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Monday, 07/23/2012, 09:54 am

Matt Riddle Calls Out "Butter-Toothed Britts", Wants Dan Hardy Fight | UFC NEWS

“I’m down to fight anybody, anytime, anywhere. Dan Hardy has a lot of hype behind him and I know if I beat him it will put me on the map, for sure. That’s the only reason why, I have nothing personal against him, he has nothing personal against me. A win over Dan Hardy and I guarantee everybody knows my name afterward. A win over somebody else might not give me the same recognition. I will be completely honest. When I fought in Manchester, England, they were very cruel to me. One fan actually spit directly in my face, and he was lucky enough where it hit my mouth … to be disrespected like that … for some butter-toothed Brit to spit in my mouth, that was some bull. And honestly, it’s never been the same.”

Rising welterweight Matt Riddle took a shot at an entire nation last Saturday night during the UFC 149 post-fight press conference and explained his discontent for the UFC’s british fan base.

In the same breath he also requested a bout with former number one contender Dan Hardy!



19 Comments to Matt Riddle Calls Out "Butter-Toothed Britts", Wants Dan Hardy Fight | UFC NEWS

  1. stephen riddle says:

    That would be very good for matt.probly a easy fight for him unless hardy gets a ground game.

    • Xaninho says:

      Are you related? Not being a smartass, honest question bro.

    • the original steve says:

      i’m just replying to you so its close to the top. i hate every writer for this site. the title makes controversy that isn’t there. they are 2 completely seperate things. pedro is a bitch

  2. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    I hope riddle destroys hardy. Dan hardy is a faggot britt with a retarded looking mo hawk.

  3. Fuck Matt riddle says:

    Fuck Matt riddle dan hardy could come back and say I wanna fight a thilfy child killing buck tooth moonshine knocking wife beating arrogant ignorant inbred American retard…but us ENGLISH are better than that

    Fuck it I’ll fight him I’ll get murdered but I could bite his face

  4. joshuah says:

    I’ve ALWAYS LOVED riddle he’s a goofy dude. I personally think Hardy would beat him unless riddle actually committed 2 just gettin the W & laying on Hardy.

    But I like riddle basically giving himself a “shit or get off the pot” scenario to challenge bigger named guys.

    Loved Dan till he ran his mouth sayin y would he fight riddle? There is nothing to gain from it.

    Well if Dan beats amir then riddle that would prove he’s above b list guys by beating 3 straight. But wtf is he talkin about Dan is 5-4 in the UFC & riddle is 7-3 no reason to be a dick Dan keep ur focus on amir but dont disrespect a Guy who said he’d like 2 fight u. Lytle could have done that to him.

    These guys get egos & dont understand u have to fight up & comers to help the sport grow, next generation needs a shot, who was Hardy be4 he fought Swick?

    (Granted I understand Hardy’s comp has been FAR ABOVE riddles)

  5. 808 says:

    I advise that you all watch the post-fight press conference where this interview took place. The vibe was jocular with no shortage of laughs. This article is made up so that there seems to be a genuine hostility between Riddle and the Brits. I’ve noticed a spike of misleading titles from this site as of late.

    • Dick Diaz says:

      yeah, riddle isn’t associating “butter toothed brits” with Hardy; he’s singling out the rude brits from his international fights.

    • Rampage 2877 says:

      Agreed, I’d like to see MMA journalism take a higher road than the average “news” journalists. But i have noticed a lot of crappy misleading headlines entering sites.

  6. Xaninho says:

    I can understand he doesn’t like the British fanbase after being spit on. Spitting on a fighter is a fucking disgrace. I do have to say that spitter probably wasn’t a martial artist practitioner or even a real fan though.

    I think it was just one of the knuckle head football hooligans.

  7. Husky says:

    Wait, so he called out the “Butter- Toothed britt,” or Dan Hardy? What a fucking misleading title. GTF out of here.

  8. jack says:

    haha can’t even believe u american retards useing ancient stereotypes haha in the UK we have the NHS( free health and dental care) so we’re hardly butter toothed. Hardy would kill that stupid inbred **** riddle with a lead left hook haha

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