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Thursday, 03/22/2012, 08:58 am

Matt Hughes Responds To Hardy Callouts | He Should Worry About Winning Fights

“I’m at a crossroads between fighting another fight or retirement. I’m 38, and I keep getting older and the fighters keep staying the same age. I wanted the Fall and Spring off, and now it’s time to talk with DW [Dana White]. I don’t get to decide my own fights. Dana White and the UFC does. I don’t know who it would be. I’d love to fight someone who already beat me. Thiago (Alves), it happened, I took that fight on short notice. He did too, so maybe that would be a fight I look for. (Dan Hardy) has a fight coming up and he’s worried about me? He hasn’t looked that good in his last few fights. He should worry about that.”

Former UFC welterweight champion, Matt Hughes responds to the callouts of fellow welterweight Dan Hardy on this week’s edition of “UFC Tonight” on FUEL TV.


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70 Responses to “Matt Hughes Responds To Hardy Callouts | He Should Worry About Winning Fights”

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Hardy has to go down as the most overrrated-MOST UNDESERVED fighter to ever get a titlle shot. GSP was scared to death of his standup which is even more funny. A REAL FIGHTER would have went after Hardy at his own game just like Diaz and Condit always do (Condit until his fight with Diaz)

      Everyone knows If hardy wasn’t a Brit he woudl have been RELEASED after his 3rd loss in row let alone his 4th. Big man Hardy try an dcall out a 40 year old man while you are booked to fight someone else

      • yep says:

        The ONLY reason he’s still in the UFC is because he is the only poster child for the UK other than Bisping.

        They are trying to ride that “UK Punk” theme out as long as it can to get UK fans money. He’s just a walking stereotype from his entrance theme song (Cocksparrer – England Belongs to me), to wearing the bandanna across the face… Sorry Dana and Co…. the jig is up.. We all know he sucks, even the UK fanboys know this.

  1. Rob says:

    Lost a lot of respect for Dan Hardy for this. You don’t call out fighters when you are on a four fight losing streak. Especially an older fighter, like Matt Hughes, who s unsure weather or not he wants to fight again.

    • foxy79_ says:

      Exactly that was pure disrespect to this sport and to a legacy of someone far superior.

    • BiggoTrav says:

      It was certainly a very douchey thing to do, however, from a business standpoint, it may have been very smart. He is gambling that his striking paired with Hughes’ waning ability to take a good hard strike could be what he needs to get back in the W column. If it were to work out that way, it would be the best thing for his career, but if he gets stuck underneath Matt, he’s done (think of the Rumble fight).

  2. Dick Diaz says:

    lmao this is so true… sigh, Dan…

  3. foxy79_ says:

    Tell him Matt War HUGHES for life!!

  4. I have better stand-up than Mayhem Miller says:

    You don’t call the greatest WW of all time when your in a 4-fight losing streak.

    • Big J says:

      You do when you’re on a four fight losing streak, and looking for a fighter who is on the decline….increases his chances to win…STRATEGY!

    • You're terrible says:

      I’m sorry, but I couldn’t just let this slide. your terrible attempt at a joke by making fun of Mayhem Miller just because his last fight was terrible just pisses me off. Apparently you are one of those “new” mma fans who has never seen a PRIDE fight except when you search “Rampage” on youtube.

      Mayhem is a badass fighter (and has a ton of class, which is rare to find in fighters these days) and you wouldn’t last 3 min’s in the cage with him. Give respect where respect is due. He went the distance with GSP. And has fought top fighters in their prime. So why don’t you just take a step back and punch yourself in the nuts. A REAL mma fan would know that Mayhem is not a chump.

      • :] says:

        Sorry the off topic rant, but I just had to say something about that.. Mayhem Monkeys UNITE!!!

      • chris says:

        1: Mayhem looked awful in his last fight.
        2: Whether or not he’d beat one of us is comepletely irrelevant unless the person he would be fighting is a current or past UFC fighter.
        3: Its entirely possible to be a decent fighter but have shoddy stand up. Look at Matt Hughes.

  5. oh well says:

    everything matt just said up here is 100% true. dan does need to worry about his upcoming fight. but what dan said has more to do with a fundamental belief than a fight. i think matt hughes is the greatest WW and one of the greatest fighters period of all time. but he still kills innocent animals for sport and posts about it all the time on his website. it’s sickening, really.

    while i love matt hughes, the fighter…matt hughes, the hunter disgusts me.
    i applaud dan hardy for sticking up for his beliefs. shooting animals for fun is just not right.

    • BiggoTrav says:

      His beliefs or his propaganda?

      • insidemma says:

        What’s the difference?
        Isn’t everybody pushing what they believe on everybody else these days anyway?

        At least he’s standing up for something that is tangible. Hughes really IS shooting animals. He has his own cable tv show dedicated to it. It’s not just some made-up thing like religion.

        • baldy says:

          there’s nothing wrong with hunting. people have been doing it for thousands of years, and they will continue to do so for thousands of years…eat your tofu and shut up. ill be eating venison…

        • Rah-Z says:

          U Americans are plain stupid! Yes hunting has been going on for a long time. But ppl hunt out of necessity. They hunt because they have to – for food. Not for sport.

          And to term your sport and coined it together with martial arts. That’s utter rubbish. And to see athletes calling themselves martial artist when they fight for a living is pure stupid. UFC is fake.

        • Dan S, says:

          Nothing wrong with hunting. As long as you eat what you kill. Hughes is the type of guy who Eats what he kills. I personally find game meat more delicious than Beef.

        • jason says:

          hughes might be the “type of guy” that eats what he kills, but he also kills for fun…and posts pictures about it.
          big difference.

    • Thehammrr says:

      Screw you PETA people, Matt Hughes is the man and hunting has nothing to do with mma. People all over the world hunt, society would never have existed without hunting…so screw u pu**ies.

      • truthmma says:

        I don’t think hunting for existence is what’s being questioned. Hughes buys his food at the local grocery store, just like you do.
        What PETA and even myself have a problem with, is his killing animals for fun. Like instead of going to the movies, he prefers to shoot wild pigs from a helicopter for entertainment. It doesn’t make you a pussy for thinking that’s wrong. It is wrong.

        Oh…and there’s this thing called evolution that has brought us far from the days where we needed to hunt for survival, so don’t give me that crap. millions of farmers around the world would go out of business if we all stopped buying their products and instead took it upon ourselves to hang out in the woods, killing our own food. Not to mention all the idiots accidentally shooting each other. Hmm…on second thought, maybe you should go hunting…

        • Jeff says:

          Do you think he just shoots animals and leaves them to rot? True sportsmen/hunters have a bond with nature and are really the advocates for taking care of the environment. I see no problem with killing an animal as long as you do it as quickly as possible. If a deer is shot with a gun and dies instantly is that less humane than a deer being killed by a cougar or pack of wolves?
          Also, where do you think the meat you buy at the grocery store comes from? Are those cattle happy standing in mountains of their own crap and being force fed corn which they can’t even digest? Then jammed full of antibiotics so there meat doesn’t spoil and eventually led to a gate where they know they will die, scared sh$%less, then pop! a spike thru the brain and immediately gutted and bled then skinned.. I for one don’t want that kind of meat. What is more free range organic than hunting?? I’m mostly against people forcing there own opinions on others whether it be religion or vegetarianism.

        • Dick Niaz says:

          you forgot the part about where they are hung upside down by their rear hooves and have their throat’s slit while they are alive and conscious, flailing and contorting in the air in a state of terror before being skinned and dismembered ALIVE.

          click the link… do it…. check out 4:30-5min for good fun!!!

          p.s. – I don’t give a fuck what other people eat, who their imaginary friends are or what they do with their boy/girl parts

        • josh says:

          like he said, it wasn’t an issue with hunting for food. hughes is a big “sport” hunter.
          seriously man, killing something should never be a sport. you think he lands the helicopter and picks up all the dead animals? get real. they just sit out there and rot.

          yes he also hunts deer for food, but he brags about killing all sorts of animals on these sporting trips to texas, etc. pigs, rams, big cats….all kinds of animals. some he even takes his picture with. what kind of sicko does that? he has no bond with nature. i’d rather the animals get killed by wolves, or cougars. at least then they’d be eaten by an animal that actually needs to kill for food. no one in america needs to kill for food.

          if you don’t like the meats with steroids in them, buy free range, organic. there’s no excuse for not buying from a reputable place that treats their animals humanely. there are plenty of good farmers out there. and you should boycott these other places that PETA is always trying to shut down.

        • Chris says:

          Wrong. PETA has much larger issues with the meat industry than with hunting due to the environmental implications. Furthermore, many farmers would go out of business if it weren’t for hunters managing populations of various game animals such as deer (especially in states such as Missouri).

        • CurtisFoster says:

          oh yeah, because deer are such a threat.
          please mr big hunter man, please save me from the vicious deer!

          seriously, it;s their land anyway! we have no right to just plow it over and build huge apartment complexes and strip malls, then claim we need to kill the deer because they are now running through our neighborhoods. it’s their fucking land! go build your house somewhere else.

        • Chris says:

          Curtis Foster: It’s farm land that they ruin. And there are currently more deer in Missouri than there has ever been, so to claim it was their land in the first place is inaccurate.

        • baldy says:

          responsible hunting, while it is fun for sure, is needed still. take deer for example…they dont have many predators left (grizzlies, wolves, mountain lions, even bobcats) to keep their population healthy, strong, and in control. deer arent nearly as cute when theyre splattered all over your crush little prius.
          if you hunt RESPONSIBLY…not poaching, use all the meat, shoot them correctly so they dont suffer, is good for any prey animal population…since we (you included) continue to take more and more of their and their natural predator’s space…
          “peace! and vegetable rights! noone cares about the poor vegetables!” neil…the young ones.

        • AJ says:

          Sadly, this is another uninformed person speaking out before doing their research. First of all, you dont know what he does with the animals that he hunts and kills. So you have n right to judge. Second, what he is doing is legal, and we live in the United States…let him have his freedom and shut up since its none of your business anyways. Third, evolution (a completely unproven theory to date) has nothing to do with the subject of hunting or hunting for survival. Fourth, Matt Hughes never claimed he hunts for survival. That being said, he is completely open and honest about his intentions for hunting and doesnt pretend to be anything he is not. Fifth, this is an MMA article…wtf are you doing using this as your soap box to preach your beliefs? We come here to read MMA news and discuss said news, not to listen to you whine about your feelings on hunting. Sixth, if you morons who are so opposed to hunting did ANY research you would find that without hunting, wildlife would not only destroy farm lands that the very farmers you mentioned live off of, but the wildlife would also over run communities. If you dont think so, check out the wild pig situation going on in Hawaii. You good feelings, bleeding heart liberals claim to fight for education of the ignorant and for making the world a better place, yet here you are in the wrong place, off topic, and arguing points about which you are completely uneducated. This is just sad. P.S. Matt Hughes doesnt force his beliefs on anyone. He posts what he believes in on HIS website, and talks about it on HIS show. Its not forcing anything, its exercising freedom of speech…you dont have to watch it or go to his website if you dont like it. That is your choice, and if you are offended you have no-one to blame but yourself.

        • Dick Niaz says:

          I always find it amusing when someone says anything relating to treatment of animals and then someone else goes of on a mile long rant about it

          PREACH ON AJ- keep calling people morons and saying they are off topic and in the same sentence talking about pigs in Hawaii, spread the god word brother!!!

        • Dick Niaz says:

          * good

        • county mike says:

          Sadly you are completely misinformed, AJ.
          If you had done any research on this, you’d see why people are up in arms. He makes it very known that he’s not just hunting for food, he is indeed killing for sport. This is entertainment for him. Although food is more than plentiful in America and nobody needs to walk around in the woods, looking to shoot some unsuspecting animal, I do understand the desire for some people to hunt. It’s pointless, but as you said, legal. If that’s your thing, enjoy it. It’s completely unnecessary, but if it makes you feel like a man and you’re technically not breaking any laws, go for it. Just make sure to actually eat it.
          But don’t try to defend someone who feels a need to shoot wild animals for fun. That’s a sign of a very deranged person. Serial killers start off that way. If you can’t find something more productive to do with your time, or get some sick pleasure from killing innocent creatures that have been here centuries longer than we have, you have a much bigger problem than deer over-population.

          And you are coming on here, preaching your right-wing religious beliefs on a freaking mma website. you should be ashamed. Evolution is a completely unproven theory? Are you insane?
          What kind of crazy person can’t see the evolution of every species on earth?

          I always find it interesting when uneducated people feel threatened and feel the need to call anyone that doesn’t go along with their insanely close-minded beliefs “bleeding heart liberals” and attack them and call them “morons”,etc. It’s ironic, considering most of these “liberals” are in fact very highly educated people. It’s a strange phenomenon and was an interesting point of study, when getting my Masters Degree. I actually have a published paper on it, if anyone is interested.

          Perhaps you should use the internet for something other than insulting people. There is a wealth of information out there, just waiting to be learned.

        • chud says:

          it’s funny that you use the word “liberal” like it’s a bad thing.

          have you ever looked at a map during an election? the so-called liberals all seem to live in the biggest cities with the biggest colleges, where people read these things called books. the so-called red states are all out in the middle of nowhere, where the only book that gets read is the bible. that’s your hunter support group, right there.
          pretty much sums it all up.

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        THe only thing FAKE about UFC-MMA is Bisping. Whast fake is why UFC won’t let Vitor in cage with Sonnen after repeated attemps asking for that fight over and over again by Vitors camp since Bisping INTENTIONALL KNEED Jorge Rivera in face while Rivera was down and then Bisping spit on Riveras cornermen. Same reason The UFC won’t let palharis fight Bisping. yes you are 100% corrrect sir when it comes to Bisping the UFC is FAKE-FIXED politics

      • reel hard says:

        takes a real man to shoot something in the forest does it? all the hunting fanatics should just take pictures of themselves standing next to a deerhunter game because it serves just as much purpose without having to whackoff in the woods for 4 hours to attack something that wasn’t attacking you.


      Are you serious with this hunting shit?? Your goin to knock the guy because he hunts?? Go get a shower and take that Peta shirt off before it rots off your filthy body you hippie. He doesn’t kill animal for no reason he eats them. He doesn’t just shoot them to leave them rot. Some people are retarded. If you really feel that way then if you’ve ever eaten a meat product then kill yourself. Do you think those cows and other animals die of natural causes? Your just a dumbass tree hugger who id love to choke out with a tye-dye bandana!!!

      • retard says:

        except he doesn’t just hunt for food. nobody has a problem with that.
        he “sport” hunts from a helicopter. he shoots big cats. don’t try to pretend you know anything about that. i can assure you, he ain’t eating cougar for dinner.

      • chud says:

        you’re calling people retarded, when you can’t even use basic grammar? ha!

      • Thorna says:

        Wait….you mean cows don’t just die of natural causes? I didn’t know that. I must really be a dumb hippie. Thank you so much for being so insightful and educating me on this. Man, now I really should just go kill myself. It sure is nice to know there are such smart people, such as yourself out there to set us big city folk straight. Thank you so much!

  6. I have better stand-up than Mayhem Miller says:

    You don’t call out the greatest WW of all time when you’re in a 4-fight losing streak.

  7. mike r says:

    Lose Lose situation for Dan Hardy, if he beats Matt Hughes he beats a old fighter on his way to retirement, if you lose he loses to a old fighter on his way to retirement.

  8. Donovan says:

    WAR HARDY!!! Fuck that dumb ass backwoods, close-minded, ignorant hick motherfucker

  9. Jb says:

    Don relax. If you don’t know him then don’t make assumptions and GSP is the best WW gentlemen as much as done of you hate to admit it

  10. hahaha says:

    Lol does anyone one here realize they were supposed to fight already, so really that’s not even calling him out, hughes has looked like shit in his last 5 fights cuz he has no stand-up, he needs to face it mma has evolved which makes him irrelivant, hopefully he retires the lay n pray is played out

    • David says:

      no stand up?, didnt you see him rock ricardo almeida when they fought, took him like 2 or 3 minutes to crack him good and follow up with a choke. Da fuck do you know, and he was picking at koscheck before he got knocked out. No stand up my ass

  11. Fuck You says:

    I respect Hughes as a fighter but not as a person! And neither does Hardy, that’s why he’s called him out! They’ve both been on losing streaks, so I think it’s alright that he’s calling out Hughes and I’m pretty sure he’s said he wanted to fight Hughes even before he retired, not sure so whatever! I hate how everyone throws age in there like that’s the reason he sucks, Couture was 47 when he retired, that’s 9 years! Give me a break Hughes!

  12. I have better stand-up than Mayhem Miller says:

    Then why you guys won’t hate when Brock Lesnar hunt animals?

  13. Punisher says:

    Hunting wildlife legally is just as much as a sport as two humans stepping into a cage a kicking the crap out each other. Hardy should worry about his career in the UFC which is dependent on not going on a 5 fight losing skid not calling out previous champions. Don’t understand why UFC likes this guy so much he STILL can’t defend a take down to save his life.

  14. John Champa says:

    Hughes will absolutely kill Hardy, he may want to rethink that!

  15. MMA Knowitall says:

    Bush league move on Hardy’s part- looking for a win over a waning legend to get his stock back up. Hughes would kill the guy on the ground, but it’s easy to see that Hardy’s counting on the fact that Hughes has gotten a bit chinny the last several years.

  16. lex walker says:

    matt in his prime would destroy him but matt would win by decision if they did this fight now

  17. true mma says:

    Just fucking retire Matt. Your in the same boat as tito ortiz nobody cares what you think and nobody wants to see you fight. Plus fighters now are a different level.

  18. DMAC says:

    Thank you Matt! Cat ain’t even on the radar son!!

  19. true mma says:

    Matt needs to worry about winning a fight and not worry about killing a deer. Saying he liked to fight Alves again. Does he remember that Alves fucked him up and so did Penn. Just retire Matt.

  20. Dan S, says:

    Fullish people not understanding what hunting is. Hunting does many things for environment. Also Hughes wont leave animal to rot in the field, it is highly illegal and he would be punish by the Game Department. They don’t take that lightly. Second hunting controls Animal population. Without hunting Animals would go on ravage reproducing spree. And in the end damaging there own environment.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Whats funny is Lesnar was charged with that very same offense. leaving wild game to rott. Lesnar is the one taht just hunts for sport to slaughter animals. everyomne knows he can’t eat wild meat anymore since he had quarter mile of his intestines cut out

  21. jeremy says:

    Hardy continues to fall down the ladder farther and farther. when is the ufc gonna take notice that “the outlaw” has become a laughing stock…

  22. James Troy says:

    are you that surpised that hardy did a douchey thing? hes been a douche his entire stint in ufc. wake the fuck up.

  23. Mc says:

    Are there really people out there that r so stupid that they can’t understand hunting serves a purpose still to this day? What a bunch of whiny little girls. The population of those animals needs to be controlled for disease and just to keep the numbers down or we as people would be overrun. And all u little babies would be killing them w/ Ur cars and have to goto therapy. I don’t even hunt though I did w/ my father as a kid, but people who think killing animals is so awful bug the crap outta me. How do u think u get chicken or beef from a store? Someone killed it ya dumb fk’s

  24. Law3056 says:

    I guess this must be animal planet or some shit.

  25. mzel says:

    Does it matter ppl? do any of you even know or hang out with the fighters (beside you chael). it’s called their personal life and everyone here has one. there are bigger issues then hunting or PETA and if you have any concerns on animals then lets woory about the stray animals that ppl neglect or throw away like garbage. this is about MMA and the fighters, dan needs a win and matt doesn’t know if retiring is close at hand, if dan wants to fight matt then he needs to win and then matt talk to dana and set up matt’s last fight with dan PERIOD!

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