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Wednesday, 02/19/2014, 08:02 pm

Matt Hughes & Matt Serra Agree To Fight?

Back in 2009 Matt Hughes and Matt Serra engaged in a ‘Fight of the Night’ earning battle.

The two former champions fought to a very close decision that swung the way of Hughes.

Now both retired, the two took to twitter recently and after a back-and-forth appear to have agreed to fight.

Will Dana and the UFC brass allow this rematch between two legends to go down? Who knows. I don’t even know if both men were serious, but they did discuss it and they left it with a ‘Call Dana’.

Here’s the twitter convo:

HUGHESvsSERRA2 ‏@AmberLMatthews

Friendly exhibition 3 rd match up during @ufcfanexpo July 2014 @matthughes9x vs @MattSerraUFC I dig this idea @danawhite whatcha think?!

Matt Serra ‏@MattSerraUFC
@AmberLMatthews @ @matthughes9x if I’m gonna go thru camp to compete vs Hughes I’d be interested in a mma fight, sorry I’d wanna hit him

Matt Hughes ‏@matthughes9x
@MattSerraUFC @AmberLMatthews you better want to loose some weight first.

Matt Serra ‏@MattSerraUFC
@matthughes9x @AmberLMatthews haha yeah bro I’d put down the pasta for a chance to smack u again. Prob need a 5 month camp but would love 2!

Matt Hughes ‏@matthughes9x 57m
@MattSerraUFC @AmberLMatthews talk to DW. If he says yes then I’m in.


0 Responses to “Matt Hughes & Matt Serra Agree To Fight?”

  1. team backfist says:

    If this isn’t some PR stunt and the 2 are in shape to go 3 on fight day, I say let’s do this.

  2. magoo says:

    I’d put down the pasta to smack you again.. That’s priceless!

  3. Doc says:

    I would bet Hughes is in better shape by far than Serra. But as far as skills being sharp I would go with Serra. Just because he is very involved with his academy. I am not sure how much Hughes actually hones his skills. But I bet he stays somewhat fit.

    I think Serra would win if they both came in decent shape.

  4. Marco says:

    I think Serra would win this time for some reason.

  5. aggression says:

    Would watch. These are the kind of fun fight UFC needs to have happen.

  6. bubbagum says:

    one more time please…and pay them Dana…

  7. UFC 84 Forever says:

    I actually want to watch this fight again. Hughes we all know has to wary of the big punch, but I think he has a great chance to win this. He’s definitely in better shape. Serra might have the edge working with the guys he works with, but never count out Matt Hughes.

  8. RAULxPUDD says:

    Hughes already won the first fight, No point in another since they have retired. It wasn’t a split decision Hughes won fair n square. From an unbiased view Hughes won, From a Hughes bias he won. The only people that say it was a close fight are Serra fans or people that dislike Hughes.

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