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Thursday, 03/21/2013, 10:33 am

Matt Riddle Calls Dana White “Bald Juice Monkey” | UFC NEWS

Not one to sit by quietly in any situation, former UFC welterweight Matt Riddle shared his opinions with Stephanie Joplin in an interview posted yesterday.  Riddle was cut from the UFC following his second failed drug test over marijuana, and insults between the fighter and UFC president, Dana White, ensued.


Most recently, White responded to Riddle’s claim that he would not come back to the UFC if they asked.  White replied, “I’ll make it real easy for him, we just won’t ask him.”  He further elaborated the reasoning behind cutting the fighter, saying that Riddle is “a ****ing moron.  That’s why he’s not here.  He’s cut because he’s a moron.”


In the interview, Riddle has now retorted by calling Dana White a “juice monkey who’s bald [and] who doesn’t know shit about business.”  About Dana calling him a moron, Riddle claims, “I really don’t have a reaction to it because, to be honest, Dana White… it’s sad but he’s uneducated to the sport and the industry.  He’s calling me a moron for using my medicine when half his fighters are on steroids.  It’s pretty offensive.”


Riddle insists that, “even now, I don’t have a dislike for Dana White or the UFC.”


Matt Riddle has signed with Legacy Fighting Championships, which based out of Texas.


0 Responses to “Matt Riddle Calls Dana White “Bald Juice Monkey” | UFC NEWS”

  1. squid says:

    that’s right matt! take it to the man! haha riddle’s definitely not coming back to the ufc

    • All that smoke is from... says:

      the frickin bridges that are being TORCHED by Riddle!!!!! Riddle should be on Ridlin, the retard. Has no credibility and never amounted to much in MMA. Sorry dude.

  2. YoMama says:

    While I agree that Dana uses/used juice in the past, and I agree that half the UFC (if not more) juice, I do not think Riddle went about this the smart way. Although, it is a joke that these idiots who gamble on fighting think that mary jane is a PED. 99% of the human race are no smarter than the average burger flipper, no matter how successful they are.

  3. Donovan says:

    this guy was an idiot on TUF and he still hasnt grown up even the slightest bit

  4. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Ummmmm, I don’t know about you fellas, but when a pothead and/or a psycho trashs me one minute and then says that he has no hard feelings the next, I’m thinking druggie psycho!!! Yah, I’m gonna trust this moron.

  5. 757 says:

    Riddle is a fucking moron….fucking smokers ha ha what a goof who cares I’m glad he’s gone

  6. Mark says:

    For a substance to be considered for inclusion on the List of Prohibited Substances and Methods, it needs to meet any two of the following three criteria:
    •Be performance enhancing;
    •Potentially a health risk;
    •Against the spirit of sport.

    Cannabis is considered to be in violation of all three main disqualifying criteria. It violates the first (performance enhancement) because of its ability to decrease anxiety and fear, and potentially to improve some types of oxygenation and concentration. It violates the second (health risk) because it can result in, among other things, “decreased cognitive performance” and “pulmonary toxicity.” It violates the third (spirit of sport) because of the drug’s widespread illegality and conflicts with the “role model of athletes in modern society,” along with “negative reactions by the public, sponsors, and the media.”

    (@ YoMama Best if you don’t toss 99% of the population under the “Short Bus” before you break down and investigate the facts…)

  7. MarkHunt says:

    stfu Mark go write a book or something weed should be legeal beceause it takes away the ambition to fight

  8. UFC 84 Forever says:

    Matt Riddle is a joke

    Also for the record they give Weed to people with glaucoma and cancer. etc. the reason for this is that it is a natural painkiller and can slow down the spread of the cancer, yaddah yaddah.

    Weed’s fine and all; it can be great, but it’s against the rules and as such these fighters have to follow it, it doesn’t matter the logistics of the rule, but just that you follow it.

    • Wes says:

      Yes if there rules are applied equally a fairly. Riddle did not test positive by the NSAC. it was sanctioned by the UFC meaning Dana White made the decision. It seems unfair to do this considering the Diaz brothers have been busted several time and Chris Leben, Chael Sonnen and Alister Overreem have tested positive and still have an active career in the UFC. Dana has to much authority and clearly abuses when he becomes emotional.

  9. Frank says:

    It would be nice though if Dana White would have random “right now!” testing in the UFC to clean everything up.

  10. 757 says:

    Hey Mark says….Pot is illegal. The company won’t tolerate it and that’s that. Who cares if you or the other smokers feel it should be legal. Stop the stupid talk about it……. it’s illegal. Now you and the other smokers need to decide if being a part of a company is more important than getting high or not. STFU

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