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Monday, 07/23/2012, 09:54 am

Matt Riddle Calls Out "Butter-Toothed Britts", Wants Dan Hardy Fight | UFC NEWS

“I’m down to fight anybody, anytime, anywhere. Dan Hardy has a lot of hype behind him and I know if I beat him it will put me on the map, for sure. That’s the only reason why, I have nothing personal against him, he has nothing personal against me. A win over Dan Hardy and I guarantee everybody knows my name afterward. A win over somebody else might not give me the same recognition. I will be completely honest. When I fought in Manchester, England, they were very cruel to me. One fan actually spit directly in my face, and he was lucky enough where it hit my mouth … to be disrespected like that … for some butter-toothed Brit to spit in my mouth, that was some bull. And honestly, it’s never been the same.”

Rising welterweight Matt Riddle took a shot at an entire nation last Saturday night during the UFC 149 post-fight press conference and explained his discontent for the UFC’s british fan base.

In the same breath he also requested a bout with former number one contender Dan Hardy!



19 Responses to “Matt Riddle Calls Out "Butter-Toothed Britts", Wants Dan Hardy Fight | UFC NEWS”

  1. stephen riddle says:

    That would be very good for matt.probly a easy fight for him unless hardy gets a ground game.

  2. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    I hope riddle destroys hardy. Dan hardy is a faggot britt with a retarded looking mo hawk.

  3. Fuck Matt riddle says:

    Fuck Matt riddle dan hardy could come back and say I wanna fight a thilfy child killing buck tooth moonshine knocking wife beating arrogant ignorant inbred American retard…but us ENGLISH are better than that

    Fuck it I’ll fight him I’ll get murdered but I could bite his face

  4. joshuah says:

    I’ve ALWAYS LOVED riddle he’s a goofy dude. I personally think Hardy would beat him unless riddle actually committed 2 just gettin the W & laying on Hardy.

    But I like riddle basically giving himself a “shit or get off the pot” scenario to challenge bigger named guys.

    Loved Dan till he ran his mouth sayin y would he fight riddle? There is nothing to gain from it.

    Well if Dan beats amir then riddle that would prove he’s above b list guys by beating 3 straight. But wtf is he talkin about Dan is 5-4 in the UFC & riddle is 7-3 no reason to be a dick Dan keep ur focus on amir but dont disrespect a Guy who said he’d like 2 fight u. Lytle could have done that to him.

    These guys get egos & dont understand u have to fight up & comers to help the sport grow, next generation needs a shot, who was Hardy be4 he fought Swick?

    (Granted I understand Hardy’s comp has been FAR ABOVE riddles)

  5. 808 says:

    I advise that you all watch the post-fight press conference where this interview took place. The vibe was jocular with no shortage of laughs. This article is made up so that there seems to be a genuine hostility between Riddle and the Brits. I’ve noticed a spike of misleading titles from this site as of late.

    • Dick Diaz says:

      yeah, riddle isn’t associating “butter toothed brits” with Hardy; he’s singling out the rude brits from his international fights.

    • Rampage 2877 says:

      Agreed, I’d like to see MMA journalism take a higher road than the average “news” journalists. But i have noticed a lot of crappy misleading headlines entering sites.

  6. Xaninho says:

    I can understand he doesn’t like the British fanbase after being spit on. Spitting on a fighter is a fucking disgrace. I do have to say that spitter probably wasn’t a martial artist practitioner or even a real fan though.

    I think it was just one of the knuckle head football hooligans.

  7. Husky says:

    Wait, so he called out the “Butter- Toothed britt,” or Dan Hardy? What a fucking misleading title. GTF out of here.

  8. jack says:

    haha can’t even believe u american retards useing ancient stereotypes haha in the UK we have the NHS( free health and dental care) so we’re hardly butter toothed. Hardy would kill that stupid inbred cunt riddle with a lead left hook haha

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