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Tuesday, 10/23/2012, 08:11 pm

Matt Hughes wishes Georges St. Pierre would finish more fights | UFC News

UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes knows current UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre all too well, having faced him three times inside the octagon.

The rivalry between the two began at UFC 50 in New Jersey, Hughes being the current welterweight champion at the time went on to win their first encounter, forcing GSP to tap out to an armbar submission with 1 second left in the first round.

Their second fight, which took place at UFC 65 in Sacramento, California, represented the shifting of power atop the welterweight division. Longtime UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes was defeated by GSP that night via TKO in the second round.

The GSP-Hughes trilogy bout went down at UFC 79 and was for the interim welterweight championship. The result was a second round victory for GSP, who forced Hughes to tap with an arm bar.

After fighting “Rush” on three occasions, Matt Hughes thinks GSP has all the talent and ability in the world to finish fights and wishes he would just go out there and do it more often, but his tendency to be ‘careful’ has prevented him from doing so.

Here are Matt’s thoughts on the matter via The MMA Hour:

“My one criticism with Georges is I wish the guy would finish more people because I know he has the ability to. He’s the best guy I’ve ever fought. I just wish he would go out there and do that to everybody else the way he made me feel. I’m not being mean, I’m, just being very honest. The guy has so much talent, just go out there and use it all. I think he’s just very careful. He doesn’t want to lose, which of course nobody does, but then the more effort you put into finishing a fight the more you open yourself up. Matt Serra is a great example, he was going out there striking with him and he got caught with a punch. I think he’s just a very careful person.”

When asked who he felt is the greatest welterweight of all time, Hughes said:

“You would have to say either me or Georges. I guess to differentiate, it would be opinion.”

When asked to choose one, Matt simply stated:

“Well, Georges beat me twice.”

Georges St. Pierre will make his long awaited return to the octagon to face interim champ Carlos Condit for the undisputed welterweight championship at UFC 154. The November 17th event will mark the third time that GSP will have fought in front of his home town crowd of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


18 Responses to “Matt Hughes wishes Georges St. Pierre would finish more fights | UFC News”

  1. Could you Please Pass the TRT? says:

    Don’t we all wish he would finish fights

  2. Demigod says:

    Yup Georges did beat you twice. Also the level of fighter is much more complex now.

    • allmightysandman says:

      LOL…this is pretty funny coming from a guy that GSP finished twice. I hear what he’s saying, but maybe he’s not the most appropriate guy to say it!

      Matt Hughes wouldn’t be nearly as dominant today as he was say five years ago…IMO he’s another of the OG that has been passed by. MMA has evolved way more than he ever could have.

  3. Mike b says:

    He finished u two times Matt.Lol,but I hear what he’s saying.gsp fights very smart and technical.sometimes it looks like gsp fights to win and he’s afraid to get hit.but hey we can talk all the shit we want about the guy but he always comes out on top no matter how u look at it.Hes the champ for a reason.

  4. Uh yeah says:

    You can’t really compare the fighters of old, to the fighters now… because the fighters are old. I’ll take a younger Prime Matt Hughes, over GSP any day.

    • Tyler says:

      I would have to agree although I am a big GSP fan. Matt in his prime was almost to strong for anyone to handle. Country strength is something you dont play with!

  5. Sean says:

    To all the morons saying “lolol he finished you two times” yea that’s the point he know he can finish better then most people. Learn to read the fucking article and not just the title

    • allmightysandman says:

      I read, and comprehended, the article just fine. My point, and I think the other points that are in line with mine, is that a guy that has been finished by another guy, is simply not the appropriate person to say this. that’s it.

      IF, by his own admission, Hughes is not as good a fighter as GSP, then he should probablyl just stfu and keep on farming.

  6. patrickdamon says:

    Matt’s right on… y’all remember that fight with Koscheck (ufc 124)? GSP fought a smart fight, but it was boring because he was holding back. GSP needs to go all in and start tapping out little bitches like Koscheck – especially the way he lipped off to GSP in The Ultimate Fighter. Matt Hughes = Legend. I’m gonna miss watching that boy fight.

    • kevin cormier says:

      he beat the shit out of kos for 5 rounds, way more damage than a quick finish. Also kos just stood there trying to not get koed.

      • Shawn says:

        I agree. A good fight is a good fight. There have been plenty of fights that have gone the distance, but will go in MMA history as some of the best fights. Personally, seeing a one sided beat down for 5 rounds, is just as good as a first round KO or sub. In many cases, it’s even better. Longer fight full of punishment. However, if your not FIGHTING (like your at least trying to finish the guy), and just trying to win on points, then THAT’S a boring fight. Which we’ve seen from others. GSP, except for his fight against Fitch, has always been fun to watch. Yes, it would be nice to see him finish his opponents. But until then, watching him school and beat on guys the whole fight is good enough for me.

      • allmightysandman says:

        agreed. it was quite sweet watching him smash Fraggles eye up and see kos be completely shut down as far as his wrestling and right hand go.

        brilliant win for GSP.

  7. vincejai says:

    dunno why people are bashing on matt, restating what he already said. You guys talk as if he didn’t know he got beat twice when he clearly admits that GSP is a better fighter than he is.

    matt’s being real, and just giving GSP credit where its due, and hes right. GSP is talented enough, but scared to put himself out there

    kudos matt, not as big as a douche as you were back in the day.

  8. dante080 says:

    What he is saying is true. After losing to serra, gsp became more conservative. While before he would attack without mercy, now he is careful not to put himself in danger first

  9. punchkick says:

    matt serra changed gsp. :)

  10. kevin cormier says:

    why would he go out of his to finish people who are barely even fighting back after a few rounds? Most people fight to not get finished hoping GSP makes a mistake.

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