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Tuesday, 10/23/2012, 11:35 am

Matt Hughes Wants To Become A Judge, Possibly Open A Judging Academy

“When I’m a judge, I can only help the fighters that are right in front of me,” Hughes explained. “I would rather have a piece of a school, or help these judges figure out the best way to judge. Of course, I wouldn’t be the lead person. I wouldn’t want any financial interest in it whatsoever. But by gosh, these judges need to have some knowledge. They can’t go from a boxing atmosphere and think that [MMA] is going to be the same way. You just can’t.”

“I’ve judged a lot of matches and I’ve reffed a lot of matches, and so I think I could help out in figuring out what the best criteria is. My number one criteria when it comes to judging a mixed martial arts fight is damage. Whoever does the most damage probably ought to win the round. If you’re on bottom, if you’re on top, if you’re on your feet, whoever does the cumulative most damage in a round, is probably going to win. And some of these judges think that because one guy was on top the whole five minutes, just because he was on top, they think he should have won the round. The bottom guy could have been throwing great elbows, creating a huge amount of damage, but they just don’t see that.”

During yesterday’s session with “The MMA Hour” Matt Hughes discussed his departure from active competition and what he plans to do to stay active in Mixed Martial Arts.

Judging reform is a great calling, is it not?


15 Responses to “Matt Hughes Wants To Become A Judge, Possibly Open A Judging Academy”

  1. GSP on yourself says:

    This would be awesome. I really want to see former fighters judge fights! Imagine a fight being judged by Matt Hughes, Randy, and Royce Gracie. I think this is exactly what the future of the sport needs.

    • Eric The Bestia says:

      I’ll say Hughes, Gracie & Liddell instead of Randy Couture. He sounds sometimes like Cecil Peoples

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      I can’T wait until all these ex fighters run off all the CROOKED on the “TAKE” judges like Cecil Peoples and Doc Hamilton. Both of those crooks have RUINED some of the best fighst in history. Both those idiots gave Bisping the win over Hamill after Hamill kicked Bisping ass NONSTOP for 15 minutes. Those same crooks gave Machida the decision in the first Shogun fight. Those crooks gave that iranian dude taht kicked varner in nuts time sin one fight a draw after Varner had beat his ass nonstop for 15 minutes. Can’t think of his name the UFC just released him. He looks like he would cut your throat with a curved knife for looking at him wrong?????? NO 2 judges have screwed more fighters becausse of payoffs than these 2 crooks. Someday the ex fighters will take away the worst part of todays CURRENT MMA (JUDGING) another shi’ty judge is Jeff Blatnick who is the one taht wrote all the rules for MMA 15 year ago and of course he made all the rules favor wrestlers as he is gold medalist wrestler. Best rule in College wrestling is the NO STALLING rule and of course he left taht one out so now we fans are probably stuck with STALLING ie: LAY N PRAY (FOREVER) Fitch still holds to all time record for getting point deductions for stalling in college wrestling. Thats almost as much to be proud of as his 38-68 record. Ben Askren, Johny Hednricks had more PINS (PINFALLS) in one season than Fitch had wins in 5 years. you guys can have lay n pray its ruining MMA almost as much as horrible CORRUPT judging

  2. MMAnalyst says:

    yes! and refs should also study with judges and vice versa to help them understand more of the sport

  3. onepunch says:

    I think this would be great but I don’t think former fighters being judges is necessarily the greatest thing….there will always be some bias…an academy for scoring would be the best…a system everyone goes by. Right now there’s just too much self interpretation.

  4. BJJWhiz says:

    sometimes i feel like the refs could be better judges than the judges themselves

  5. Weave McQuilt says:

    This sounds like a great idea. MMA needs more experienced judges.

  6. Misha says:

    Judging is a very precise discipline, and it matters less that one was a fighter than whether one is intelligent, focused, and has mastered the criteria for judging an MMA fight. Some of the best judges have never been MMA fighters (none of these are former boxing judges), and being a fighter does not necessarily mean that you possess the skills needed to be an excellent judge. One analogy might be in football, many great football players make terribel coaches. The former players that make good coaches have intelligence, patience, and the willingness to apprentice to learn the art of coaching. I feel it’s the same with judging…some former fighters will become mediocre judges.

    • Aaron says:

      The problem with your argument is that you are comparing judging and coaching, which are nowhere near related. Former MMA fighters make good judges because they understand the sport inside and out from experience, they know the subtleties that are taking place that most current judges miss (which can typically only be picked up on from experience in the cage, which is why many new fans don’t understand BJJ), they know when actual damage is being done as Matt said, and so much more. I would agree with you whole heartedly if you were saying that former MMA fighters could be bad coaches, as some have been great and some have been terrible. But as far as judging, the connection you are trying to make makes no sense at all. Sure, some will be bad, but we are talking about someone with a legacy such as Matt Hughes here. One last thought…a school can only teach so much. You can only fully grasp what is really going on in the cage from the experience of being there. Whether in the classroom setting, or as a judge himeslf, this is where the experience and expertise of someone such as Matt Hughes (and others as respected as he) would be a great addition!

  7. gundamwing says:

    well considering most of these mma fighters have high rank with multiple arts such as bjj, wrestling and stand up fighting of any kind, they would surely be able to judge fights because they know what they’re looking at. and they’ll probably be able to judge better than a guy who knows a thing or two.

  8. Mayor of Deviance says:

    I would be careful about letting him judge until Matt Hughes gets a little older. As of now he could potentially judge people he’s fought before, which could give him some bias. Teaching others how to judge MMA better though? Definitely sounds like a good idea.

  9. beats studio says:

    Go by way of these more mature items and look for your that tickle the fancy. Pull these individuals out and revel in them rather than the new solution you

  10. Kjtrlt says:

    Brilliant idea! Something needs to be done in this regard, ASAP. Erratic, irrational judging is one of the main issues the UFC and MMA at all levels face. There are a litany of questionalble UFC fights (Edgar vs Bendo I and II, Edgar vs Maynard II, etc) and it’s even worse at the regional level. Not only do the unexpected results infuriate fans, but it can ruin a fighters’s career and life, and that’s not fair. How bad it must feel as a young up and comer to never get that shot because of a poor judging decision. A standard, a curriculum needs to be established globally, so as in many sports (soccer, tennis, pretty much any Olympic sport), we’re all on the same page, and it’s fair.

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