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Tuesday, 10/18/2011, 10:57 am

Matt Lindland: Anderson Silva wont make it out of the third round with Chael

“I think the rematch would look just like the first one, except I’ve got a game plan for Chael to finish him before the end of the third round. So, yeah it’ll look similar to their first encounter, but with some additional techniques and strategy, it won’t make it to the championship rounds.”

Coach/Friend/Trainer/Sparring partner to Chael Sonnen, Mr. Matt “The Law” Lindland talks to about his strategy to correct where Sonnen went wrong in his first bout with Anderson Silva.

As for as the Oregonians go, they are dead set on booking this fight and setting the record straight, however, their Brazilian counterparts aren’t too keen on the idea of a rematch. Luckily for everyone, the power lies in the hands of the UFC and what’s next for the two middleweight fighters should be announced in the coming months.

Anyone think Sonnen can take Anderson out?


55 Responses to “Matt Lindland: Anderson Silva wont make it out of the third round with Chael”

  1. Brit says:

    I think this time he will go in over confident, think he will do what he did last time and lose within 2.

  2. sup says:

    he KOed him self what does he know!!!!!!! also think he is the one who helped yushin get his ass kicked. and he never said what the title says so go to college pedro and learn how to do your job.

    • Brave Reply says:

      You know I’m not one to point out grammatical errors or spelling errors BUT, Pedro it seems I find more than 90% of the stories you post have some sort of error. You are supposed to be a professional. Who is editing and proof reading your stories if there is any? Also this Title thing happens a lot. Title says one thing and the story says a completely different thing.

      • Sup & Brave Reply says:

        Was the title changed or the story changed? The title paraphrases what Lindland said accurately. What are you guys talking about? As far as grammatical errors for short blurbs written like this, these are not magazine articles. So a comma is missing or the period is in the wrong place. Incorrect punctuation and grammar? Yes. Should he be graded? Nah.

        • Ur mother lover says:


        • Brave Reply says:

          I see errors in almost every single one of the stories on this site. Its just a statement. I’m not looking for an excuse or a debate. It is what it is. I just think if someone is going to write for a site that millions around the world go to, then it should be done in a professional manner and get edited and proofread by someone other than the writer himself.

      • Fortyb4five says:

        Your stupid. The title is 100% correct. Lindland says it won’t make it to the championship rounds….which means it won’t go past the 3rd…derp…fuckin imbecile.

  3. jason N says:

    lindland should hush it before he tarnishes his own rep

  4. i Gapfilled Ur Mom says:

    remember when Matt got KTFO by robbie LOLer, yeah, he should stay that way. knocked out and lifeless.

  5. Edward r says:

    I think that the fight will end fast, but it will be sonna getting ko… If u watch the first fight, u can till silva was in pain th throw a punch. U can tell his rib was killing him, but I will say the only reason he took the fight hurt, because he was think sonna was a jock and he can walk all over him.. This time he will be 100% and will ko sonne in the 2 or chock him out by rocking him

  6. Ernie says:

    Not gonna happen!! Chael needs to shut the fuck up and fight… Dudes gonna loose, again!! Cheated the first time.. Couldnt even beat while on steroids. What makes u think hes gonna win now..

  7. Jmad says:

    Chael’s sidekick trying to get some face time. It’s like Pinky and the Brain.

  8. marco says:

    LOLOL right and vs Vitor Belfort he got knocked the fk out but Robbie put em to sleep for an xtra 10 min Hahaha fkn Matt Lindland sux dick for coc go learn how to fight before u talk shot fkn..pinchi orejon

  9. Tyler Kartler says:

    Lindland who? Get out of here.

  10. yeah says:

    ridiculous. He’s probably been delusional since that vitor ko

  11. Al Callander says:

    Matt, Matt,Matt
    What are yoy talking about? Sonnen not only cheated that fight but he fought an injured fighter and still lost. Even if you say he dominated the fight, take a look at sylva’s face!!! Sonen couldn’t punch his way through a wet paper bag. Silva didn’t even have ANY swelling after he was on the bottom for 4 and almost 5 rounds. Sonen will get KO’d quick and he’ll never be heard of again. He just has a big mouth and does steroids to win fights. I guess he’s lucky he was never checked before or he wouldn’t be in the UFC at all!!!

  12. Matt says:

    The last time I check Chael has a 5-4 UFC record with 4 of his wins coming by decision. Brian Stann was the first fighter Sonnen ever finished in the UFC. Lindland 2-5 in his last seven fights anywhere. These two need to just shut the hell up and when they start winning and finishing fights, then maybe start the shit talking.

  13. zack says:

    hes 100% correct when he says it wont make it to the championship rounds just so very wrong on who he thinks is gunna win. silva by whatever he wants

  14. Sean says:

    I don’t know why Chael markets his fights like some big time promotion. I think this guy is way too over-confident. Personally I give all respect to any fighter, whether it be the UFC or any organization, regardless of their accolades, they are established fighters. It take a different mindset to do what they do.

    Now with Chael; he did not beat up on Anderson for 4 rounds, Anderson was timing and looking for the right move to dismantle his ass using Nogiera BJJ. Chael, started shooting off his mouth about the Nogiera brother BJJ being fake and not credible, Anderson just wait for 4 rounds to finally tap his ass out. SIMPLY PUT, CHAEL HAS WON THE FIGHT IN HIS HEAD, BUT IN HIS HEART, HE IS ALREADY DEFEATED. He has won the battle of words and wits, but the actually fight, Anderson will finish him in true style this time.

  15. KRTC says:

    Ya, 5-4 in the UFC, just goes to show if u talk sht and get fans anxious to see u get whooped by the best middleweight ever, u can talk ur way into a title shot. After Silva embarrasses Chael the Cheater Silva should get some1 who deserves a title shot.

  16. Rev. says:

    You’ll all look like asses when Chael takes the belt! Go ahead and flame on me flamers!!! Chael will be the one to end the Spiders reign!!!!!!

  17. It's Beard Fasade, dammit says:

    No. With stricter testing (hopefully) for Mr. Sonnen and a (hopefully) healthy Mr. Silva, this fight will be about as close as the Silva-Hendo fight. All Chael can do, especially if he gets this fight as fast as he wants it, is hope for an injured Silva or be trained by Pai Mei from Kill Bill.

  18. cory says:

    Who is matt again oh that guy is a nobody as is cheal you both suck and you shouldnt even put your 2 cents in you suck and will never make it in the ufc oh you dont fight there you fight a handicap fight club and still struggle you should just shut up i would love to fight you and cheal but you to whores wouldnt step to the challenge

    • EdSoares'sBalls says:

      First, a keyboard warrior like you who is probably a fat fucking pussy shouldn’t be telling anybody to not put their 2 cents in.

      Secondly, Lindland fought in the UFC.

      It’s morons like you who make the MMA community seem like it is full of a bunch of 7th grade faggots.

  19. P R O D I G Y says:

    Chael is light years ahead of anderson in every aspect of mma

  20. dmg says:

    anderson will KO him this time instead of trying to tap him out like he wanted to last time

  21. Medicine Man says:

    Both are technical fighters, but Anderson possess more arsenal to counter Chael’s attacks. I’d vote for a rematch so Chael and the rest of his riders can stfu already and see the beat down that Anderson is gonna give.

  22. dmg says:

    if matt lindland and steven seagal fought i would bet on seagal .

  23. Ur mother's lover says:

    Well I can see why people would want to jump over to the dark side and go against Silva. But the I do believe Silva has been injured and taking it easy on the fighter since he fight over see’s when he made the UFC title fight look like a joke. But I do believe Silva will make him look like a joke and will destroy him in such a fashion I can’t discribe because that what he does. He win in way we don’t see it coming. So thumbs up for Silva.
    And to the Internet gang bangers getting angry talking shit. Calm down you guys will never meet and your attitude towards this page is a disgrace to the sport. Get your point through and see what others think. Te real fights are on tv not between yous.

  24. red one says:

    sonnen wins , no excuses but the wrong fly got caught in the spiders web…bitches!!! fuck silva and his wanna be gentleman tactics…fucker will lose

  25. James says:

    Lindland needs to shut up, hes a can and he knows it. He never has or never will accomplish what Anderson has and hes just jealous (and so is his little butt buddy chael). These guys are just wrestlers who can’t avoid submissions so they talk shit on Brazilians.

  26. King Gareth says:

    If Chael wins, it will be decision.

  27. Surfari says:

    What’s the game plan testosterone replacement

  28. CBraun says:

    LOL @ Lindland.
    When was the last time you made it out of a fight still conscious?

  29. Chaels a Douche says:

    tooo bad, sooo sad for Chael. Got a big hole in his face, can’t win his fights. Is their a steroid for depression?

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