you hasn’t tried it, so obviously knows jack shit about it.) and you must be a pothead for supporting a fucking plant that grows naturally. Oh, but my favorite part was when he said tobacco was better for you… Umm…. Yeah I’d rather smoke leaves than tar and rat poison. I Honestly feel like his posts should be outlawed, because I definitely lost more brain cells reading those, than had I been smoking weed for years… Hope he grows up and quits spewing lies someday.

        • Keep it Real says:

          Just for the mere pleasure of everyone viewing this, I’ll entertain you yet again.

          What I meant about Phelps was that even though the Baltimore area native blazed some weed, he STILL managed that feat. That’s like having one arm and holding UFC gold….

          You’re not my worst nightmare at all, but it’s entertaining to see you think so highly of yourself! With your most recent use of the word “libtard”, I’m going to go ahead and label you to be the extreme right winger that’s constantly pulling his hair out and crying in the corner when he doesn’t get his way in life. And whether you like to believe it or not, I happen to be a moderate centrist with an ever so slight lean toward the conservative side (call it slightly center-right if you will). Yet you act like we’re from different planets. Just goes to show that your fancy Harvard degree doesn’t teach you everything. And in all of this, you still manage to misspell the word stupid. <3

          The effects of cannabis, much like the recent (and ridiculous) political gun grab lobbying, has led me to keep up on current events, and I'm SURE I'm more educated on the subject than yourself. I do understand the long term effects, but think of this while you heal your injury…..Doctors prescribe all sorts of different classes of controlled substances. Let's take cocaine for instance. It's a good arterial constrictor for those with low blood pressure or like symptoms. It's not like someone is going to get prescribed an 8 ball for a potentially short term issue, or even prescribed that amount at all….especially when prescriptions like those are strictly controlled, regulated, and administered in the hospital. But your closed mind (and closed looped) theories will not allow you to see things that way.

          Now, I DO (yep, the bigger man said it) agree with you about the LONG term effects. Would I call it poison and smear it like the propaganda t-shirt 'Merica wearing guy like yourself? Of course not.

          I have a brother who has an alternative lifestyle. Hell, he probably makes more money than you…..and his partner makes even more. That, however, is a completely different debate, to which you again would lose.

          Care to tango some more sweetheart?

        • BIG BEN CANE! says:

          Dude, all you do is refute people by trying to insult them. Your arguments are pathetic and empty. You are ignoring science and fact that without doubt have determined that pot is not the dangerous drug it has been said to be. Saying stoners are stupid and unmotivated is absolutely retarded and that was the point being made with Phelps. He smokes and supports marijuana and is a perfect example of how weeds effects have been fabricated to scare people. It does not make you stupid, nor will it make you an unmotivated human being. That is Reefer Madness era thinking. In reality it is truely an amazing plant with so many different uses. It is Illegal because big tobacco knows they will never be able to compete with small local growers because marijuana needs a lot of attention to be a quality plant. “Above the Influence”, the campaign against marijuana use which use to play on tv commercials… Guess who their largest contributors were? Tobacco companies.Stop ignoring facts and science and shut up. If you don’t like it thats fine but dont call it some evil and dangerous drug when it isnt. Also, stop trying to act like a tough guy on the internet. No one cares nor believes the act and if I had a nickle for ever time some punk said he was a big bad MMA fighter on the internet I would be on par with Warren Buffet.

        • Keep it Real says:

          hahaha Good one.

        • Dustan Petron says:

          Your a fuckin Moran. … dumbest mother fucker ive read on here.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          I get it…you poison yourself and you are mad at the world. Try spring water next time you get your panties in a wad. Drogas No, Deportes Si cabron.

        • Dustan Petron says:

          I Don’t even smoke the stuff. But your just retarded. Anybody reading your post knows that. Your like a internet tough guy. Nothing but a pussy with a key board. Trying to piss everyone off.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          Well I pissed you off and that sure makes my day. I am a tough guy in 3d too punk. You up for it little whinny boy?

        • SlipSlap says:



  2. Someguy says:

    Then go fucken do it you pot head cunt, and quit your crying

  3. tlc kijiji says:

    At least if he worked at McDonald’s he could eat all the munchies he wants. I actually like Matt Riddle and I liked watching his fights, but he’s not exactly a genius. Besides, he’s making a lot less than 10k a fight now. Do any of you honestly think the UFC should pay someone like Matt Riddle…what…50k, maybe 100k for fighting? He’s done nothing. You can’t prove yourself as a commodity in 2 or 3 fights either. You have to show your stuff and consistency. What ever happened to working your way up or earning your keep by performance? Really, an MMA union? Oh that would be great. We could have lock outs because spoiled athletes want to hold out on collective bargaining agreements, and lawsuits and arbitration over salaries. And the UFC would close up shop in the US market and continue working without a Union in another country anyway. All they’d have to do is hold their fights in Canada, Brazil, Japan, or take their fighters to Macau and they wouldn’t have to pay taxes on their earnings. Guess who would end up paying the increased costs for operations? Hint: It’s not Dana, Lorenzo or Frank.

    Do any of you think that Nate Quarry was worth more than 10k for a fight? He didn’t win the TUF show, and was injured, he knocked out Pete Sell a couple of times and beat an old Shonnie Carter. His career has really come down to two highlight reels…him chasing Kaleb Starnes as Kaleb ran from him like a chicken for the fight, and the infamous fight with Franklin where Rich almost decapitated him. He’s didn’t even make 10k in all of his non-UFC fights combined. Sure, let’s give him GSP money or what Chuck Liddell made after knocking out several champions and top challengers. That makes sense.

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